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Phantom Limbs

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Ah, Xavier.. My arm damn pain, Xavier.. Gotcha back bro! Eh I coming Wait wait wait wait come come come come UGH You okay anot Bro, what you doing.. Helping you la! It's the other hand bro.. Huh.. *what?!* This is the sensory homunculus Starting from the left, in the somatosensory cortex The genitals come first, then the toes, and then theres the foot After the foot, comes the leg, and the hips It is then followed by the trunk, neck, head, shoulder and arms It is then followed by the elbows, forearms and the wrist After the wrist, the hand is next And after the hand, it is followed by the order of little finger, the ring finger, the middle finger, the index finger, and finally the thumb After the extremities come the facial features Starting with the eyes, nose, face and lips The rest takes place in the mouth, in the order of teeth, gum, jaws tongue, and lastly pharynx Hi, my name is Doctor Trixi, and today we will be examining a phantom limb patient, Raudhah Hi Raudhah, how long has it been since your amputation? uh.. 2 months okay, have you experienced any unusual sensations? um, I think like sometimes when I touch my face right, I feel like sensations on my left arm, which isn't there So I'm going to be running a few simple tests Just to see what's the situation's like will you please close your eyes? Okay, so. What part of your arm do you feel now? Uh, I think I feel my middle finger? Okay, now I'm gonna move on to this part, So what are you feeling right now? Um, I feel my thumb, moving? Okay? I'm going to be doing the last part, so what part are you feeling now? Um, I think like my wrist? Your wrist? Uh huh Okay okay You can open back your eyes So now we're done with the tests, um So yeah you do have some phantom limb sensations Um, is there any questions that you have for me? Maybe? Yeah, just now when you ran the tests you were touching my right face right? But my left arm is missing, So how is it that when you touch my the right side of my face, I feel it on my left arm Oh this is because your right brain actually controls the left side of your body And vice versa, yeah. So now I'm going to be explaining in detail on why this happens to Raudhah So as you can see, this is the somatosensory homunculus So, the homunculus is actually part of the brain, and it is a map, to instruct different parts of the brain to sense different body parts So, in Raudhah's case as you can see, The arm and the eyes are actually closely associated to each other So when I actually touch her eyes, she can feel part of her fingers which are non-existent So, in some cases a lot of people do have foot fetishes, and this is because as you can see, the areas for the foot and toes are actually very close to the genitals

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