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Bill Hybels on Succession Planning, Part 1

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Bill Hybels on Succession Planning, Part 1 So, most of you know...I was quite open about this at the Summit... We are in a multi-year succession plan here at Willow. I will be here more than 5, less than 10 years. And the way we set it up, we spent 18 months talking about should I preach until I die. Or is it better for the church that I leave at a certain point before I die. This was a very serious conversation, 18 months it took us. Very sensitive. And we concluded as an Elder team that when I will have been here beyond 42 years we are making it by dog years more complicated for my successor to win for many reasons. So we said, "Even if I am healthy and have all kinds of energy, every year past a certain number of years we make it harder for the next person. So let's declare about when that end time is. Let's make it as easy as we can for the next person." Once we got that all sorted out, which took awhile, the second thing, candidly, that we wanted to sort out was how does Willow honor a founding pastor who has given his whole life to a church. How does that happen? Do they give me a gold watch on my last day and say thank you? Or, how does that all happen? There are some wild schemes in Christendom about some founding pastors who claim they should get "x" because it is all about them. Then there are some heart-breaking stories of Elder boards who said, "We will take care of you." Then they gave a gold watch and said goodbye and there was no retirement. And the pastor goes into abject poverty the rest of his life. And he gave his whole life building something. So we wanted to miss those polar extremes and say, "What...if I am still of good health..." We had a board chairman at that time who is an absolute wizard on this. He said, "Bill, if you are in really good health and yet you have left Willow we would want you to be able to have impact worldwide by the resources that we would help you have so you can continue to have impact. And I thought that was nice. So we worked out that whole "what's the honoring thing going to be." That did not take all that long and was not that emotional really. When is the end, that was emotional. The other has never been the driver for me, ever. So that was a little bit on the easier side. So then we said, for a couple of years we will see if we have an internal candidate. When that era ends, if we do not, then we will have to do a really hard search for an external candidate. When we find the external candidate, if we have to go that route, there will be about an 18-month transition time, where I bless the external candidate who comes in and I do all of the handing off. Then there is my final Sunday and then they push me out on an ice flow on the North Atlantic and they wave goodbye. That is kind of how it is going to go.

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Posted by: landsm on May 23, 2014

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