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Hitler reacts to Carrie Underwood getting snubbed for 2009 CMA Entertainer of the Year yet again

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00:03 Sir as you know, Carrie Underwood has won every award imaginable. 4 Grammys, 3 time ACM Female Vocalist, and the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame And after all of that, she is co-hosting the CMA awards on November 11th with Brad Paisley. So she should be nominated for CMA Entertainer of the year this year right? Sir Carrie Carrie Underwood got snubbed yet again for CMA Entertainer of the Year. Everyone else that was supposed to be nominated were nominated...except for her. Anyone who is not a Carrie Underwood fan, and I mean a die hard Carrie Underwood fan... Leave now!!!!! ARE THEY NUTS WHY IN THE WORLD IS CARRIE ALWAYS GETTING SNUBBED BY THEM!!! THEY ALMOST ALLWAYS DO THIS TO GREAT FEMALE COUNTRY SINGERS why Why WHY!!! CARRIE SHOULD GO TO THE CMA OFFICES AND BREAK THE WINDOWS OUTSIDE OF THE OFFICES. SLASH ALL THE TIRES ON ALL THEIR CARS AND CARVE CARRIE IN THEIR LEATHER SEATS. But sir she did get 2 other nominations. 2 "NOMINATIONS" BUT IT'S NOT THE MAIN NOMINATION. Isn't that better than nothing sir Better than nothing? SHE DESERVE A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN "BETTER THAN NOTHING"!! CRAZY!!! I LOVE ALL OF HER VIDEOS, I HAVE ALL OF HER CD'S. I THINK THE PROBLEM IS....NO PROMOTION!!!!!! NO OUTSIDE PROMOTION, BY YOU SO CALLED FANS THINKING THAT CARRIE CAN DO IT ON HER OWN WITH HER BEAUTIFUL VOICE SHE IS JUST A SINGER, SHE NEEDS HER FANS TO DO THE REST. CARRIE AND I NEED TRUE ONE OF A KIND CARRIE FANS NOT ONES THAT TWITTLE ON THEIR THUMBS ALL DAY. You guys think you are genuine Carrie fans. Genuine Carrie Fans? I can't even look at you right now! Furious she wasn't nominated For an eye...FOR AND EYE AND EYE AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH, CARRIE BETTER BE NOMINATED EACH AND EVERY YEAR FOR ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR FROM NOW ON OR ELSE AND YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT ELSE IS AND THAT IS A GUARANTEE IF YOU DON'T PROMOTE CARRIE UNDERWOOD RIGHT!! AND WHEN I MEAN PROMOTED RIGHT I MEAN "CARRIE AND THEN EVERYONE ELSE"!!! It's okay, Carrie still thinks you are a fan of hers. Carrie is to good a singer for people like you. She sings your heart out and this is how you repay her? Ridiculous! Listen to me Promote Carrie right or you won't get your fan club package in the mail next year, even if you do pay $25. Get out!!

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Posted by: pogwo4life on Sep 19, 2009

I am not doing this to endorse Hitler, just trying to have fun.

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