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A Velha Rondre

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This sickness is not cured at the hospital When i walk I feel like I drank a lot of alcohol And my stomach swells up. When I try to walk, suddenly it comes on and I fall down. I stay there a minute and my vision goes dark. I try to see the floor but I can't. Everything stays dark. After a while it calms down and I get up, but I can't go very far before it hits again. I have to sit down 3 or 4 times to go up that hill there because I can't bear walking. I went to see what was wrong, I also went into the village to see. From there they took me to Maleyisa, and then I came here day before yesterday. I came here because I didn't have money, but I still don't have any. I went to a man in Macowola. I got injections to give me more blood. My money is gone and I don't have any more. If I want to walk, it takes a long time. I can't bear walking or doing my housework. I'm weak, they say it's lack of blood. On the 18th they gave me blood, but my money is gone and here they don't have any to give me either. Maybe my niece will have some money to help me. She is not here, she went to the hospital due to stomach pains. In Maleyisa I stay in the house with my sister. But I came here because they have water here, and food. If I go back I will just stay at the house. These are the pills that I take, I've taken this many today to scare away the illness, but this man works in a big hospital. Oh, I eat. On Sunday and Monday I ate. I will keep living but my brothers disappeared, I haven't seen them. Maybe they are alive or maybe they've died some 8 or 9 years ago....

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 43 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Mozambique
Language: Tonga (Bitonga)
Producer: Youth in Mozambique
Director: Youth in Mozambique
Views: 140
Posted by: lraftree on Nov 22, 2009

Rondre tells about her life. Original language is Bitonga.

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