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The Muppets (2011)

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Would ya look at that? (Animal) Aaah! Hahaha. (Kermit) We are the muppets. ♪ Hello - hello - hello - mee mee ♪ (Kermit) And these are our biggest fans. Yeah! [laughing] (Gary) Are you excited for our big trip to L.A.? (Mary) There's somebody coming. (Kermit) Ex-cuse me. ♪ [angelic music] Good grief. You guys are so talented. (Fozzie) Check it out! Fart shoes. Pfft. Pfft. (Kermit) Mmm. (narrator) The biggest event in Hollywood history... (Kermit) The muppet spectacular - Yay! (Gary) That's awesome! (narrator) There's just one problem. (producer) I'm gonna shoot straight. You guys aren't famous anymore. (Fozzie). Yeesh. I wish she'd shot a little more curvy. (Kermit) Let's just start at the bottom, and work our way back up to the top. Can't you see I'm busy! Come on guys! Let's go! [gasps] Are you one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Yes, I am. (narrator)...Tour the world... We should travel by map! To Paris! [Animal laughing] [exclamations in French] [gasp] (narrator) Step 2 - rehearse the show. I'm doing a duet with my *new* dance partner. Hola. (Piggy) Let's try that lift again, shall we? Eh. A lift again. On my count this time, okay? In 3 - 2 - (narrator) Step - uh - final. (Kermit) I believe in you, and you, and, well, all of you! Aww. And now, singing chickens. ♪ buck baw buck baw ♪ (narrator) The most sensitive... ...distinguished... Prepare yourselves for head bowling. What? I am not signed off on this. ...celebrity filled... ♪ menoma ♪ ...and sophisticated Muppet movie ever made. Ever. Have a seat. (Fozzie) Thank you. I think I'll stand. (Fozzie) Comfy. [speaking "Swedish Chef"] (Statler) Is this movie in 3D? (Waldorf) Nope. The Muppets are as 1-dimensional as they've always been. Hey! Watch it. (narrator) Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and introducing the newest Muppet, Walter. And, the Moopets. [snorts] Waka waka. You've been replaced. Oh yeah? What's that over there? Hi-ya! See movie! See movie! Burdie burdie turgey! [gobbling] [Captions by]

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