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Atom and Eve - Class 11 PART 1 HD

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Pentagon finally admits it investigates UFOs UFO BREAKTHROUGH: Pentagon admits it DID investigate aliens - bombshell details REVEALED. Well for many many decades the U.S Government has dismissed out-of-hand UFO sightings as crank stuff things that lunatics babble about. Now suddenly they're taking a different approach they are telling the truth. My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone. whatever that means. (...............) ARE THERE OTHER WORLDS? ARE THERE OTHER INTELLIGENT BEINGS IN THE UNIVERSE? WHAT DO THE ANCIENT KABBALISTS TELL US? WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT COMING FORWARD NOW? AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN IN OUR LIVES? CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE ZOHAR KIND Welcome to The Kabbalah-UFO Connection: UFO, Aliens and Other Planets UFO - THE ZOHAR The Zohar and UFOs Extraterrestrial intelligence What do the Ancient Kabbalists tell us why suddenly when you know in the 60s and 70s when there were UFO sightings they were disregarded as you know conspiracy theories or hoaxes and there was always you know some explanation even when there wasn't an explanation. Why is it coming out now? Let's first see what's been happening in the news. The Pentagon the Department of Defense actually declassified for the first time footage of unidentified flying objects. OFFICIAL USG FOOTAGE BROUGHT TO YOU EXCLUSIVELY BY TO THE STARS ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE. GIMBAL IS THE FIRST OF THREE MILITARY VIDEOS OF AN UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENON (UAP) THAT HAS BEEN THROUGH THE OFFICIAL USG DECLASSIFICATION REVIEW PROCESS AND APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE. THIS CONTENT HAS CHANGE OF CUSTODY DOCUMENTATION TO ENSURE PRESERVATION OF ITS ORIGIN CONDITION. TAKEN ABOARD A U.S. NAVY F/A-18 SUPER HORNET, THE UNALTERED FOOTAGE WAS CAPTURED BY A RAYTHEON ADVANCED TARGETING FORWARD-LOOKING INFRARED (ATFLIR) POD WHICH CONTAINS THE MOST ADVANCED SENSORS AND POWERFUL TRACKING SYSTEMS ON THE MARKET. WHAT YOU WILL HEAR ARE ACTUAL U.S. FIGHTER PILOTS, WHO ARE HIGHLY TRAINED OBSERVERS AND WEAPONS SYSTEM OPERATORS, TRYING TO MAKE SENSE OF WHAT THEY ARE WITNESSING. It's a (expletive) drone, bro. There is a whole fleet of them. Look on the ASA. My Gosh! They're all going against the wind. The wind's 120 knots out of the west. Look at that thing, dude! That's not an (inaudible) though, is it? That is an (inaudible).... Well, if there's a .... Look at that thing! It's rotating! Weapon sensor operator (WSO) changes the zoom from 1.0 to 2.0 WSO changes to TV mode. The object appears dark against the bright time sky and is clearly oblong shaped. WSO changes the image back to IR mode and then resets zoom to 1.0. The sensor either breaks lock on the object or the object shifts rapidly. The sensor rapidly lock. WSO changes zoom several times. The object suddenly and instantaneously accelerates to the left, out of view of the sensor at what appears to be an unprecedented velocity. Now from the 19 we are just a couple of weeks away from the 24th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights in the sky that strange side has led to ongoing mystery and intrigue about unidentified flying objects and now there's been another UFO sighting involving an American Airlines crew that was flying to Phoenix team 12's Rachel Cole joins us from sky Harbor with details on the disturbing discovery. The cockpit audio from the plane coming from New Mexico and landing here at Sky Harbor airport is like something out of a sci-fi movie. Do you have any targets up here? We just had something go right over the top of us. I hate to say this but it looked like a long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile type of thing, moving really fast right over the top of us. The radio transmission from American Airlines flight 2292 appearing on an aviation blog called Deep Black Horizon American Airlines confirms the audio is real. The pilot obviously saw something he saw are you going to fall? Larry Wasserman an astronomer at Lowell Observatory in flagstaff finds the new audio fascinating pilots have been reporting strange anomalies in the sky that cannot be explained from their vantage point So does Dr Lyn Kitai who's written a book on the 1997 Phoenix Lights and appeared in an award-winning documentary about it. Since that infamous case the southwest has been home to many strange sightings in the sky including last April. I saw what appeared to be a star moving. Spacex later revealing one of the Company's Satellites reflected light back to earth while being in perfect alignment with the sun. What is that? in 2019 mysterious lights in the night sky in Tucson which have never been explained as for what the American Airlines crews saw the excitement in their voices seeing something so unusual but we have to remember that it's in New Mexico, over New Mexico white sands missile range is nearby. In a statement the FBI says it's aware of the incident meanwhile the FAA confirms the pilot made a claim about seeing an object over New Mexico. If they can figure out what it was that would be good I'd be curious to know what it was Kirtland Air Force base in Albuquerque confirms it has no knowledge of any object plus FAA Air Traffic controllers did not see any object in the area on their radar scopes. It wakes people up to the possibility of something else possibly visiting us. I would not jump on the alien hypothesis as the first choice. Unrelated but relevant Glendale PD are warning that the marines will be conducting realistic urban training so don't be alarmed if you see or hear military aircraft in the sky. At sky Harbor Rachel Cole 12. UFOs have been the stuff of conspiracy theorists for decades often mocked for talking about it, but maybe they shouldn't be mocked. Commander David Fravor spent 18 years as a naval aviator pilot in 2004 he had an unforgettable encounter with an aircraft he said was defying the laws of physics. former commander favor joins us tonight. Thanks a lot for coming on tonight. Tell us what you saw. Well we were on a we had launched on a routine training mission when we joined up we were told that the event was going to be canceled and then we have real world tasking and we were sent out to the West now take in mind that this is taking place about 100 miles Southwest of San Diego between San Diego and Ensenada Mexico on a clear perfect day blue waters, we get out to the spot where they tell us it's at we start looking around and both of us both airplanes see a disturbance in the water, and a white 40 foot long tic tac shaped object just hovering above the water. Going forward back left right there's no rotor wash there's no wings nothing, so as we drive around in a clockwise flow we get to about the nine o'clock position, and I said well I'm going to go down and check it out and the other jet is going to stay high. So as we go down and when we get to the 12 o'clock position, it starts to mirror us so it's in a clockwise flow and it's on the opposite side of the circle from us and we continue this it's in a climb we're in a descent we're getting a great look at it this whole thing takes about probably up to five minutes from the time we show up I get over to the eight o'clock position it's at about the two o'clock position and I decide I'm going to go and see what it is and it's about 2000 feet below me and i cut across the circle and as I get within about a half mile of it it rapidly accelerates to the south in about two seconds and disappears. What would you estimate the speed? oh well, above supersonic it like a bullet out of a gun it took off So from what you know about aerodynamics, mechanics, physics should this be possible what you saw, not with the technology that we have today, not, not at all. Even now, even 13 years later is there anything that you know of capable of this kind of behavior. No there's nothing I know of, I mean this when you look when we saw the the video with the IR it has no exhaust it's you know no no discernible things of anything form of propulsion and this thing came from a dead hover over the water just kind of moving around to a climb up to about 12 000 feet to rapidly accelerating away in a climb and in less than two seconds it was gone, and you figure you're talking 50 miles of visibility and you can easily see an object that size easily out to 10 miles and it just disappeared in seconds. Could I mean what would be the effects on a human pilot of the g-forces involved in that altitude change. Well the altitude wouldn't be bad it would be the acceleration of the object well, honestly i wanted to fly it. yeah, I bet. You know there's you know talking to some physicists they don't think the human body could handle that kind of force it doesn't sound it doesn't like the human body could. So bottom line what do you think this was? I believe, as do the other folks, that were on the flight that we've when we visually saw that it was something not from this world. When presumably you express that belief to your superiors what did they say? Actually we we caught a lot of grief getting back to the boat and it got passed off as an event that no one could explain now, keep in mind they had been tracking these for two weeks prior to us seen it and this was the first time that manned airplanes had been airborne when the objects appeared. This feels like a really big story to me I'm not, it's not exactly clear why Vladimir Putin's more interesting than this I think this seems like a big deal and commander I appreciate you taking the time to talk to us about it you seem sober and believable and I appreciate it. well thank you very much Tucker. Thanks. Just a few weeks ago, February 1st 2021: Harvard's Avi Loeb more sure than ever we were visited by alien spacecraft. you can google Avi Loeb the article just came out last month The renowned scientist made waves claiming the interstellar object I won't pronounce that word emu mama mama might be extraterrestrial now he's even doubling down saying it's not from this world. So they he spotted something you know, in space. Former French Intelligence Officer: UFOs and Aliens are real. The French Secret Service's Former Director says: in his opinion UFOs come from parallel worlds. he's the this is Alan Gillette Former Director of The French Republic's Foreign intelligence service who came out for the first time to speak about this subject. for the first time the Former Head of the French Directorate General for foreign security and intelligence agency has addressed the UFO problem as something that is out of this world and dimension. Specifically he says: "These objects do not seem to obey the laws of aerodynamics and physics and they are not subject to the force of gravity." "Therefore he says, the question arises has any country develop the system technology that disobeys the known laws of physics? 20 years ago I would have answered why not? but today if a country in the world had made such a discovery we would know it. No progress of this magnitude can be kept secret. it's impossible." "One way or another he says, there would have been leaks, an indiscretion of the scientists working on it. And since there has been absolutely nothing it is something else and goes beyond what we have on Earth. He has publicly declared that the ufo phenomena goes beyond the dimension of the earth non-human intelligence. Alain states that we might expect official disclosure. Albeit once at once that happens there are more clues. that invite reflection rather than any certainties to be given they're not even sure what it is yet. But he says something important that's important for this class: he says they come from parallel worlds and other dimensions. Which is it: do they come from other dimensions which we know as the Tenth Sefirot is there's infinite dimensions according to the Zohar, right? Each of the 10 dimensions has 10 within them and each of the 10 within the 10 have 10 within them so there are infinite worlds, or do they come from outer space from distant planets, from distant star systems, from different galaxies? Which is it? Or is it both? Let's go back to the 14th century. This is where Rabbi Hasdai Crescas lived in Barcelona Spain. This is when that same time the Zohar came out publicly. They named a street in Jerusalem after Rabbi Crescas. This is a book he wrote called: The Light of God. He lived in the 14th century but the book there was no printing press then when the printing press was invented they published the book in 1555 and he says: "There is nothing in Judaic Theology to preclude the existence of life on others worlds." "There are infinite possible worlds." "What does God do at night?" He asks looking at the writings of the kabbalists, "He travels in his chariot through 18.000 worlds." Former Rabbinical leader of the Chabad group, the orthodox Jews you may see around the world who dressed in black with black hats, Rabbi Schneerson who's no longer with us said: "Look for life on Mars and if you don't find it there look somewhere else in the universe for it. Because for you to sit here and say there is no life outside of planet Earth is to put limitations on the Creator, and that is not something any of his creatures can do." Why couldn't God whose infiniteness power make other worlds? And do not contradict humanity? and our purpose and our role in the world. My teacher the line of kabbalists to go back to Moses, Rav Berg He studied this book for years called Sefer Habrit in English the book of the Covenant. Published in 1797 by the Kabbalist Elijah Hurwitz the Rav was fascinated by intrigued by this book. I only found out the Rav never told me directly about him stunningness it was the rav's son Yehuda Berg who told me he and the Rav studied this book for years. I only learned about this about 15 years ago. In this book Kabbalist Elijah Hurwitz writes: "According to my opinion there are inhabited planets in outer space and this is also implied in the Zohar." "There is no doubt worlds were not created for just chaos, but rather to be inhabited..." "...and they have creatures." "I would say the physical world is no worse than other spiritual worlds, in its multiplicity of worlds, so that each level is referring about the Sefirot contains worlds beyond calculation, so up there are worlds beyond calculation in the metaphysical dimensions of the Tree of Life, Keter, Chochma, Bina, all those realms have worlds and worlds within it then the same would hold true in our physical universe. He says so therefore each level would contain worlds beyond calculation as is known from kabbalah. "This is in the Zohar in various places... that the righteous souls will inherit 310 worlds." So righteous beings in this world those who do the transformation I hate the term righteous and I even spelled it wrong I hate the world righteous it sounds so, you know, religious he's talking about people who have the consciousness to transform and be a true human being, each one of us will be inheriting 310 worlds , what is that mean? and that's just one figure you'll see more coming up. And he writes: " And we are told that God travels across 18.000 worlds." In the Tikkunei Zohar, this specific picture is from an edition published in 1865 I just showed it could be kind of cool to see a page from a Zohar printed a couple hundred years ago. The TIkkunei Zohar says: "That there are an infinite number of stars in the universe now stop for a moment, modern modern science, ancient science for millennia believe there's only a couple of thousand stars in the universe, and if you read the Torah literally and the writings of traditional rabbis you think there's only a few thousand stars you know, in the galaxy! But here the Zohar says: There are infinite number of stars in the universe, and even more incredible, each star, like our sun, is to be considered a world of its own. the same way our sun and our Earth our world of its own. And this is an important quote well this is this isn't the quote yet,i'll give you the quote in a minute, this is the concept that the Tikkunei Zohar speaks about: "Each sun or star is the world of its own which means it must have a planet, remember this point when we start looking at NASA discovered in just the last you know 20 years. Here's the quote: "The stars are surely without number but each star is called a separate world, "These are the worlds without number" says that the Tikkunei Zohar "And because the righteous people are like stars and each has its own star, therefore the earlier sages have said, each and every righteous soul has a world of his own." So now there are 18.000 worlds that a righteous transformed human being will inherit. We met Rabbi Physicist Aryeh Kaplan in our previous class on evolution I mentioned Rabbi Kaplan got the zohar from kabbalist Rav Berg back in the 80s Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan writes: "The Tikkunie Zohar further states that every righteous person will rule over a star and therefore each of us will have a world unto himself. The 18.000 worlds mentioned above would therefore be that number of stars presided over by the 18.000 righteous souls, another spelling mistake, they were alluded to in the verse in Ezekiel where it says in Ezekiel 48:35: "Around him are 18.000." referring to the 18.000 stars which have planets which are therefore called a world. A star with planets is called a world. Kaplan writes: "We therefore have a most fascinating reason why the stars were created and why they contain intelligent life since an overcrowded earth will not give the righteous people the breath that they require each one will be given his own planet with its entire population to enhance his own spiritual growth." Heady, trippy concept. Where are these 18 000 worlds? Since the beginning of time, since the beginning of science we've only found a solar system sun with planets in our solar system where are these 18.000 worlds? Where are all these star systems without number? in 2003 it all started right? Zohar says you know in the year 2020 things are going to accelerate the Kabbalists say in the year 5760 which is the year 2000 it's going to be a major transformation forward. So all these calculated dates we see things are speeding up in terms of scientific discovery. 2003 the Spitzer Space Telescope was launched into orbit. The Spitzer Space Telescope was looking for planets that are similar to Earth that could have life a place where human beings could potentially live. They explored these star systems indeed these regions of deep space the Nasa telescope revealed the largest batch of Earth size habitable zone planets around a single star they found planets in a star that could be habitable habitable, hospitable to human life. They were 40 light years from Earth which is, listen to this number, 235 trillion miles from Earth Nasa's Spitzer space telescope revealed at this point the first known system of seven earth-sized planets around a single star. So in 2003 they finally first time ever discovered a star system with earth-sized planets orbiting a sun three of these planets are firmly located in the habitable zone the area around the parent star where a rocky planet is most likely to have liquid water. After the launch of the Spitzer Space Telescope I dare anyone of you to say Spitzer Space Telescope 10 times quickly without making a mistake. They called it Nasa's Planet Hunter this another space telescope was launched and it was considered to be the most accomplished planet hunting machine of all time. it launched I think it was 2008. It's called the Kepler Space Telescope, the planet Hunter. It was also looking for new worlds stars with planets orbiting it. It found a seven planet system but then using Artificial Intelligence just made front page news, A.I. has found an eighth planet an eight planet system like ours in the Kepler data. So i'll read it I don't know if you can see it: The keen eye of an artificial intelligence program discovered that the star system Kepler 90, illustrated here, actually has an eighth world which was previously overlooked in exoplanet searches, by the way, exoplanet means because it's a complicated sounding word exoplanet means these are planets found outside of our solar system. That's all they call it an exoplanet. So they originally they found seven worlds orbiting Kepler-90 The sun the star they found and then through their A.I. technology they realized no there's another planet there that was picked up by the Kepler Space Telescope. Then Kepler announces, Nasa announces that Kepler found 11 new planetary systems. So I’ll read the paragraph in case you can't see it Nasa's Kepler mission has discovered 11 new planetary systems hosting 26, we know that number 26, confirmed planets confirmed planets so first they found seven, then they found 26 These discoveries nearly double the number of verified Kepler planets and triple the number of stars known to have more than one planet that transits or passes in front of a star to get that light. Such systems will help astronomers better understand how planets form. So they're finding more and more worlds and planets. Because we're looking for 18 000, right? Another article came out, April 2020: Earth-sized habitable zone planet found hidden in early nasa Kepler data. habitable not habitable. Kepler Space Telescope the original Exoplanet Hunter after nine years of observations, it's now 2018, the Kepler Space Telescope showed us that on average every star has at least one planet. Now that makes absolute perfect sense kabbalistically, Why would there be a star without a vessel? Why is there a sun without a vessel? Why is there a Light without a vessel? Light and Vessel because our sun is considered in kabbalistic technology and teaching to be the realm called Zeirapin, the six super dimensions which we call the 99% reality. That's the positive pole that emanates Light, and then this physical reality Malchut our world is the vessel that receives this Light. So that they find that every star has at least one planet makes perfect sense. 30 years ago they thought stars had no planets they thought planets were rare you won't find any earths anywhere in the universe. Now they're telling us they're finding Earth some, you know, Earth-like planets sometimes they're called Super Earths, because they're like three times the size of this planet, but they look like they could host human life. Another article January 2021 just two months ago: A new planet transiting across the face of a sun-like star they discovered which is part of a triple star system, star system located 1800 light years away in the Constellation Cygnus. By the end of the Spacecraft's operations in 2018 The Kepler Space Telescope had discovered a whopping 2. 394 exoplanets or planets orbiting stars beyond our sun and they found an additional 2 366 exoplanet candidates that would still need confirmation. So that was 2018. Today as what's the date march 11th they have 4 364 planets confirmed. Planets orbiting stars and another 5796, 97 candidates still to be confirmed, they just gotta analyse the data. And 3231 planetary systems so far. Now listen to this article. A TREASURE TROVE OF PLANETS FOUND. Astronomers are celebrating a new discovery The big news is that around a very nearby cold small star, we found seven rocky, Earth-sized planets all of which could potentially have liquid water. Three of them orbit in the habitable zone around the star And liquid water could exist on any of the seven planets given the right conditions. For me it's mind-blowing. The first time I saw what the system had in it, I just was like, "you got to be kidding me!" and I looked at the data myself I'm like yup there they all are It's just I would have never predicted this it's beyond you know anything I could have ever dreamt of. The Planetary System is called Trappist-1, after the Belgian operated Telescope in Chile. Trappist found two planets in 2016 Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope, with the help of Ground-Based Telescopes, discovered five more I felt super excited. Amazed by the existence, the very existence of this system was kind of shock. The Trappist-1 Planets are extremely close to on another. From a Planet's Surface You could easily see other Trappist-1 Planets in the sky. If you were standing on one of these planets you'd actually see a lot of them sort of in the sky whipping by on these very short orbital periods. Nasa's James Webb Telescope, lauching in 2018, could teach us even more about the Trappist-1 System. It will be able to detect the chemical fingerprints of water, and oxygen of potential atmospheres. key ingredients in assessing habitability. It is an excellent fantastic discovery. All images of planets are artists conceptions. February 12 2021: Nasa's Tess discovers new worlds in a river of young stars. So all these new space telescopes are being launched they're finding more and more worlds, and hear what they said they're shocked, why are they shocked? Why would they think there'd be other planets that are like earth similar that can host human life. The universe is huge, the Zohar said this 2 000 years ago. It spoke specifically of 18 000 worlds. That have stars and planets. Is nasa discovering the 18 000 worlds and star systems that humankind will inherit and rule? I find this amazing that you know I did my lectures at Nasa and we left them all these Zohars, and now they're finding all these wonderful planets. not just that we even had a Zohar go up, I don't have the details I didn't I did I wasn't going to mention this, but we had a Zohar up in one of the Space shuttle flights, with the mini pinchas. So the Zohar like we learned in the first class, the Monolith Effect and what we're doing right now spreading more Zohar is having an effect upon Nasa, Science, Technology, revealing things that have always been there but that we haven't seen before because when you're in a dark room you can't see much unless you put on the flashlight, or put on the light that lights up the whole room. And then you'll see everything. Are these worlds that are being discovered part of what the kabbalists call the world to come? Right, when the Messiah comes and death comes to an end and we're living in a world of you know the simplest words paradise, but infinite joy no death pure happiness, that's called the world to come. Now, when you understand the world to come the phrase people think it means the future the world that will soon be here the world to come, no it means the world that is coming now it's constantly coming towards us, we're constantly progressing and evolving towards it. So we need to change our consciousness about this idea because the world to come means it's coming now and as we transform and as we accelerate our transformation. We remove time and therefore, you know, accelerate the arrival of the world to come it'll be here. Are those other worlds part of that plan? How do we reach these other worlds and star systems? Even at the speed of light. If a star system is a hundred light years from our star system, from our solar system, it would take a 100 years traveling at the speed of light to get there. We'll answer the question. Says to Zohar: "As regards to the other world, the world to come, we have been taught that the Holy One, blessed Be He, will provide them us with wings as of eagles enabling them to fly across the whole universe... and meander around in all the worlds." So metaphorically and literally because the evolutionary process, will have wings like eagles to fly , not just on earth but throughout the whole universe says the Zohar. Sure enough the first wings appeared in the 20th century. he first ever airplane by the Wright Brothers with wings. At the same time the Zohar was revealed for the first time in human history through Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag with a hebrew translation. The Zohar was always Aramaic, nobody knew had to decipher it, nobody knew how to do a commentary to it, except previous kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria, who lived 500 years ago, only Rabbi Ashlag added a full complete hebrew translation which means you're bringing it down lower to our level shining that Light brighter, and the commentary that he wrote, you know somebody asked at the beginning: Should I read Kabbalist Rav Berg introduction is there energy there? Totally! Because the Rabbi Moses Chayin Luzato who lived Italian Kabbalist He lived in Italy in Padua Italy and the 1700s says: "When you read the writings of the kabbalists and the kabbalists are actually providing commentary to the Zohar, He says that is also considered to be the Zohar. The commentary by a Kabbalist to the Zohar is part of that evolutionary process of restoring the Light of Immortality the Zohar Light that began the Big Bang and was hidden away till the end of days, even the commentary on the Zohar by the kabbalist is the Zohar itself. You're restoring replenishing the Light, that was lost on Mount Sinai. So there's another reason why to the gentleman who asked the question, Why do we read the writings of the kabbalists? We're talking about the Zohar. So the fact that Rabbi Ashlag provided a Hebrew translation and the commentary that itself was disseminating the Zohar in a way that had never been done in human history. And from the wings of an Eagle, in the same century came the wings of air flight across this planet. And then we began to discover other worlds using wings of an eagle. 1969 Kabbalist Rav Berg took over the Kabbalah Center that's when his teacher passed, Woodstock happened 600 000 people, you know, on a farm for sex, drugs and Rock and Roll, on the same date nobody knows this, the date of Woodstock was the same date that Moses ascended Mount Sinai to bring the tablets to the 600 000 people. The internet was discovered in 1969 which gave us the ability to spread the Zohar, this wisdom which we're doing right now on the internet, and of course man reached the moon. We reached another world for the first time on the wings of an eagle like the Zohar said. in fact the eagle is what the the Apollo, you know, a ship was called and the famous words when they touch down on the moon "The Eagle has landed." So, the beginning of the Messianic Era kicked into high gear as man touched down on the moon, which kabbalistically is considered to be Malchut this physical reality, it's the symbol for it, now why is the moon the symbol for Malchut the Tenth Dimension our physical world and not the Earth itself, even though it is the Earth, because the moon has no light of its own it's an empty vessel. And that's us. We have no light the only Light we get is from the Creator from the sun and the moon has no light. When it shines it only does so because it performs resistance, reflections. When the sun shines on the moon the moon pushes back, that act of reflection allows us to see the moon shining at night. It's a divine metaphor a divine code showing us the technology of how spiritual metaphysical light is created. Through our empty vessel the moon within reflecting that light that we've received to share with others. And this is why the Zohar says: "One day the moon will shine all by itself." All by itself. So in the New World according to the Zohar, We will fly throughout the cosmos. Let's return to the Book of the Covenant Sefer Ha Brit Kabbalist Elijah Hurwitz "I am perfectly convinced that the other worlds were created not in vain but for the purpose of habitation, and that there are extraterrestrial creatures living upon them." It is known to the kabbalists, he says, and stated frequently in the Zohar that the superior kabbalistic worlds of Yatzrah Bri Ya and Atzilut, these worlds found in the ten dimensions, Tree of Life, contain innumerable worlds within each of them. So if those realms Yetzra, Bri Ya and Atzilut, contain uncountable world, why then should the worlds of Asyah our physical universe be lacking its own multiplicity of worlds, with intelligent life? So he's touching on a concept that we spoke about at the beginning when the foreign services intelligence director former director said: these aliens in his opinion come from parallel worlds other dimensions. So Rav Kabbalist Elijah heard which is referring to both. He's saying just as: "the inner dimensions the parallel worlds of Yetzirah, Bri Ya, and Atzilut and the Tree of Life, have innumerable worlds with intelligent life, why shouldn't our physical universe, in other words the external world, also have a multiplicity of worlds, which means there's intelligent beings in inner space and outer space. That's the position of the kabbalist of the Zohar. Here's a quote from the traditional Bible: "Curse Meros" said the angel of the Lord, pronounce the curse upon his inhabitants, for they did not come to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty." There was a war, and in that war there's someone called Mirage who did not come to help. So there's a famous verse saying; then curse Meroz and his inhabitants because they didn't help God fight this war. Ok? Kabbalist Elijah Hurwitz: "Some say this Meroz was an illustrious man. But others say, it was a star." According to the Talmud it's actually a planet in a star system. It wasn't talking about a person, it was a metaphor, it's talking about a star. The Zohar agrees: Meroz is a star with orbiting planets. So if you look up in space and its location you'd find Meros that would be a star and it would have planets and inhabitants on that planet. That is a planet designated by the Zohar, the Talmud, the Kabbalists, that exists with inhabited life. You just don't know what its coordinates are. Now, if in the opinion of some that Meroz was a star, and the Bible speaks of cursing its inhabitants, it follows that the stars must be inhabited. These extraterrestrial beings are masters of intelligence and science, says Elijah Hurwitz. So they're brilliant. They've mastered intelligence, they've mastered science. "Hence my view that the stars are inhabited and that they are worlds as implied in the the Tikkunei Zohar." "And now, he writes, I must express my opinion concerning the nature of these star creatures, by which those entities shall be carefully considered and the question evaluated whether or not they're in human form." "It is a foolish error he says to say that the stars and what they contain are exactly like this world without any difference in nature, and that they are inhabited by human beings with free will." he says no that's foolish. He's talking about the difference between intelligence and consciousness. now we've explored this concept in Unredacting Jesus, and I think in this course as well, a serial killer could have intelligence, it can be brilliant a madman but he kills people. Consciousness is the ability to love others, to see the truth, to be elevated to see the unity. So intelligence and consciousness are two different things, you can have a high IQ a high level of intelligence and be considered to have a low level of consciousness. These beings do not have consciousness, do not have free will. They are intelligent but they don't have free will. In our world a highly intelligent serial killer has free will. That's why he could be a killer even though he's brilliant. He's got a low level of consciousness but he's is he's an intellectual marvel. But because he has free will he has in simple terms good and evil to choose. But a creature without free will doesn't have a dark side. So he can be intelligent, but he will not have a dark side. Because he doesn't have the ability to choose and that's what separates all the other creatures in the inner worlds and the external worlds from humanity. They do not have free will, but they're brilliant. But they're also not negative, there's not going to be a war of the worlds because those, whatever they're defining in right now as UFOs, if they want to destroy this planet they would have done so a long time ago. "There can be no doubt, he writes, that not one of the stars can have human inhabitants of our form and shape. They may be endowed with intelligence and knowledge what they cannot have is free will for it is known that by the nature of creation free will is a property unique to human beings dwelling upon this Earth. No other life form will be given the Torah. Because the Torah is a conditioning agent. It's a conditioning agent a technology we use to transform, not just ourselves but the entire universe. So humanity is still the sensual role, the central controller of the elevation of our world. "Each world must be different from every other, both in general and particular with regard both to itself and to the creatures in it." Here's what he's saying: He's saying that, you have beetles, right the bug beetles, you have dogs, you have wolves, you have monkeys, gorillas. You can't have two kinds. You can have different species but there's only one. So there's human beings and just like we learned there were proto-human beings created and destroyed, created and destroyed, we don't evolve one from the other. So there's only humanity with our different races. There's no other thing called humanity. There could be other life forms with intelligence, but they can't be humanity. Humanity's not going to be found on another planet, that is impossible according to the Zohar. You only find humanity here, but there are extraterrestrial intelligences on other planets both inner worlds within the dimensions of the Tree of Life and the external worlds as well. but they don't have free will. The transformation of this world and the worlds we're going to exist on is in the firm soul possession of humanity. which leads us to those inner worlds, right? What kind of life forms are there in the inner dimensions? We explore inner space which really is the dimensions of the Tree of Life. The Zohar tells us there are 7 hidden Earths or 7 Lands within the Earth, it's like a hollow earth theory, that within the Earth there are seven more dimensions inside, and I don't think it's literal, because it's I think it's metaphysical, and with all kinds of creatures both corporeal creatures and non-corporeal creatures, both metaphysical and tangible creatures life forms within these worlds. Now here's that here's an interesting point: According to journalists C.D.B. Bryan, 2% of all reported alien encounters in the United States describe gray aliens. They're called the Grays, and Grays are described as being human-like with small bodies, smooth gray-colored skin, enlarged hairless heads, and large black eyes. The Zohar describes these creatures that are in these worlds these beings are short with gray skin, they don't have noses only two slits, instead of noses to breathe. and the realm that these creatures come from, says the Zohar, is a realm associated with the idea of no memory, forgetfulness. And it's interesting that people have these encounters and they forget. Is there a connection? Perhaps. "Woe to the people, says the Zohar, for they are not aware and do not take heed nor search for knowledge, they are all blindfolded and do not know how full the world is with strange and invisible creatures and things. If permission were to be given to the eye to see, people would wonder greatly. as to how it is possible to survive in this world.

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Atom and Eve - Class 11 PART 1 HD

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