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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 18:00:00-18:29:59

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We searched everywhere. He was the only one standing over there. He was there in the first place. I talked loudly to Old Liu when he was sleeping, and we didn’t see him. So I was surprised when I saw him at that point, because he was supposed to be in the soft sleeper. He slept on his back, legs stretched out. He was kind of stuck there. He was raising his hands like that, but I didn’t see anything in them. —But I wasn’t sure. —You didn’t see anything then? I think so. He was sleeping with his hands raised. And he sounded asleep so he couldn’t hear us. The insinuation was pretty obvious, right? I mean the insinuation. Yeah… But... I think the man woke up when he said that. I mean he was awake then. —Nope. He called us actually. Just suppose that he took it that day I mean if it was him who took it And he didn't want to return it, then why would he call you? That makes sense. Just imagine that you were Baoming Wang. And I was that guy who wants this thing. And I just put it in my pocket not willing to return it. In that case, why would I call you? I could have snuck off without notice. That's true. I agree with you. So it is a matter of personality, or a matter of principle, I think. This is no joking matter. He was saying strong words then. Who dared to joke around? Or maybe he called us. Then he stole it without being noticed. It seems like the weather is bound to change soon. —Do you have an umbrella with you? —Nope. You should have gotten one. —I can give mine to you. —No, thanks. I'm good, but I didn't even get myself a pair of shoes. Do you have your card? Yeah, I have my card. Alas. Ah... I might as well take a nap. —Where are we now? —We're in ShaPo now. it's Caiyang Po anyway. Angie. Her name is Angelina Jolie right? Yep. She was in Mr. & Mrs. Smith with her husband, right? —Yes. —It's a good movie. What would you say about their acting in the movie? Well, I am not that into… I mean, I don't watch movies. I searched her on Baidu. She had an operation lately. it's called mammary gland removal operation. You know why she did it when nothing wrong happened? —Because the disease is inherited. —Correct. And in America, there is a finding that for someone in her situation there is an 80 percent... no, 60 to 80 percent risk of developing breast cancer. So if they have a preventive operation, they can... —You mean they can avoid the risk. —Yep, so she did it. But does that mean her breasts were removed? —No, it's mammary glands, not breasts. —Oh, I see. You should understand that. —But how does one remove the glands? —I don't know. Did the surgeon make a cut here? To cut a gland or something? Anyway, it should be the gland, not breast. —It's horrible when breasts are removed. —Precisely. But do all the married women need to do that? I was thinking about this. Actually this preventive surgery is pretty tough. —True. —Because… —You two haven't slept yet? —Have a seat. No, thanks. I've got to call another guy over for the dinner. —Ah, you seem busy. And I'm gonna get my younger bro some food. —Your full brother? Yep, he's on the train now. So I'm going now. She has six kids and the four of them are adopted. Yeah, adopted, you know that? One from Cambodia, one from Vietnam. — Oh my! There is another coming from Africa. She adopted four kids. She has two or three kids of her own. Six kids in total. And some of them are adopted. Angelina Jolie was born in 1975. Almost the same age as me. How much older am I than her? Three years. So she is about our age. —What descent do you think she is of? —Czech. French, and what else? —And Native American also, so she gets four. —Oh God. That's a lot, you see? Her father is a famous actor. And her parents divorced when she was two or there. Her mom is French by descent and her dad is Czech. Anyway, her family origins are complicated. —So it means that on her father's side, there are two. And there are another two on her mom's side. Yep, so that's four. And the native American descent. She has beautiful features, I think. The mixed-blood is beautiful anyway. —I agree. And she has sexy lips. If her lips grow on another face, let's say, an Asian face... it would not look good.—Big lips. Thick, very thick. — But very sexy. —Yeah, sexy. I knew nothing about this actor before, but she's good. Hey, you seem to have much free time now. I don’t have enough time to myself. Wow, you're recording now. How about your yoga pass? You said they didn’t mail you a new one. —I got it. —Really? —Yes. —But you said that you were not able to get another one. —True, but I received the pass this year. —When? —April, I suppose. He even called me and asked if I wanted renewal. I said I hadn't been there for quite a few years. Then he hung up the phone with nothing to say. I think people should work out a little bit. This afternoon I played a while and it was so much fun. Though I had sore arms, I was in a good mood. And I really want to play badminton. —Then go for it. —But I don’t have time. I don’t have time for it. They can play. —When do they play? —And you need a partner when playing. You can't do it on your own. —Don’t you have a partner already, a guy I think. —Right. But we have different time schedules. And he's not like me. If he stays at home Like, for two days, he will spend one day and a half playing sports. How about, what's his name again, Old Black? Yeah. I asked him the other day. I asked him if he knew who in our team...... was selected for the badminton contest each year. Then I saw the funny looks. And someone said it was Sir Black. So I was speechless. I was planning to get myself in though. I said I love badminton but I wasn’t selected. —Is it okay to say that? —I'm interested in it anyway. Then he said "How good are you? You can join us if you're good enough." I said I was good ten years ago. But I need some practice now. Then he said, "we can talk about it when you're ready." I think Mr. Sheng is good. He is fit for the sports thing. You see, the tennis players always have broad shoulders. —I agree. —And they have strong arms. —I was good at playing sports when I was young. You remember one of my friends, the guy I told you before who is really good at sports? I'm good, too. Before graduating from middle school. I'm not sure if you did that, but I had to do three tests for the physical exercise class. I ran sprint, broad-jumped and threw the shot. And I got 100 points for each. I think we had sit-ups in school and it was killing me. I could do 45 sits-up per minute at that time. And I got 100 also for that. —Jesus, mine was 18. The last one in class I think. —I was worst at flexed-arm hang. I should hang there for 15 seconds But I only did 6 seconds. My arms were a little weak. —How come you play sports with weak arms? —But they are not that weak. They're above the average strong, you know. I am a little heavy. So when I played volleyball today I used my body weight for powerful strokes. Soft volleyball? Yeah, just like beach volleyball and it was fun. Doesn’t it hurt? I played that once. —If it hits, you will get bruised. —Exactly, you should do like this. Just keep that position. I was feeling much pain here. I caught the ball a few times. But I couldn’t do the smash. So I hit the ball lightly. —At that time We had a little contest back in school And our class won the first place. —Did you serve the ball like this or you did the high-flying serve? —High-flying. You did? Like this? Did I do it right? —Yes. How about this? —Yeah, there is one like that. So normally we do this instead of that? —You can do both actually. Really? —And there is another one. I never tried the jump serve and I can't do that. You got to have a good springing ability. —I couldn't do that if I held this position. —But I'm better at this. —You might use your fist. I think it's hard to direct your ball. —It can go awry easily. —True. Out-of-bounds. It would be easier if you do like this. —When I played today... —Actually I liked volleyball a lot. Do you know why my arms hurt when I played? Because I held the wrong position. The right one should be like this. I hit the ball here, so I pulled my muscles. I think I might use my strength in a wrong way. But it's nice. I played a good sweat and I enjoyed it. I'm planning... But the problem is they play during working hours. I thought I might as well play basketball then. Guang Wu borrowed a basketball. I called him and asked if he wanted to play badminton with me. He said no. —Why? —He might feel awkward about being recorded. Then he said he could find me another guy. I said never mind. Then he asked if I wanted to play basketball. And I said yes. He asked me to come over. When I got there I found the playground had no space for me. One side had three people, but the other had only two. So there was one available. So I just went forward and asked if I could join them. They agreed and let me in. And they told me that they could play five on each side if there were more people. Do they have separate roles, like forward or point guard? —No, they don't have that. —You sure? —No, I mean we don't play that way. —Really? —Anyway, it's the same as in volleyball. When you serve the ball all the team players will change their positions. They move with each rotation. They don't have to be that professional. Just for fun. I am strong so I stand back in defense. But there must be rules. When the ball comes over, who should catch it and who should not? What if there are two players catching the ball simultaneously? —That happens, so you should cooperate well. That's fun. It's not getting dark yet, so you can take a nap now. —You have a whole night to yourself. —Who said that? It's not open yet, right? —You sure? Nobody? That's fine. I'd like to sleep for a while. You need to wake me up later though I might not be able to get to sleep. No problem. No reading I think.

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Duration: 30 minutes
Country: China
Producer: Ruhi Moran
Director: Qinhua Guo
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Posted by: globallives on Feb 28, 2014

Ruixian Fan and her colleague finish talking and decide to get some sleep while they can. The commuter train from Baoji to Xi'an makes several stops on the way. This is a short journey compared to the 35 hour plus trip from Xi'an to Kunming on the K165.

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