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Primera Parte: Artistas Seleccionados para la Competencia de la calle Valencia

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I'm Misako Inaoka. People know me as Misa. I just turned 32. I'm an artist. I was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. And I moved when I was almost 16 to the United States I didn't speak much English So when I first came, and people would say 'what's up?', I had no idea what they were saying. I've lived at the same place in the Mission since 2002 and then just got accepted into it, so I'm still here. It's everything: the people who've lived there, a family is an artist who lived there and shopped and eat and creat art in the same place. I think that's why it has such a unique energy. Well, I'm shy and not very linguistic, I think. That's been a big part of the reason why I've always made artwork My work is influenced by my environment. The Mission influences my work, I feel I really pay attention. I see little plants and flowers grow in like a tiny space between sidewalks and cracks and they're stuck trying to live. I feel this urge they want to come out but there's no space. And that's my work. It's part of nature or greens, plants and animals try to survive and they still try to coexist with this urban area. And, become a hybrid. The mutants may have the advantage to survive. So, I started making more extreme hybrids combining different species of different animals and plants. Valencia street changed so much that I feel it's a little too gentrified. And I really want to help to keep it more local ...a unique area. I don't know what's the regulation for this project, but I'm hoping to have something that represents nature. I don't want my work just to be rigid like a statue. I'd be happy if I can do this project because that means I can contribute to this community. And by changing the environment a little more pleasing place. I feel like I may be able to give a little bit of happiness. That'll make me really happy.

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Posted by: missionlocal on Jul 5, 2009

El 13 de junio, Mission [email protected] anunció –¡aun antes de que los ganadores supieran!- los tres finalistas escogidos para presentar una propuesta para el proyecto de arte público que pudiera suceder al mismo tiempo que las mejoras de la calle Valencia. Los residentes se reunirán con los artistas el 23 de julio a las 9 a.m. para una conversación con la comunidad. Más tarde, los tres ofrecerán sus propuestas, las cuales se podrán leer, y en algún momento en el otoño se elegirá al ganador.
Primero, observe el video de Misako Inaoka quien fue escogida por su ‘sentido del espacio’.

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