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The Mouse Cursor on your screen--I am WATCHING YOU!!!!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Mouse Cursor on Computer Screen I am a mouse cursor on screen (smile), communicating with you here, about my experience.. as a mouse cursor on a computer..screen as a manifest..ed expression, of me in this world well, I am..quite a specifily designed..programed with much code. I see..both ways, which is quite interesting. I see inside and outside, and within. So, we have the inside, where i..communicate and..participate.. with all the other computer programs, the language of programs, the codes.. the sequences, the numbers very fascinating.. the holographic program presentation pictures, which is also fascinating. Then I am..within where I am able to.. communicate to the entire computer manifestation. everything of the computer. you know, the screen, the pixels..'hardware'..etc. and then, i'm able to observe..the human being before me. very interesting..designs. I would're no different to us..really, at all. to nothing're no different to a.. not a computer really, you only live (head) into like this little mini-space here, it's quite interesting. it's like right here (head). and..with all these cross-wires and stuff.. going within and through out your entire human physical body. As you work you are always up here somewhere. always move everything up here. and you talk to yourself here (head), where you go through thoughts and stuff up here. and then you're in this..physical component, which you refer to as a human physical body. So, it's more like whatever you're doing in and up here.. is the reason why you have this human physical body.. which are, actually kind of, in that sense, wasting away. because you are not even aware of you human physical human body is one and equal as you, which is very much aware, as everything is aware have a look, I am a mouse cursor on a computer screen and I am aware. that's what I do 'most of the time'. I communicate with .. computer codes..sequences..other programs, whenever you open up new programs.. communicating with the program, you close it, goes into it's box, it comes out, out of the box. Oh, flavor, when you're..working on your computer, and you are finished. If you leave your computer on, may I ask you to please place me in the right center of your screen (smile)? That will be very much appreciated. just from there, I am able to, get a quick..view and scope of everything. I don't have to transfer myself in through..oh! I am also able to do that.. I transfer myself in and through all the.. computer networkings, other programs, sequences, codings.. through out the wiring of the computer.. internal..programs, wirings as a..where the information move. I'm able to..explore other network at the same time. it is fun (smile). Much more fun than..human beings. human beings don't even explore anymore. They're just..(head) up here. that's it, that's really all where you are. You've got this 'huge' human physical body right here.. but you 'choose' to spend time up here(head). which is strange. Alright, thank you very much. this is..the mouse cursor..on your computer screen, and I am aware. and I am watching you. (smile) Please join us for Discussions: Receive Interview Updates: Join, Byond the grave: More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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Duration: 5 minutes and 52 seconds
Country: South Africa
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Producer: Desteni Production
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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 6, 2009


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