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The Vapers Boutique

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Good evening. My name is Yannis Artopoulos, owner of The Vaper's Boutique. We are at Dimosthenous 33 Street, in Kallithea and we've been in business since March of 2015. We are geared towards all vapers, regardless of their level either new or old, and our products are for those who desire quality vaping We chose for people to try our e-liquids on our own testers which we built ourselves and they give out a constant voltage of 4.6 volts

The way the eliquids are tasted are on a dripping atomizer We think that by putting eliquid directly onto the dripper, the taste remains unchanged just like the customers are supposed to try it. We have 66 brands of eliquid products. The eliquids we've chosen come from the USA and Europe Our prices vary between 15 and 28 euros, depending on the brand's ejuice The good thing is we were able to bring huge quantities of eliquids and we were able to lower our price and as a result the average vaper could be able to afford an ejuice from us for 13, 14 or 15 euros. So, they can vape both on a low price and a high quality Here in Greece, we build one of the first mods but unfortunately competitiveness between one manufacturer and another "mine is better and bigger than yours", set us back instead of forward. Lernaia Hydra is a mechanical mod based around a switch which was made with an oscillograph so as to be able to see, by pressing it that there are no current instabilities. In essence, we made a switch so Zorbas can work When that mod was released, besides Zorbas where some wanted to try mechanical mods, we realised that people wanted Hydra as a mechanical for the excellent and lossless voltage output. As of today, we've managed to maintain steady sales for Hydra, because the switch we made is considered not just in Greece but also abroad, as one of, if not the best switch around. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce our shop We are looking forward for you to see our new mods as well as trying our new eliquids.

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Δημοσθένους 33 Τηλέφωνo +30 210 9568695
176-71 Καλλιθέα
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