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[7X7 Experience Rider Feedback] ♪ music playing ♪ >>One of the the help options is for rider feedback. These options are for when the rider does something that goes against the community guidelines. The Community Guidelines are for Uber riders and partners and basically say that we all deserve to be treated with respect. You can read the community guidelines on the app or by searching online for Uber Community Guidelines. If a rider harasses you and you have to end the trip early to protect yourself, please let the rider out in a safe place, then drive to a safe place yourself. You can report the issue to Uber using the option for, "My rider made me feel unsafe". If you are able to complete the trip, but still have concerns about the rider's behavior, you can record it using, "My rider was rude." You would also use rider feedback to report if a rider damages your vehicle or makes a mess, but remember you need to include pictures of all the damages, and the rider will be given an opportunity to dispute the charges. However, it is important to try using professionalism before you end the trip early and report a rider. Sometimes it can be as simple as asking the rider to stop their behavior or keep their conversation for after the trip is over. "I'm so sorry, for safety I need to ask you to stay seated for remainder of the trip" is fine, or perhaps, "Oh, that's interesting , but I'm going to ask that we discuss something else until the trip is over. Thank you." "How about that weather?" Sometimes our riders say or do things that are inappropriate, because they're drunk. And politely asking them to stop actually can be effective. You may need to ask a second time to make it very clear what the options are, "I'm so sorry, but if you'd like to continue using that language I will have to let you out. Or if we can talk about something else, I'll get you to your destination as quickly and and safely as possible." If your rider vomits in your car, you can't just keep driving after that trip. You need to take care of it. Follow the instructions on the help options for, "A Rider made a mess in my Vehicle." Uber may reimburse you for the cleaning fees, but if your rider says, pull over, pull over, I'm going to throw-up, you're going to pull over, right? We also recommend keeping a vomit bag or other plastic bag in the car. That way if rider gets sick, they don't mess up your seats. Do what you need to in order to protect yourself, but remember that the rider needs your safe driving and professionalism on the road as well. ♪ music playing ♪ [Rider Feedback] [Review] [We all deserve to be treated with respect.] ["I'm so sorry..." What can you say next?] ♪ music playing ♪

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