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Transylmania (2010)

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(woman) At the start of the new moon, I was absolutely positive of three things: First, Radu was a vampire. Second, my one birthday wish was to feel his kiss. and third... [crunch] Oh! Ah! [slap] uggh. Ohhhh. nothing could prepare my friends and I for our semester of Radu in Transylvania. It looks a little different than the brochure. [wolf howl] (guy) Seriously? (narrator) This semester... Hey look. The vampire looks just like you. What? Do fat and ugly guys have girlfriends like this? (narrator) ...they have no idea what they're in for. [music: Too Short - "I Need a Freak"] Draguta - your computer boyfriend's here. ♪I need a freak, with long long hair ♪ ♪A superfreak ♪ I had a hunch there was going to be something special about her. (narrator) ...and they're in, way over their heads... (voice with accent) Some say vampires walk the castle grounds. (girl) Something weird is happening. Is that true? Very exciting! I've got the perfect way to pick up girls. I tell them I'm a vampire slayer. (narrator) One teacher is preparing for battle. Are you a vampire hunter? Yeah, baby. (narrator) ...and not every student... What is this? Are you ready for some hunting? (narrator) ...will make the grade... [screams] (narrator) This December...a twist. Stay away from my girlfriend! Ah, you're so incredible. (narrator) And the sexiest... ...most outrageous... Wait a minute...I don't have a reflection. (narrator) vampire comedy adventure of the year. Come here you little stick! (narrator) College kids - the other white meat. Alright, freeze vampires! Shoot him, he's the vampire. (with strong accent) No, shoot him - he is the vampire. I don't know which one is which! Are you a moron? [sighs] [squishy liquid noises] [guy screams] [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Apr 29, 2010

Captioned Movie Trailer for "Transylmania"

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