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Harrison Ford Demos His Star Wars Injury Using a Han Solo Doll

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I want to talk to you, 'cause we had J.J. Abrams on the show last night. He's the director of-- [laughter] What, what happened? That's just- that's just water -No, it's funny. J.J. Abrams. -Oh, were you going to do a spit take or something? -He's a funny guy -No, no, no. No, I wasn't. -Okay. I can show you what to do here. -I'm saving it. -You're saving your spit take? Alright. -Saving a spit take. For later. -You just say it, say his name again. [laughter] Say the director's name. No, no, oh no! [laughter] I won't do it to you! -J.J. Abrams [laughter] -J.J. Abrams?! I-I won't do it again, I promise. I won't, I won't! Harrison! Should we- would you like me to sit here? -I'm an Academy Award nominee. -I know, I know! I heard the intro, I read it! I read the intro! -Give me a little... A little respect! -I'm sorry, I apologize. -I didn't win. -I apologize. You should have won. -Which is what I came here to talk about, I came here to talk about it. -You got some therapy! -Not, not winning. -Yeah. Now I do want to talk about it because you had some... -And Anthony Bourdain. -I love Anthony Bourdain, too. -And you bring up J.J. Abrams. Why? -Because he directed! He directed you in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. -He did? -Yes! And he got injured trying to help you because you got hurt as well. -Oh, poor guy. -Yeah. You fell... -What a pity! -What happened to you, though, something fell on you and you broke your leg, right? Yeah, something in- Do you remember this? See now, cause I- I- I was worried about you. -They closed a [censored] door on me! -Now, now, now, Harrison! Yeah, alright. I had nothing to do with that, I didn't do it. So they, a-- -No, J.J. did it! -J.J. J.J. Abrams? -As far as I know! -J.J.? J.J. Abrams?! -J.J. Abrams?! -So, like, how did... -You got an Academy Award nominee to hit a director! -So, explain what happened. So the- So did this- -Was it like- Was it like- Was it like this? Were you like that? When they found you? -No.

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Harrison Ford Demos His Star Wars Injury Using a Han Solo Doll

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