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Picasso y el arte británico

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Picasso's influence in art didn't know about borders It went beyond his native Spain then France, the country where he spent most of his life and eventually he became the most influential artist in the 20th century British artists were no exception Tate Britain Gallery has just opened an exhibition where visitors are invited to revise the relationship of the artist from Malaga with Great Britain Actually, Great Britain was supposed to have been of great importance in Picasso's artistic career His father was a great anglophile who was known as "The Englishman" because of his passion for England Picasso told his biographer in 1900 that he was on his way to London when he stopped in Paris and never finished his trip The reason for the trip was in great part his admiration of British painting The exhibition gathers more than 150 works of art and examines Picasso's impact on British artists such as Francis Bacon, David Hockney or Henry Moore who was inspired by Picasso's neoclassicist style at the start of the 1920's Picasso shows us the way Moore looked on the Renaissance and then distorted it to take it into an abstract style Artists such as Ben Nicholson incorporated the cubist language a decade after Picasso did. These are examples that show that though Picasso admired British art eventually his own influence got to British artists Picasso visited Great Britain in 1919 he spent four months in London while he was working on the costumes and staging of the Russian Ballets tour Tate Britain is collaborating with the British Ballet as a tribute to all that work in a most enriching experience I think before everything was very separate with specialists in art, music or dance and you can only get better when all three disciplines are united when there are people who compose for a ballet, for instance it didn't use to be like this there was only music, which we danced to and this type of collaboration makes art even better I think artists in the 20th and 21st centuries have wanted to go even further Picasso was never trapped in a single discipline Painting, constructions, ceramics and I believe that artists today have many more opportunities to work on. This exhibition on Picasso's influence on British artists will be open in London until July 15th then in August it will be moved to the National Scottish Gallery of modern art in Edinburgh

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La Tate Britain de Londres inaugura una exposición en la que invita a reexaminar la relación del pintor malagueño con Gran Bretaña y la influencia en sus artistas.

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