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A Dangerous Moment in History

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We're in a real dangerous moment in history; no generation has confronted what we confront right now. On a scale with the rates of destruction virtually every natural habitat across the planet is being degraded right now. So we have not only the changing of the atmospheric chemistry leading to the climate disruption; ozone depletion. We've got deforestation of the rain forest and the other forests of the world. We've got species extinction, the draining of underground water aquifers, the polluting of our rivers and aquifers with poisons, the toxic burdern in people's bodies, the rates of cancer that are going up. We've got soil erosion. We've got the over-fishing of the oceans of the world. These are all big-ticket global ecological issues, and what they are doing is they are shredding the fabric of life that basically creates the life support systems, the ability of the planet to support our life and future generations. That's what's at stake right now, that's where we are at the turn of the century. Certainly in the long term, if we don't take care of the ecology of the earth, if we don't take care of nature, and nature's ways, there will be no economy of any consequence in the future. I mean think about it, there's no economy on a dead planet. There's no social equity on a dead planet. There's no human rights on a dead planet, and that is what we're talking about. That is what is at stake here. These are life and death issues. People can call us alarmists if they like, but think about the function of an alarm. It's meant to alert you to a danger, to wake you up to take action, and I think we need the alarm clocks ringing right now. We need the urgent call to action. People have got to understand that we don't have forever... This day, this hour, this year we live in... it's a disastrous situation. We have got to take action fast.

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Posted by: dotsublegacyvideos on Jun 20, 2007

Randy Hayes, founder of the Rainforest Action Network, sounds the alarm. He catalogues the problems that the human race has caused in our environment and says it loud and clear, "Wake Up!"

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