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The attack on the Syrian TV Building : STOP WAR PROPAGANDA !

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Drousha - Syria, Building of Al-Khbariya TV - June 30th, 2012 In Europe, when we talk about freedom of speech, we have a friendly discussion. But in the rest of the world, when you use your freedom of speech to expose imperialism, it ends like this ! Therefore, they took our colleagues who were over-there. Three newscasters of the channel. They have tied their hands in their back. They brought them here. And they killed them, here. In the media war rurrounding Syria, you probably wonder who tells the truth since, in fact, there are two theories. Those who say this country is subjected to an inland revolution and a terrible repression. And those who say, on the contrary, that this country is attacked by foreign powers who have sent troups of mercenaies here and ultra-sophisticated commando units who perform destructions of facilities and targeted assassinations. Thus, in order to understand what is happening, you must bear in mind what propaganda is all about. Propaganda lies on intoxicate you providing you false informations. And, on the other hand, keeping you from receiving a conflicting information. Therefore, censure is needed as well as the destruction of other media that may bring any contradiction. Thus, in recent months, the United States and the European Union have banned satellite broadcasting toward the EU and the USA of Syrian TV Channel that might express a conflicting point of vue. Not only that, bue the EU has also taken registered decisions against some journalists and media officials accusing them to support a bloody regime depriving them, this way, of their right to get around, and stating all sorts of sanctions against them. Thus, at the request of the Arab League, it was planned to cut the Syrian satellite channels and withdraw Nilesat and Arabsat from the satellite network And replace them by new programs, which would have been created by other TV Channels, made by the CIA or the Pentagone. Many of them already exist for the Syrian public through satellites. But they also were able to usurp the logos of the existing channels, and thus, the viewers would have suddenly seen other images when they would have turn their TV on. Then, they planned to use films made in studio, huge studios which have been built - already in Doha, in Qatar - but new ones have been built in Saudi Arabia copying the greatest Syrian squares, important places, and then, computer generated images provoquing the movements of real characters, from authentic images. Therefore, we could have seen the government abdicate and complete fictious demonstrations appear on television. Thus, the idea was to give the feeling that the situation was hopeless. And then, a tremendous mobilization to avoid it has taken place. At first, hundreds of websites have rally. Different governments have protest, starting with Russia, who sent a letter, inviting their different partners for a group of contacts that they are currently creating on the syrian issue, writing down in their agenda point number one : the immediate cessation of the media war against Syria. And then, ther was a letter of the syrian government to to UN, explaining the plot made up by NATO with the participation of the Arab League and some State in particular such as France, Great Britain, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Following this, the operation has been cancelled. All the more so as the syrian government had warned the population about what was going on and that new satellites - such as Atlantic Bird - was starting to broadcast syrian programs. So there was an act of revenge pure and simple. They sent a commando here, in the studios where we are right now. And this commando has completely demolished this TV channel facility. We are in a place which is, in fact, in the countryside, 15 km away from Damas. 4 big studios had been built, editing rooms... Thus, a commando came here, they killed the guardians. 4 guardians have been assassinated. And then, they captured the TV presenters prisonners. They tied them up, made them come out, and shot them. And then, they have demolished the studio which was around us. They blew the buildings up. Everything was done within a few minutes. It was a very organized by very well trained commandos. It had nothing to do with the syrian population. Here, there is no revolution. There is an external attack and simply the way they did it already proves it. Therefore, we must remembrer one thing. Who defends freedom of speech in the world, and who attacks it? Over the past 20 years, we have seen scenes like these ones, At first, in Yougoslavia, in Afghanistan, in Irak. Recently, in Libya, as I was being appointed Director of information of the Satellite Channel which about to be launched, LYBIA TODAY. NATO bombed the facility, destroying the studios and killing 7 technicians. Here again, the same thing happened. In fact, each time, the crime is commited by the same people. The United States and NATO. Therefore, we must draw a conclusion. It is they who fight against freedom of information. It is they who fight against freedom of speech. They are the ones who destroy International Law, and who destroy justice ! So now, make your own opinion ! Who is telling the truth and who is preventing to tell it?

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Posted by: meeme on Jul 1, 2012

The 4th Reich has destroyed a Syrian TV building to prevent any other point of view to be spread around the worlld.

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