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2018 - Kim Donovan VIDREF

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Hi, my name is Kim. And I'm a Star Director with Tupperware. Do that one more time. Hi, my name is Kim. And I'm a Star Director with Tupperware. And then, to find out how to become a consultant, go to To find out how to become a consultant, go to Once more. To find out how to become a consultant, go to Very good. Yeay! Now the hard part is over. Okay, good. I'm done? (PA laughing) Yeah. (PA laughing) - We can just ignore the camera - Okay. - And we'll just talk, so... - Okay. Tell me about why... You said, you've been in for 23 years. How about 'why you started with Tupperware?' I started Tupperware in 1995 because I want to be a stay-at-home mom with our son and he was four. And I want to make an extra $50 a week. And so... $50, come on. Now, you're a party [inaudible]. So... It was only $50 at the time. (PA laughing) And I wanted to be able to be at home with Evan and be a mom for him. And a lady approach me. And said that, "I did a party..." And had sold $450 before she came to my house. And she said, "Why don't you do this?" So, she told me about the opportunity and I talked to my husband, and he said, "Sure. Why not? You know, it's what you want to do." And I went into the party, fell in love with the people, the product, and here I am 23 years later doing more than $50 a week. Yeah. So, tell me about Do you mind? Can we break just for a second? Taylor, can you boom a... Can you bring the boom a little closer to her? Yeah. (footstep) What's the boom? Oh, the microphone. Okay. (PA laughing) I'm not loud enough? That's a first. (both laughing) - Everybody says... - You actually... You actually pretty loud. You sound great. - Okay. - But people move around when they talk. Yes. I was doing this and I stopped. The boom isn't pointed at your face, you [inaudible] the movement. Okay. And I did this, then I stopped. I realize what I was doing. - You're okay. - That's okay. No problem. - Frame or no? - Nope. We're good. Thank you. That's a really good synopsis though. A real story. (PA laughing) Doing a lot more than $50. (giggle) It is. I love what I do. And I do a lot more than $50 now. So, tell me about some of the trips you've been on with Tupperware. The first trip I went on was to Portugal. In 2001, I believe. And then I earn to trip to the [inaudible] in St. Petersburg Love that trip. We have a ball. Then to Disney World. Took our family in 2011. It was an awesome trip. And I also, I just earn a -- I earned a New York trip. Which took me three times to earn it. But I really work really hard with my team. And finally got there. And then, just in the past two months we worked on Hemingway. And we're going to go to Hemingway; one manager and myself in June of this year. And it's going to be special because it's 70 years of Home Parties. So, it's going to be a special Hemingway trip to earn. And that's one of the reasons you're here. - Okay. - Because... you're such a great representative of the Home Party. So tell me, like what happen at your party? What are some of the game you play? What can people expect if they come to a party? When I do my parties, it usually the same. I don't go out of my comfort zone a lot. We always have a... I welcomed everybody, of course. And then, we introduce the host, And then, introduce a product. I don't cook as much at my parties as what I should, however, we do have a lot of fun. I'm shy at some times, but not a Tupperware party. I'm never shy at Tupperware party. I always try to make people interact with the product. And if I find a customer, a client there that loves one of our products, and if he/she wants to talk about it, I just let them talk. Because I find that they love the product. So, when they tell their friends how much they love these products, how much money they're saving with the Fridge Smart or the Modular Mates, then that way there, the customers really want to buy or have a party to get it for free. Yeah. Because who knows better than your friends, right? That's right. Like, they can listen to me, but when it comes from their friends they know that it is the truth. Not that they don't believe me, but they believe their friends, too. Because they know them better. So, talk to me a little about Fridge Smart. Tell me all about it. If I were at the party and I was like "You know, actually, [inaudible] tell them myself right now." "I have two cucumbers at home that I didn't put in a Fridge Smart..." "and guess who's gotta throw two cucumbers away?" (PA laughing) I am a firm believer of the Fridge Smart. When someone comes to my party and I called them 'the Tupperware virgin", because they haven't been to a party, they just might have their grandmother's product or their mom's product, I always go to Fridge Smart. Because I know if they get a Fridge Smart in their hands and fridge, they're going to come back to another Tupperware party. Because in Canada, I don't know if I'm allowed to say it. In Canada, our fruits and vegetables are very expensive. So, if you buy a head of lettuce which is $4.99 and you put it in your fridge and it lasts one week, then it's... you throw it away... it's very expensive, but if you put it in our Fridge Smart, I tell them, it lasts four to six weeks. So, they're hooked. And when they take that home and start using it, they'll come back to another party. Because want to save and then, they usually buy a set. Or have a party and get it at half price. - Yeah, that's key, right? - Yeah. It's my key. (both laughing) So... (PA coughing) - Now we've got the vertical, right? - Yes. - [inaudible] the door. That's pretty awesome. - Yes. That's pretty awesome. That just came out so, I haven't... - I'm not uh... - Yeah. I don't have a lot of feedback on that one, yet. But the other Fridge Smart, we love them. We do love them. Yeah, they're amazing. High-tech but easy to use. Very easy to use. And they save, you know, hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill every month. Every month or year. It depends on how much food you buy. And how big your families are. And then, so the other product that helps with saving a lot of money, when you're throwing things out, would be the Modular Mate. The Modular Mates. The Modular Mates are great for all time to the year, especially this time of year. Because you're camping. A lot of campers. So, I will start bringing Modular back into my kit. Because people will take them camping and they can still store their food in up to six months. So, you start camping at May, you finish in October. And you'll have your food fresh, if you don't eat it all, of course. And then bugs, too. When you're camping, those bugs always... They can window shop, but they can't get into your food. That's always a good seller as well. So, talk to me a little bit about party. So, what really goes on at a party? At my party, we started with the introduction, of course, like I said. We introduce the host. I try to get a name from everybody. I'm really bad with names. So, I play this little game if your name starts with K, you tell me that you're from a city, or state, or a province. So, if my name is Kim, I'm from Kentucky. And then that way there, I can remember their names. When I get them to all say where they're from and they laugh, and they think it's kind of funny. And introduces everybody, and gets everybody to mingle. And then we do a food--a demo products on a product. And then we usually play an auction game. And I love my auction game. You tweak it to however you want it to work. If I don't play my auction game, I don't get a lot of dating. But when I play my auction game, I get a minimum of two dating at every party. Every time. So, are those the one that Sheryl talks about? - Like, you get the Tupperbox. - Yes. I pass a lot of Tupperbox. And Tupperbox are free, but they mean a lot at a party. And the person that has the most that night, they get to buy my little auction bags. My auction bags have a little Tupperware gadget and stuff in it. And I was telling them there were thousands of Tupperbox. And they're priceless so, you need to buy one. So, people are trying to get money and at the end of the game we auctioned it off. And then, I give them a little gift. And I tell them that, "Choose your gift." And if it's something that you might like to take home with you; love it, touch it, feel it, but don't open it. So they hold on to it. They touch it, they feel it. And then at the end of the game, I asked them if they... there's three things. There's a little piece of paper in my little gift. One of them will say "Free Shipping" One of them will say "Second Chance" And the best one of all is a "Party" Because you want to have a party with me and three or four of your friends. So I go around the room, and nine chance to a ten. Four or five people will open them. And then I always get two, three, four dating. And I always have more dating than I do anything else in it. And they know that in advance, like I tell them. But they play and they honored and I let them take the little gift home. And that's how the auction game is played. Then I, of course, [inaudible] and thank every body for coming. And if there's a food demo then, we do that just before the auction game. But I keep it very simple. I do. I don't... I don't go out of my comfort zone too much. So, what are some of the reasons that people... Or what are some of the top benefits to holding or hosting a Tupperware party? Well, to get the product for free. Or to get the product for half price. Some people just love to entertain. Have their friends over. Especially summer's coming. I do a lot of camp ground parties. I do a lot of backyard parties. Um, I do parties- I never refuse a party. If it's an hour and a half away, I go. If it's 20 minutes away, I go. But if it's an hour and a half away, I like to recruit. So that way there, you can build your team. And if they don't recruit then, I go back. It took me three years to get a recruit in a French area. Because I do not speak French. I speak only English. I was going to an area for three years, speaking English to French speaking people. I took me three years but, I got one finally. And she's good now. And everything's great. So, I want to talk about that. Because you were saying earlier, you know it's a small town that maybe some economic things going on there and some challenges, and then also, you know, wanting to bring on some... they are willing to bring on - French consultant which you did. - Yes. That's great. So, talk a little bit to me about, like... how do you push through all of those challenges? What keeps you going? First of all, the people where I was at, they were wonderful. The older people, they didn't speak English. But they could understand what I was saying. So, the young... the younger girls would translate for me. And I kept going back because they were so great. They just kept welcoming me back, and welcoming me back, and I kept going. And I offered the opportunity, I offered it. "No. You're so much fun." Like, we're gonna... So, finally after three years, like I said. It was a challenge but, I kept going back every time. And that's how my business down there, in that area, kept my business afloat for three years. And I have a French team now. My Director's speak English and French both. But some of her people on her team does not speak English. And I do not speak French. But we still hug and kiss, and hi-five's. We get along, but it's hard. It's hard. But we make it through, we do. Yeah. And some of that encouragement is... like, saying "hi-five" and hugs go along way? They do. And recognition, 'thank you', 'merci' You know we do those two words, so... We make it work. We just make it work. Yeah. Talk to me a little more about the recognition in Tupperware. Tupperware has a fantastic recognition. I don't think anybody in this world doesn't like to be recognize for a job well done. Other jobs that I had, if I worked hard, all I got was more work and no extra pay. And with Tupperware, it's a great opportunity. The harder you work, the more opportunities become. You get gifts, you get recognized, you get to drive a vehicle, you get awesome bonuses, you earned trips, and you meet so many nice people. So many nice people. It's all about the people, too. Very much so. - I get a lot from people. - Yeah, it is. Why is... why are Tupperware people different from other? I don't know. (laughing) I just know that... I met three other people here, and we didn't know each other. And now, you know, we're talking like we know each other forever. And it's just easy. Tupperware people are easy to talk to. It seems like a lot of encouragement. A lot of encouragement. You never... you never have to go far for help. It's either my up-line, my business leader, one of my directors, a consultant. You wouldn't believe who many times a consultant has picked up and helped me. And she doesn't even realize that they're helping. Because every body help. Consultant, manager, really help through. It doesn't matter. - Like, everybody's got a role to play. - They do. They do. And that's a good role. So, that makes sense when I hear people talk about, you know... "So, I won this trip but, really..." "I mean, it was my team that got me there" A little [inaudible] on that, they'll say "You didn't win it, you earned it." - Yeah. -So, they will I've said that so many times. I've been talked many times, you know, "You earned it." But it's true. You cannot earn a trip by yourself. You cannot earn a title by yourself. You can not earn a car by yourself. Um, "Elite" you can't earn that by yourself. "Growth" you can't earn that by yourself, you need a team. And you need everybody working in your team. So, you just give a little, take a little. Someone shows you something, you show them something. It's just such a sharing company. It doesn't matter if they're in your org or not. Tupperware people will help you. It doesn't matter. They could be in an org at United States, or out west in Canada, they'll help. So, I love that about it. I really love that everybody helps. Even though you're not benefiting from it, you still help. And that's kind of like where I come from. We're a small community. So, helping is a big thing. Very, very big thing. Tupperware is like a small community but, it's huge. So, talk to me about the car program, you have the trucks. We have... yeah. So, how long have you been driving the car? Um, this is... I did the cash. When I was started we did the car and then, we... I stop doing the car, we did cash. And then, three years ago I went back into the car program again. And I drove a Sonic for two years. I love my sonic. Some people didn't like them, but I liked it. And then in January I just earned the truck. And we love the truck. My husband and I both like the truck. With the logo in the side, it's like free advertising. That was a good... Whoever designed to do that, thank you for that. I like that because... Some people love sunlight even at traffic lights. And people like, "Oh, you have a Cadillac." And I've had people put business cards too. Our little notes, "Hi, I'm Nicole. Call me. This is my number." at the hospital. I commute and it was a note on my windshield so, I called her. We get a party. She was pretty. - Awesome. - It does. I can't do anything wrong though, anymore. - Yeah (laughing), - Because people "I see you there." Yeah, they tail on me. (giggle) - I was an office manager - Okay. - I was an office manager - Okay. - for a construction company. And I did for a quite of few years. And then I went into payroll department. And it seems like I had to work every long weekend and every Christmas. So I didn't want to do that because Evan was just little. And he was growing up way too fast, and I wanted to stay home. And be a stay-home-mom with him. And Tupperware gave me that opportunity. So, I think... I always think it's really cool when, like... this kids are growing up, like your son Evan was growing up, watching his mom run a business basically. Bringing income into the home. What impact do you think that's may be had on him? Well, if you listen to his father, just make sure you marry someone that makes more money than you. My husband has no qualm in telling people that I make more money than he does. And he's proud of, like you know that we can do that. When I... I work a lot. I do a lot of parties. So, I um... I bought my husband a new truck. And this is his third truck now that I've... Not that, "it's our money" It's not that. But I always say, "Your trucks paid by Tupperware." So, he really proud of that. And he tells all his co-workers "My wife, you know, works hard and she bought me this truck." "Now, this is my third one." This is his last one, tough. He doesn't get anymore after this. That's it. - All with Tupperware parties. - Yep, all with Tupperware parties. - Isn't it crazy? - It's amazing. It's amazing. So, let's talk a little bit about um... Actually, you know what, I want to ask you, what's been your greatest accomplishment so far? What was that one goal that you were like, "I want to make that happen." Uh, to go to Disney World. I'm gonna get cry and cry again. Yeah. When I took my son to Disney. He was 20. I'll compose myself. I really will. - So you can cut this out. - That's okay. - We just bring in make up, this happen. - Yeah. Yeah. You know how you promise your children and you'll take them to Disney, and... when we earned the trip to Disney, Evan was 20. And that was... that was quite an accomplishment. I'm gonna cry. I didn't mean to do that. Sorry. No. My husband was 50 at the time. Yeah. So that was an accomplishment. I've been there before because I come down with Jubilee. So, I was okay. But they didn't. They were never there. So, that was a trip. Disney was probably. And "Elite" wasn't too far behind. That was a pretty... Because that happened last year. And um... I really didn't know that it was happening until it was... we just grew so fast. And all of a sudden it was happening. And then, it was like... "Okay, we gotta do this now, guys." Because we're like... a $100,000 away. Yeah. So, we did it. Yeah, it was really cool. So, personally it was Disney. Professionally, it was the "Elite" So, how did you like... I'll get you a tissue. (both laughing) (Kim sniffle) - No. You know what... - I didn't mean to do that. Sorry. Cool. This happens all the time. (both laughing) Now I'm okay. See, I can say it now. - And I'll be okay. - I know, And... as crazy as that thing, - Disney gets people. - I know. I know. And like, my son was 20 and my husband was 50. And it was still a remarkable trip. It was something we still talk about. We do. My said, he'll even go back. (Kim giggle) - That's awesome. I'm sorry. No, you're good. You're fine. Can I get make up? (Kim giggle and sniffle) (sniffle) Ah... I promise myself I would not do that. I did. I said... But I knew as soon as I talk about my family, - It gets all of you. That's... - It happens. - It gets all of you. - Hey, it does. - Just when you have... - That's okay. Yeah. When you talk about your family, it just get you. (giggle and sniffle) Yeah. - You have a beautiful voice. - Oh, thank you. (giggle) So soft and just... - Thank you. - ...just warm. - They bringing some... - Kleenex and everything? Are they okay? Good. (PA laughing) Cary, on! Making you work today. (singsongly) (giggle) (door thud) Is that family, Cary, that gets you. It gets you every time. Ah, I'm sorry. That's okay. We're having the same thing out there but, it's got to do with onions. Is that okay? [inaudible] I need this one too, okay. - If I was out there... - A little onion issue out there. - Oh, really? - Yeah. Rachel standing in. She got... - [inaudible] - No. But the onions made her cry. And then, they say 'laugh' and she laughs. I don't know what you're going to do with this. My eye now are gonna be all red. - Your eyes are now red. - Mine, too. (stuff clutter) It's all Angela's fault. (both laughing) It's my fault. I take full blame. Ah... And I knew, I promise myself last night. I even said a prayer, "Do not cry when you bring up your family." But you know what, it's like a real emotions - that I think people can relate too. - Yeah. And so, you know, thank you for just being open to that. I guess when we do these, we need to... uh... (laughing) If someone can tell us it could be crying, so we use waterproof. Because we don't use waterproof mascara. (all laughing) Next. Taylor, that's your tip of the day. Yeah. I think I just learn something. - There, Kim Donovan taught me. - Yeah. - To use waterproof... - Well, I usually do. But not everybody does. And I broke down. - You broke down. - I did. I didn't mean to. - But it's Mickey. - I know. I know. And we had such a good trip. And that was a castle closing. It's all the castle fault. Angela and the castle. (giggle) Not yours, Cary. - It's not your fault. Okay. - Don't I know it. Back to square one [inaudible] Yeah, we weren't married yet. I brought her in. I've been gone to Disney since I was... I grew up 15 minutes from Disneyland. - Wow. - And then, we move to St. Louis. I was very distraught by not having Disney. So, my parents brought me down here a lot for vacation. And my wife and I [inaudible] came down here for a trip with my parents. And I said, "When you see that castle, you're gonna cry." And she likes Disney, but she never been to a park or anything. She didn't have any reference for that. And she said, "I'm not gonna. It just a castle." "I'm not gonna cry." She bowled like a baby when turn that corner. - Aw... - And I... I guess I'm immune, I've been there so many times. You know, my husband ask my dad to marry me while I was on the Aladdin ride. (inaudible) And I knew. And I was like.. "What are they doing? Did my dad just shake his hand?" That's weird. And then after that, we went over to the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride or whatever, and I just picked up on some small thing, and I was like... "I think he's gonna propose to me." Aw... (laughing) - How sweet is that. - Yeah. - Okay. - Thank you, Cary. - Are you good? Need another tissue? - Don't go too far. (laughing) - You need a tissue? - No. I think I'm good. Thank you. - Thanks Cary. - You're welcome. - We're going back to parties. - Okay. (laughing) Get off the family. [inaudible] (giggle) No. That's a really sweet story. There are a lot of special things that happened in Disney. It's unlike a lot of other [inaudible], you know. So, actually, with that in mind, why don't we talk about the... So, you saw the [inaudible] right? So, the new set will have a sandwich keeper, - the snack cup and the tumbler. - Yes. And this is in celebration of Mickey's 90th, sort of a collector edition's type thing. So, maybe for those who haven't yet been to Disney and have a little piece of Disney at home, right? So, um... tell me a little bit about what someone would be excited to see the new Mickey print? You, at home, it's probably the older generation that will go for the Mickey Mouse. And I'm talking like, 30-35 year old. They will buy the Mickey because they've grown up watching Walt Disney. Because at home, there was only two channels. 6 and 12. So, you had Walt Disney on every Sunday night as 6 o'clock. So, they can relate to that. Even though they have children, they don't buy it for their children. They buy it for their own collection. So, that will be very popular in the holidays. And I will sell more to adults than I will sell to children. I promise you that. Yeah. I think you're definitely right about that. It's that cool, like through the years type-thing happening. And when I tell them it's 90 years, that would be a classic for them. So, they'll want to buy it and have it in their stock. And exclusive to Tupperware. And also tools to save your sandwich. To keep it fresh or your snack will stay fresh. Oh, yeah. By the way [inaudible] stuff. (laughing) Yeah. It does a Tupperware stuff too. (both giggle) Yeah, I know. The prints are pretty awesome, though. That is a nice print. - And did you see the holiday print too? - Yes. -...forest animal? - Yes. - I love that. - The canister set. - Yeah, that's gonna be cute. - So, do you have um... People, if they were looking at the holiday set, do you notice that are they buying for themselves or looking to give this as gifts? Sometimes they'll buy them for themselves, and a lot of time if you get like a three-piece canister, if they all are the same size, or even if they're different; they break them down and at home, like there's a lot of homemade chocolate, or homemade fudge and cookies, and things. And they'll do them up as little care packages. And then, they'll give them like, to a teacher or a bus driver, or to your mail carrier, or someone... Sunday School teacher, things like that. So, it's... a good way of getting three gifts for the price of one. And that it's personal. So, I sell a lot to people that need to buy multiple gifts. And they can do three gifts in one. They're always ahead of the holidays, and I love, love those - like woodland thing we've got going. - It's really cute. - like the gold... - It's very cute. Very cute. So, actually um... While you mentioned that fudge and that cookies and all, I was thinking what are some of the things that we... Last year, I don't know if you're [inaudible] or it might not have like... It depends on whether sometimes people do parties that we put out and sometimes they - [inaudible]it doesn't fit the business, but - Yeah. We did a gourmet gifts party. And so... we had a bunch of little recipes as far as chocolate truffle, and cookies and stuff that people [inaudible]. We you do a parties or anything, do people will come to you asking, well, like... holiday recipe swap or anything to fill the... make it into a gift. We just do the basic like the Scotch cookies. We call... you guys called them macaroon, we called them frogs. Um, just different. Like simple cookies. Things that are just traditional grandma stuff. They're not much into... Just what grandma made. Just a home... cooking, filling. The comfort foods, the comfort foods. And that's usually like your Scotch cookies, your frogs, and your simple cookies. And brownies. You can't go wrong with brownies. Um... can I come to your house for the holidays and get some... (PA laughing) - It's a frogs. - Well, to tell you the truth, I put my sister's Christmas tree up, and she... no, I'm lying. I wrap her Christmas gifts. And she bakes for me. (both laughing) So, that's how we swap. So, I'll get it from my sister and give you some. Yeah. That's smart, actually. I might trade up with my sister. (both laughing) Yeah Yeah, that's nice. (chuckle) So, what about... You know, I think, maybe... Did you see the starter kit that's got like, - [inaudible] - Yeah. - Modular Mates and stuff in it? - Yeah. - You're showing that this morning. - So... I don't know, maybe if there's a way to talk about this thing in terms of just, you know, kind of having that. Well, Michelle and I never talking about that. We really didn't know how it all pulled it together. - Yeah. - Like... - It's kind of a little bit of everything. - Yeah. It's a little bit of everything That's what I see when I look at it. I don't know how to... Like this and this, like a compliment. Like you could chop up your onions, your green peppers, your ham to put it in your omelets. Uh... you could do spaghetti, like a salted - some protrude chips in this - Yeah. Uh... the water bottle of course is just your water bottle. - I don't know how this is... - Well, maybe not. Yeah. Maybe it's not tying them altogether, you know. If it's more like a... - Welcome to Tupperware selection. - You're gonna get a little bit of everything. (laughing) That's the only thing I could I know as watching Michelle [inaudible] and I was like... I was trying to figure out how to recall that together. People love us. Oh, tell me. Did we do that on film or was that personal conversation when we're talking about the water bottle thing? How popular they are and how it saves money? Oh, no. We did that personally. - Do you want to talk a little bit about that? - Sure. - Okay. - I'm good with that. - People do love those. - Yeah. This is kind of like... Is it a best seller kit or kind of...? It's probably got 'best seller' yeah. [inaudible] chopper, your water bottle, the breakfast, the Fridge Smarts. But I don't have incorporated in one. - I really don't. - That's okay. I'll lead you and I'll probably just say like along the line or like, you know. The water bottle, I know you can save a lot of money on the water bottle. (PA laughing) - Yeah. So, okay. So, with the starter set is kind of like the... 'Welcome to Tupperware' a little bit of everything, top sellers [inaudible] think about it. Uh, so... If maybe you can start with like, the starter set has, you know, has a lot of the - Favorite? - Yeah. - Favorites. Okay. - Yeah. Yes. Well, we started with the chopper. That's one of my favorite of all times. I notice the other day that I have three of them in my cupboard. I don't understand why I have three. But I do have three. Two greens and a blue. But that is just your go-to for everything. Like [inaudible] you cook chicken, tuna, a little bit of relishes in it, some onion. That is used at our house probably not every day. Every other day for sure. The water bottle is our Tupperware water bottle are fantastic. They save you so much money. They save you so much time. We probably have 10 water bottles in our freezer right now at this point in time, I do freeze in them. I don't have too many complaints about breaking or anything. But I did a little survey and if you buy a 500ml of water, it's roughly around $2, you drink two a day; that's 4 times 365 dollars. Like it's roughly a little over $1300, I think. If you save that in a year. That's a trip down south in March. And you living where I live in Canada, that's a nice little vacation. So, you can save your holiday money, right there. Buy just not buying bottled water for one year. I see how smart you are. (laughing) Okay. I have never heard about doing the tuna fish. That makes the sense, though. Throw in your onion, chopping all up. Throw in your tuna, throw in some relish. My husband gets tired of mayonnaise.. We're throwing some relish, a little bit of mayonnaise too. And it gives a different flavor. - I love that. - Yeah. Uh, talk to me a little bit about Modular Mates and Fridge Smarts. Keeping things fresh. Well, the Modular Mates, like I said before, they're awesome for any time of the year. Especially, when they come on January on sale. That's a really good set. But I promote a lot of Modular Mates more in the summer. Because at home like to camp. So, you buy your Modular. You put them in your campers trailer. You don't got to worry about things going bad. You don't got to worry about bugs getting in. So that way there, they just kind of window shop or kind of look around, but they can't get in and they can't hurt your food. And they can last six months. And that's our camping season run through May until October sometimes. That's how... why I bring up Modular Mates more this time of year. And Fridge Smart are just fridge smart. They just save you a hundred of dollars because they just do. And I always talk to that about... when I have my Tupperware virgins at my party. If you don't know what to buy, buy a Fridge Smart. Because you're gonna save a lot of money on your Fridge Smart. I love that egg poacher. - The breakfast maker. - I kind of use my breakfast maker... as much, but once I got those the poachers, the egg insert... - You'll like those. - Oh, my gosh. I use it all the time. And you can make french toast in that too. Yeah. And you can make banana bread, and you can make brownies. Back up. (singsongly) Tell me... So, you can make banana bread. Tell me more about... You know, I have not ever try the french toast. I heard about it, but I have not tried it. So, explain to me about french toast or banana bread and... The french toast is just, take your eggs and whipped it up. And I always add a little bit of cinnamon to my eggs with a little bit of salt and pepper. And then I take Texas Toast. That's what called it at home. And it's a thicker bread, and you just cut it up and put it on the bottom. And then you sprinkle pour over at the top of it, your eggs. And let it set for, maybe, 30 seconds that the egg will absorbed into the bread. And you throw it in the microwave. In my microwave it takes about two minutes. And then you take it out and put it on the plate. Pour some syrup over the top of it or pancakes mix. And that way you go. And then I will say at the party, "Okay. If anybody interested in the banana bread," "I'll tell you that at our next party." Keep them coming back. You don't want to tell them all of your secrets. That's right. (giggle) Because if you tell them all the secret, they don't want to come back. So, I will them one. And then I'll say, "If you want to know the next one," "You'll have to come back to my party or come to Jane's party, and at Jane's party we'll show you how to do the banana bread." "And at Sara's party, we'll show you how to do the brownies." Yeah. I don't know the banana bread recipe out of my heart. That's fine. I love that. Um... Are you familiar with Ultra-Pro and the stacking feature? Could you talk to me a little bit about that? In your area, are you doing more chicken and roast or... Well, we do one that we're going to do tomorrow. It's called Potato Scallop and Ham. But I know most people call it Scallop Potatoes. But, we call it Potato Scallop. And it's done in the microwave. Even it's just 20 minutes in the microwave, and then 10 minutes in the oven. And your Potato Scallop is ready and you do your Ham on the top. And your Ham is done in the microwave for 20 minutes, and it kind of put it in the oven to give it a little bit of crisps. And then also, at my party I would say like, "If we did it at your party and then we did it." And then at the end of it I would say, "Oh, there's a really nice syrup that goes on top of that." "And I'll show how to do that when we go to Sally's party." Because you don't want to tell everybody all of your stuff. And it's a very quick meal and I do a lot for my husband because I'm away a lot doing party. And I like to have meals planned before I go. - That works so well. - Yeah, that's awesome. - Yeah. - You got a down path. I think I am gonna [inaudible] (both laughing) I don't know about that. (chuckle) Um, let's see... What about the... So, during the holidays... Well, I mean the lifestyle we live these days were always on-the-go. - Right? - Yep. So, um... Can we talk a little bit about the lunch bag set and the insulated flask that goes with that? Are you... Do you mind if I just - mute that? - Do whatever you want there. I thought I did, but I just put it down, didn't I? - That's okay. - Yeah. - Actually, I just hit that, right there. - Yeah. Just do whatever you need to do. I know. It's coming at my watch too, that phone is ringing. (PA laughing) Did ring all day. Yeah right. (both laughing) - That happen. - Yeah. And so, did you want to talk about, maybe, some on-the-go lifestyle stuff with the lunch bag and insulated flask? Or we can circle back around, maybe, and talk about the... host gift special and how it's gonna be, kind of, cool, and pretty for serving for fall. That... like the glasses? The little glasses, yeah? - Yeah. - That's one of my favorites. It's the host gift. I really enjoy Tupperware's host gifts that they put out in their catalogs. I find that -- that really helps party sells as well. They're so attractive. They're so versatile. And everybody wants them. So, when I'm doing my parties I really focus on the host levels. And I bring one with me at all time. Especially the sheerly elegant one that was in the catalog that just finished. That kept my winter business going. And my summer business is just starting, so... I can't say that. (laughing) That's okay. But anyway, I forgot where I was, but... I find the host program that they put on the Tupperware's catalog really help to build a party sales. They're very good. Whoever is doing that, is doing an awesome job. Yeah. I love that. Because I will convince my host that they need to have these, because the dollar value is so high. And you're only paying $90 for your house credits. And you're going to have an awesome set. So, I really work with the host set a lot. More than the free Tupperware. - Yeah. - I do. Yeah. And this host gifts special will be all about serving. You haven't had a full serving line in a while. So, that should be pretty popular, I think. And we were talking about that a little while ago and someone saying it would be nice just for the holidays, but I use all my Tupperware all year round. It's a holiday all the time at our house, because everything we have is used. I don't keep anything for special occasions. It just... It's nice and it's practical. And it's useful. And we use it. And that's what I tell people, just don't keep it for special occasion, use it every day. Make a holiday every day. Make it special. That's beautiful. Thank you. (Chuckle) Thank you. (both giggle) Um... So, for holiday sales, I just do these last couple ones and I'll close with some and we'll go back to your story a little bit before I let you go. I want to ask you one thing. But, the takers... This set, like the cake taker and that sort of thing will be in a new color and vineyard. - Okay. - That pretty one burgundy color. And so, we've those and the silicon baking forms. Um... what are some advantages that you see to having those in your home? I started using the silicone muffin. And I really enjoyed that. I only done a couple of recipes, but they've turned out really well. The breakfast one was delicious. Just have on the bottom, cheese, and some egg on the top with... in the oven. I didn't try in the microwave yet, I just did it in the oven. And they turned out beautiful. The muffins were very good, but I just didn't wait long enough to pop them out. So, that's your learning curve. Like you got to learn how to do that stuff. But, I think they're gonna be a really good product. I'm really excited about this new product. And I think people are gonna jump on board, and get them in their home as well. So, I'm very excited to see how I can get those in the home. It's a lot you can put in the muffins. Like you said, with the ham and egg. You know, it's not just muffin all the times. We're doing all kind of different combo. And some are saying about little tortilla cut in them. Put them in and then stuff them, and then bake them. And have them with a salad or salsa or sour cream. I know I'll be doing that. (PA laughing) It's my new recipe. - I know. It sounds good. - It sounds really good. Um... I'm gonna back to, just kind of your story - and I'll let you go. - Okay. I've kept you over. I'm sorry. That's okay. I wasn't gonna be long. I was gonna be in and out real quick. (both laughing) But I wanna ask, um... What do you think... your husband [inaudible] so we can't... Maybe you can speak on his behalf. What do you think that he's most proud of you for doing this experience with Tupperware? The whole experience with Tupperware? Or this particular one here, today? Any of it. Well, he's got a happier wife and that's a good thing. Because when you work at the job that you're not happy with, then your whole family kind of suffers from it. But with Tupperware I never leave the house saying, "Oh, I got to go to work." I always feel happy when I'm going to work. And it doesn't matter if I have a really busy week, or very slow week. I'm always happy to party. And I party for a living. And I love that point of it. And he loves it too, because he knows that... how much I enjoy doing what I do. And I think it falls back into our marriage too. And into our family. And we'll be celebrating 31 years of our marriage in October. We dated 9 years prior to that. We were high school sweethearts. So, I think it's a good thing because a happy wife is a happy life. And I think Tupperware gave us, maybe, a few more years in the marriage life because we're all happy. And he's happy. And I'm happy. And Evan's happy, so... Tupperware has given us a lot. I really am thankful to Tupperware. - So, one last question. - Yes. - You already kind of answered, but... - Okay. Why do you love what you do? Um... I love what I do because of the people. I build relationship with people. I've seen their children grow up. They were babies when I started in their home doing house parties and... I just recruited one of my babies that went to Tupperware parties with her mom. She's just started with our team. And she's just finishing our conference start program. This... By May 18th, she has to have it finished. So, that was amazing because throughout the years we became friends. Her and her mom, and now her and I are on the same team. And I don't think that can be broken. That's something that's going to last a lifetime. So, I think it's because the people that we meet. And then of course, the opportunity that we said we'll get. Tupperware offers us things that other companies cannot offer us. And you do it. It's fun. And you get rewarded for having fun. And I stay because of all those things. And I hope I can say it another 23 years. Yeah. I love what I do. I do love what I do. Okay. Now, I can cry. (laughing) Do you guys have product question? Okay. The silicon mould, did she have some recipe for the silicon mould? - Yes. - We're going to have you talk about that. I thought we did. The ham, the cheese, the egg. The muffin. - [inaudible] when we come back - Okay. - I thought we covered that. - We did. Okay. (PA laughing) I thought we did. (giggle) - We did. - Okay. But, we'll do it again. That's okay. Yeah. Because then, I was like, "Oh, my gosh." Like, I saw this one that has a hash-brown and asparagus. And it had egg to kind of bind it all together. A hash-brown, egg, and asparagus. And I was like... - I see, there you go. - Yeah. And you can put mushroom and green peppers. And you can put broccoli and all that in your egg too, and do it like a little... Or you just... That's just... Thank you. - Yeay! - I'm gonna try that one. (PA laughing) Yeah. That was good. You know what, it's kind of... I find... I mean, that if I start eating well at the beginning of the day, then I kind of like, I can control the rest of my day. - Once I'm off the wagon, I'm off the wagon - I'm off the wagon. You're like me. - You're like me. - But... If I can start, I can sneak in some veggies at first, then I'm like, "Okay. Like, that wasn't so bad." And then I'm okay the rest of the day. But, boy! If I have even a sweet coffee like, - you know, in the morning. - The sugar. - Uh, [inaudible]. - The sugar. (both laughing) - The sugar gets us. - Yeah. (PA laughing) Oh, my gosh. But I think, the silicon [inaudible] The silicon forms are gonna be really, really good. I know the muffin one will be my big seller. I'm not really a doughnut, but they were telling us that you could do bagels. And things like that in them too. So, I just gonna get some recipe. - Yeah. - The waffle one. I would just put pancakes mix in that and see how it works. I think, yeah. I'm with you. I think it's gonna be [inaudible] - with the muffin. - The muffin one. I think you can do--and I know Michelle gave a recipe too, - she does it with a... - Yeah. A bar. It's like a bar. And it's chocolate and caramel, and then she drizzles something at the top and you bake it in the oven. She said, you could do individual ones in the muffin. The muffin ones. So, I gotta get that recipe too. (PA cough) I don't think [inaudible] - We cover all the talking points. - Do we? Okay. Thank you. - And your name is? - Taylor. Hi, Taylor. Oh, I do. (laughing) Okay. I mean, we talked about all that stuff, but if we can do it again. No, no. You did it already. I don't think I talked about the lunch bag, but that's okay. So, you said already talked about the lunch bag and the... We'll do it. I've got it. Lunch... wine lunch bag, and that canister. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Holiday canister, right? - We've talked about those. - Okie doke (singsongly). - Okay. - Back to that host gift special. - Act two. (both laughing) Take two. - We're still rolling, right? - Yeah. Okay. So, with the host gift special you get the wine glasses. So, let's talk about those durable glasses that don't shatter and break. Those are my favorite of all time glasses. I have those in my house right now. And I have four set of them. And I have two at my office. Eight at my office in bags. And I have eight in my kitchen, just in case they... I ever break, that I have extra ones. It's so much I love them. I use them every day. They're so practical. You can see through them. They're so elegant. In anything you put in them. It looks so attractive in them. That's gonna be a huge bonus in the catalog. Because everybody will want to have a $600 party to get that for free. It's an awesome product. And then, that lunch bag. I love the print and the expandable feature too. That is going to be, probably... faster sold than any other lunch bag that we've had so far. And we sell a lot of lunch bag. But that, I think, it's going to be our top seller of all times. Because of the expansion, the color is so attractive, in the middle where that purple comes out, it just pops. So, you have your print, your purple in your print, and it expands, so you can put a larger luncheon. Like if you're a nurse that working 12 hours. If you're an executive that's only working in the 8 hour shifts, you can make it work to whatever job or whatever lunch you want to pack for that day. And then, the flask matches up with that so well, right? - Beautiful cosmo gray color. - It's gray. And that, we have that on our last catalog, and it was a big pop. It was popular in the summer catalog, of course. It's gone for the summer. So, it's back in the winter. That will keep your coffee hot for six hours for sure. If you add no milk, like we just do black coffee, and add your milk or your cream later; if you add your milk and your cream a little bit when you make it at home, it's probably about four and half hours, that's the best I've got. But that's still a long time for coffee to stay hot. I love it. I use it every day. When I'm going out I take my flask full of coffee. And then, let's go back to the canister. - So, the little forest creature. - Yes. So, um... Let's see... Let's talk about, maybe... We're talking about using them as gifting item. So... did we cover... - I think we did. Well, I'll just... - Yeah. We did it already. - just to be safe. - Okay. Just trying to get a different way to put it, but... - So, we talked about gifting them... - Yes. Who are some of the people that maybe you would want to gift this holiday canisters to? If... are they coming in a set of three? Yes. It will be a set of three and then, - the larger cookie one. - The big cookie canister. Okay. So, it's four apiece altogether? So, the first three canisters, you can do them as a set. Or you can do them individually. We do them for our bus driver, our school teachers, our Sunday School teachers, our mail couriers that helps us with our Tupperware boxes, a [inaudible] guys. So, with just fill them all up with little treats inside. You can do candy, you can do cookies and pass them out as gifts. You're saving quite a lot of money because you're getting three gifts in one. And then, your cookie canister can be for that person, that goes out and above and beyond your things like I have an awesome mail-person. So, she will be getting that full of sweets at Christmas time. Because she is amazing and I want to say thank you. And it's not gonna be something that she's not gonna have in her kitchen. Because... I hope she doesn't. Because... I'm [inaudible] I'll party with her. And if I do a party with her I'll find something out. But, just gifts like that... like there're gifts for everybody. And who wouldn't want a canister with a home made treats in it for Christmas? You know, as long as we are on that topic, I'll ask this and I'll wrap up, but... Okay. So, the... the gift set that we're offering, I know we went through and kind of talk about them individually, but... Um... What are some of the advantages to purchasing this set? Sometimes I've heard people say, "Shop from your seat not your feet." Um... or um... You know, it's like that when there's a package like this, it's like, you don't have to think about it, really. Like, this is fine. (PA laughing) So, what are some of the advantages to buying in sets, do you think? - For gifts or for themselves? - Yeah. - For gifts? - Yeah. Okay. I'm not sure what the prices are going to be on those sets. But, if I'm looking at a set like that, it's what six pieces or seven pieces, you can break that down and give it to six or seven different gifts. You can add a little something to it to make it 'pop' or give it yourself a little bit of a twist that they like. But, that's what with the chopper and the water bottle and cereal bowls, and the Fridge Smart. That can be broken up into a lot of different set. And you can save yourself a pile of money by buying sale-specials. Yeah. Like, great value. Great value. And they don't need to know that you got it on sale, right? So, a Fridge Smart is a Fridge Smart. They're going to save themselves a lot of money when they start using their Fridge Smart. Easy for you guys. Would it be like just one tick instead of one... - you know, of artificial. - Yes. Yeah. So, it'll be good. Well, good. Thanks for talking.

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