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Ignacio Martínez Mendizabal - Capacidad de elegir futuros posible

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I know nothing about the great future otherwise I would be a politician [Ignacio Martinez Mendizabal Renowned anthropologist] or I would dedicate myself to those things. But great futures are built out of small futures. In small futures, we all participate. I surely wouldn't be able to influence my country's politics much, or Europe's politics, or the world politics, but I can do many things for the people who surround me. I can improve the world a lot at my scale, around me no only with my children, with my students, with the women who clean at the faculty, with the people who sell me tickets when I use public transportation, with my neighbors, with people when I go shopping. I can serve. I can help people. I can make a world's little piece better. And believe me, don't disregard the strength of little pieces joined together one by one, one by one, one by one. If there's something I've learned in all these years of work in Atapuerca and on Atapuerca mountain range is that the history of humanity is a chain. I've learned the meaning of life at least for me. We are the result of a chain. We're here because many others, generation after generation, struggled, went through crisis, loved and helped each other, had fights, but brought us this far. And our mission as relay runners is to take the baton up to the next generation without letting it fall and improved, if possible. It's very simple. You only need to do that. That's what human beings have to do. And I think that in these hours, if we all keep calm, if all and each one of us do what we have to do and if all and each one of us make our environment a little better, we get together and we help each other, we'll go through the strong storm like we have always done it. We'll transcend the crisis and we'll come out of the other side and perhaps, in many years, the ones to come when they look back and ask themselves what did we do to go through the crisis? somebody could answer: It's very easy. They were loyal to their elders' heritage. They simply behaved as human beings.

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Posted by: wobi on Apr 7, 2021

Ignacio Martínez Mendizabal - Capacidad de elegir futuros posible

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