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Cho Shung Hui Afterlife:Let me Explain my Virginia Tech Shootings

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Student Shooting - Cho Seung-Hui Oh Hi! Hi guys..everybody I forgot I have to say hi probably, this is Cho Yeah, I wanted to start speaking, but then I went: I first wanted to say hi, that's why I said hi but a bit later (smile) I'm not used to this, we don't usually say 'Hi, Hi Hi'. In the, dimensional existence we're just, 'always Here'. So 'Hi' everyone, this is Cho..the one that killed..a few students. and I'm here to share my experience with you, why I did it? how I did it? What I was and..what happened after I died Ok, where do I, start 'probably', my experience on- in and in this world, was 'very-dark' oppressive, I went into the 'depths' of the the..the disgust..the despair..the depression, the sadness the anger the hatred, the 'filth', of 'me' of what I experienced in this world, while I was here. and in that, I kind of built a 'system', of anger. but I was 'aware', as the system as me, like I wasn't a mind system. You know that, what everyone is. I was..everyone is like this 'metallic silver mind'.. 'mechanism' inside them, that, walk like robots. My, 'system', I 'designed' as me. and it was all 'based on' anger, hatred, filth, disgust..sadness, just, the absolute.. ghastly nature, of man..I designed, and basically built as myself, from I'm not consciously of course, like subconsciously and unconsciously. Because I 'hated' this world, it was a it's it's it's it, was just, 'disgusting - horrible' I "couldn't" live everyday, I breathe air, it felt like, I was "dying" Every moment I was alive, I felt like I was dying like every moment I was just depleting depleting 'depleting', going down into this 'pit', of just, 'nothingness'. and.. It was like: What is going on here? I couldn't understand why I was experiencing myself this way and I couldn't help it. It would- it just kind of 'came', and so, it started becoming 'me', the way I experienced myself. and, I just start- I start 'defining myself' according to what I experienced inside myself, as what I've described, and thus I became 'a system of me'. So my attack, on the human beings in the shooting, was attack on the systems. Because I realized- well 'not' in the awareness of course but that Everything of this world is designing, young people and children to become, what I've become. That 'this world', and and and what it is, how it's been built, 'and manifested' and and you- all the human beings 'inside of it' is responsible for what I was experiencing. and what, children and young people are experiencing within themselves. So I 'blamed', you know, human beings, of what I had become, I blamed the 'world' for what I had become - of everything. and so I basically sent a message to the world, the systems. and I said: Fuck~you! (laugh) you cannot detain me. you cannot- crush me. cannot 'do anything to me..I'll get you back first.' and, thus my experience and, method of application here, was just basically to literally stick the middle finger at the systems, and, say: Look what you are doing 'to me'. look what you are doing to the world Not only to me but, the world in it's entirety! and, after I died- the beings, couldn't 'find me' (laugh) man, in other words After I killed myself (sigh) thank god because you know cuz couldn't handle this whole anymore it's just, 'it was enough'. After I died, I 'hid' myself (laugh), because I was very much in that 'quantum moment' I died, I realized, what was going on in this world. In one singular moment, I realized, that what I was standing up to was the mind consciousness systems inside human beings. What I was as standing up to was an enslavement, 'allowed' within human beings within their applications of 'believing' that they are mind consciousness systems and that they- it's their very mind consciousness systems, that is manifesting, and creating this world. and then I learned about the white light designing these very mind consciousness systems. and I thought: Fuck, the white light's probably around Here, somewhere and- It's going to "really" get me now! Because I..basically, 'showed the middle finger' at it's creation. I didn't know "what the hell" the white light could do to me, so I hide. and only after awhile, about (laugh) 3 or 4 days later did the dimensional beings actually find me, because I 'hid' inside molecules. In the earth atmosphere, dispersed myself. and, they found me, they found my signature. and, at first I said: No, there is no being there was no being, it was a 'system' I was- Cho, the manifestation of Cho I 'was a system', and.. There was no being, but actually there was but I hid and then I find out ok, the white light doesn't exist anymore, only the 'mind consciousness system' of human beings in this world exists and that's what busy fucking creating this..'mess', we're in. Really if you become 'so aware' of yourself, you know, you'd start, experiencing, that tiredness that depletion, and so you that, in every moment of every breathe is like 'a death', 'a weakness'. and, I just couldn't handle the disgust, the the the, the filth, the anger, the hatred of this world, because it's just.. so I became 'It'! and then I (direct) Stood up, inside it and basically literally showed the middle finger at the creation of 'mind consciousness systems'. Said: You will 'not' get me down! you will 'not' get to me as who I am! That's the message I've sent, "hope" (excuse me) there will be more coming, It's quite fun actually, you know kind of, 'using' systems against itself 'type thing' You know standing up 'as', a system..realizing what has been done to me. What I have 'allowed' to be done to me and what, humanity is doing onto themselves and onto others. and you just go: Hahaaah! and then you died, and then you're still ok 'Now'. I'm not saying.. go and spontaneously "do this", I'm "not promoting violence". Be careful, I'm just- expressing, what my experience was. and so I'm in the dimensions, and I'm here, to tell human beings: Human beings! Stop your mind, Please! Because your mind is manifesting and creating this world! and.. We've had enough, literally and I don't think more, shootings is really necessary to send the message out to you 'as systems'! That you must stop and get your act together, because, heaven, as earth, is manifesting Here- and it will be done Because that is already done! Thank you very much. yeah, this is..Cho. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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