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day9 daily #100

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today is April 13th 2010. And it is day9 daily #100. Look is my camera autoadjust the light I repositioned it back to that old angle. Did number 99 with this webcam actually on top on my computer. But i kept just naturally looking down here. And I'm sure all of you familiar with the Diablo 3 poster. And now, because actually I have an HD camera you can even see the "Starcraft 2" poster there. That's pretty awesome. So today. Today is unbelievable special day9 daily. Because first of all I just hit 3 digit for the first time ever. And 3 digits is cool. Also today we not gonna be doing any analysis of any games. No games at all.It just gonna be my life playing Starcraft. Because... I think people just don't quite appreciate how in the games that they are. I have grown up playing Starcraft. The things that i have learned by playing Starcraft. It helps me shape so much. And i just wanna do a big dedication to the community. To just say man just be proud you're starcraft gamer. There's nothing more cool than being proud of the things that you love And is actually it was almost really emotional today as I'm like trying sort through all the memories I have from Starcraft. And to try do a...Just boil them down and is something that's know..reasonably entertaining. So as you'll note I..I even have taken notes to everything to make sure I don't skip anything. So let's just talk about Starcraft. So let us begin at the very beginning when I first bought Starcraft. I can still remember it. I grew up in a little town in livewood kansas which ... is in the middle of's in kansas right? Well it's a part of kansas city but still i'm from livewood kansas where the land is flat And evolution is still a theory. It's a line i always use..we lived in this awesome little house that was right next to this mall that Nick and I could walk across the street to everyday. And of course there was like computer software store there where we would buy all various electronics. And we were super pumped for Starcraft because we played warcraft 2 baby.. yes indeed we were warcraft 2 players. And like any kid you just go up to your mom. And you're just like "Mom! Mom!" And you tell your mom about the genius shit you've just devised in your head Mom, did you know that in warcraft 2 a catapult outranges a tower?...Now all the sudden i can never lose the tower. You know just simplistic junk like that. We were your standard little nooby my brother and I. So my brother Nick who is probably more commonly known as Tasteless in a Starcraft community But he shall be Nick for the story. So my brother Nick and I we walked to the mall. We payed like 52.36 for our first game of Starcraft ever. And was so funny cause the guy at the counter was a huge nerd to so he was just as excited about Starcraft. So we even knew the price of the top of his head. I mean this is very nerd sort of stuff you know. So Nick and bought it for the first time ever. And we only owned one computer in the family. Because,you know, now we ?ritsie? ballers and we each have our own computer. But back then. We had like a split time. So we're just crowd against each other trying like get as much playtime. ??we're at ?? Very least as much back seat playing time. Like "No, bulid zerglings!, they're awesome,trust me. We didn't know what we're talking about" So, you know. I played starcraft a lot. This is when I was in.. I must been 5th or 6th grade when I first bought starcraft. know for a fact that was in 6'th grade. And afterwhile as I'm playing more and more and more. It rapidly became something that I did. I was known for being that guy. Cause I would bring the Prima starcraft strategy to school and like read it..... I know what unit counters what according to Prima. Oh, look here is the easiest way to beat the second Terran single player mission. I was hot shit in 6th grade,man. I got it. And I started playing with my great friend Sean and Charlie. And we would go to each other's house and we would play. And that was my first ever like networked experience. I never played against another human being. I mean I played custom games which generally for me would take like 2-3 days to beat a custom game. Because, I would make sure that all of the unit had names. If they were dishonorable in some way they have to be executed. I would talked to them. I gotta make sure that Martin the marine. We gotta give him some special cause he has 4 kills Cause I just would only attack ?? 3 or 4 units at a time. Anyway first ever game that actually played against real people. And we're like god awful in stuff and network eventually crashed. So we went back to play single player games on,of course, "Big Game Hunters". Because that was our favorite map in 7'th grade. Oh, god. Was "Brood War" even out yet"? I guess it was just regular "hunters" that we played on. And to make it fair against the computer we would only use one cheat. That was the rule that we created. Just one. You not doing anything else you want, but you're allowed one cheat code. And it can't be invulnerability cheat. You can turn on the entire map, turn on the vision, you can get money. For some reason I opted for mass level 1 upgrades. That's the cheat and you can type in. I was like "I want this workers to start out at 1-1-1, man". It's gonna be the best. So... Thing sort of progress from there and soon enough my brother and I just started figure in out how to network our two computers together Cause we had one really awful old computer and we also had this network laptop. We would just like play against each other for hours But I think perhaps the most significant thing to note about our play time was that we are curfew. We are not allowed to play the computer until 3pm because one day Nick and I were playing "Syndicate wars". Do you guys remember this game? Oh my god that's old school. Open up the web browser and look up "Syndicate wars" because I swear the god I thought that game have the best graphics of anything that had ever existed. And you're looked up and it's like 320 x240 It's all pixelated, you rotate the screen and it like almost shuts down your computer cause it's like too hard for it. But one day Nick and I we're like fighting with each other...Really wanna get on.. And my mom was like "Well look. You guys fighting over the computer" You shouldn't be? on the computer anyways. No videogames till 3. And we're just like...Why did we fight about it. If only we hadn't done that. But mom also made us get up like 8 or 9 in the morning in the summers to do like chores.. you know move along because In Kansas you actually have ?lones?. In LA it's pretty much concrete and desert and ...really high gas prices. So not really much ?mowings? going on there. And .. so we didn't have time to actually play we would be up and we would'nt anything to do And it's kinda weird because my mom was like single working mother like running on her own business. So it's not like she was gonna be home to see if we were gonna be there like playing before 3. But Nick and I still honorable gentlemen that we were We did do not play any Starcraft before 3pm. And what we would do is we would walk to the mall everyday. That same mall where we would got Starcraft for we look the games. We didn't really have that very much money. So we just look at the games and read all the backs of the covers We occasion would have enough money for orange chicken and we would sit with our orange chicken from the food court Behind the escalator and we would just talk about starcraft and talk about videogames. And I really think that was the beginnings of my brother and I just loving disscusing games. Cause I definitely think that probably majority people who listening this...dont have siblings base upon just random polls i've seen on teamliquid and stuff. And I just think it was so helpful to me to just have a brother there who just wanna talk about starcraft all day And we're talk about strategies and everything. And just our crazy ideas that we had and everything.. And what was awesome about Nick is that like..I mean a lot of people love ask questions like "what was it like growing up with Tasteless" It was awesome you watch how can that be bad? My brother is hi-lari-ous. I mean what's actually funny is that Nick is so funny and so good It's like just being on I actually was the quiet younger brother growing up. And it was cool I was just sit there and Nick would just go and go and keeping funny and funnier and funnier. It was great fun for my brother my mom and I. Cause that was the three of us that grew up together. So like... We played 1v1 in like everything. You name a game, Nick and I challenge each other to it. My brother was like my biggest competitor. We played "Golden Eye" 1v1 "license to kill pistols and the archives". Yes, we played Soul Calibur, I played maxi and ivy and Nick played mitzarugy because he's cheap. He's unfair He would just do like the down kick-a ..And I like could never beat it. What else we do. Like even Sega Saturn games like "last bronx" or "sonic racing" or sorts of stuff. So i just grew up...oh "street figher alpha". We just grew up competing with each other. And just wanting to like won each other.. And in the olden days of Starcraft when Nick and I finally got on it was weird cause we only played against each other and suddenly we're on the internets where the big fish swim.. And I still remember my first game of starcraft ever. It was 1v1v1 FFA. And I was like alright, this will give me ample time to build up so that way I can win eventually. I just have to stay out of their way. You know standart FFA junk. And this 2 guys allied and they 4-pooled me So in this game. I'm like alright, cool, get my cybernetics core. I was probably gonna be doing arbiter rush which is a strategy that I'd practiced many times in my 3day long custom games. All the sudden 12 zergling run into my base and I was just like "ooh" and they weren't attacking each other. And I was like "You guys..its a FFA" "It's a FFA". I'm like typing and of course I have like 30 word per minute. So it's really cuttin in my ability to play.. I'm like "Youuu guuuys". each little individual punch at letters. Its just like swet poring down my face. I'm like "You're allied....just stop it...its a FFA". That's what it said in the game title, how can u violate what's the title of the game was... So I lost that game and I almost threw up. I swear the god I was so upset. I felt so vile to be betrayed by this two random strangers. That I like went to my mom. And I cried. And she's like "Never play on the internet again". And I'm like "I'm never get game on the Internet" I'm just gotta play "Sonic racing" with my brother...But eventually i got over that. I did the same thing that every new player does. I just latch on to team games. I think "well it's obviously because" i mean you need to have good allies. Someone who respects my ability to get those Arbiters really fast...Me and my marine "martin" will. Definetely appreciate the use of a good ally...So..And did a whole bunch of team games..and eventually BGH...Oh I learn about this: "wait a minute, are you saying that I don't ever have to expand ever?| And I've infinite money. Well it seems like a reasonable way to spend my time...I'm gonna do this and I would 3v3 ok, I don't know how often this happen to you in just your history is like a person. But especially for me..Looking back my life is starcraft player...I was an asshole. I disconnected when I lost.. I would pull the plug. I would be in a BGH game and I'd be like know mass Hydralisk..not big deal.. All I gotta do is...not to hit a H key, because, who uses the keyboard..This hand was busy pulling on my lip and folding it and scratching while I thought, you know, may be musing on my chin a little bit, cause I was quite an intellectual nerd. And I would mass Hydralisks and I would lose everything. And I would just be like "well..good game, man". And I would actually typed "gg" And because I was playing on a laptop. I just reached behind and unplugged down modem cord. And remember I'm actually on dial-up right now. So it would take me like 2 minutes to call AOL again. And have to reconnect. But it was worth it. because just it was'nt fair, man. I'm so ashamed that I did that..I can believe it. And it was really funny cause I would join games... And.. I had nicknames that was stolen from the "fallout series" I was...So my brother and I made a clan. Our clan was "Tang"...oh mean something fresh So I was Tang kamikaze...which is again a name from Fallout, or Tang finesse..Because again if you riding ?cup? too many losses on one of those account You got to create a new one, that represents your actual skill. And i would have this records that looked like 10 wins 3 losses, 20 disconnects And I literally didn't get that that was bad. I would join this games. And I would be like "Hey, whats up guys?" Ready to chat before a game of starcraft? And they would go "Dude, do you disc?" And, of course, they mean "Do you disconnect?" But I didn't make the connection. And I was like "Of course I have a starcraft disc" How would do you think I'm playing, idiot. And I was like nudging my brother like "haha". And he was like " You got him!"....I was such a nerd.

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day9 daily #100

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