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Why were you doing Aarthi to Ganga (Ganges)? Sadhguru

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you were performing the aarthi to the ganga at rishikesh.what is the significance doing this at ganga aarthi to ganga that's not my idea I'm not given rituals at all it is just that when we come back from the tour, and land in, you know its different experience you drive through himalayas for two three weeks and come down to rishikesh there huge group of people waiting and they want to arrange something for us so they arranged special aarthi to be done its our culture, i am no struggle with culture i am very much part ot it personally I am not given to any rituals at all.absolutely no. I told in my whole life not even prayed oncec not once I have uttered prayer in any sense so aarthi for ganga is just water water is one of the elements out of which you made one basic aspect of yoga, The most fundamental aspect of yoga is known as boodha suthti that means working towards creating certain freedom from the five elements. becoming free from five elements becuase five elements 0:01:58.720,0:02:02.390 it is the (mischief) of the five elements which is creation but there are few people ammu and somebody else constantly asking why creation why creation I didn't do it it's the (mischief) of the five elements constantly playing tricks with you in so many ways what you call as body what you call as planet what you call as everything is just the mischief of five elements so there is a whole ,the fundamental fabric of yoga is called bootha shudhi that means to become free from five elements there's a whole lot of sadhana with every aspect with earth,wind,fire,water,space everything like this that are sadhana those of you who come from tamilnadu would be aware of this to some extent and one is in andhra pradesh you should also be aware five major temples were built for five elements in south india are you aware of this for earth for wind, for fire, for space and water i think wind in andhra pradesh,is it? Srisailam is,kalahasthi thats for wind? so five elements that they built these temples these are not worshipping temples these are temples which were built for sadhana these are yogic temples so these temples are built in certain way with a certain type of energy which assists that type of sadhana so Yogis travelled through these five temples And doing sadhana in many cycles to become free from this we're thinking of I am thinking of doing a program like that That we take a group of people and spend certain time in these five different temples doing variety of sadhana for that particular element. you are in the water temple you do sadhana for water element within you. you are in the fire temple you do sadhana For fire element within you to get mastery over and also enhance these aspects which could be miracles in one's health and well-being in so many ways it is not for health and wealth being. its fundamentally its go beyond the limitations of the physical so Water is an element Now, when we sit for food When we sit in front of the food in this country ,we don’t say , dear god thank you for the daily bread we don’t thank any god We just bow down to the food itself all the gods that you're talking about it doesn't matter whether you like it or you don't like it Or purely cultural and imaginative isn't it right now if you don't eat for 5 days If god appears what will you ask , the food because this moment Your existence is food One who sustains you is your god isn't Food is sustaining you Water is sustaining you Air that you breath sustaining you Five days if you don’t eat, food will become god Two days if don’t drink water ,water will become god two minutes if you don't breath Air will become god Yes or no, So,we Bow down to all the five elements,so thay they Function well for us we not only bow down, we also learn mechanisms to make them function well so that Your fire,your water,your earth, your wind Everything functions well only if these five elements are in quincy functions you have a proper body and proper life Isn't it, isnt it so? So there is whole process called bootha shudhi but that process what you probably saw in this Video is more like when we come down these people want to honour me,they do extra special pooja something I don’t want resist that When I was a child ,I used to resist it. now I'm ok with culture I go with it don't

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru the signifigance of performing the aarthi to the Ganga at Rishikesh. Sadhguru explains and then elaborates on the five elements, the various energies and sadhanas. (AO61)

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