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9- Final Touch

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the style of the application and here is the end result now I will show you how I came up with this theme but I am not going to go over every little details because it is just waste your time instead I will just show you the workflow if you want to see the exact changes I have made, you can look at my commits on GitHub also if you like this theme you can download the Css I attached to this lecture now let me show you a few simple techniques to improve the look and feel of your application let's say you want to change the color of the navigation bar right click here, inspect on the left side you see the element currently selected and on the right side you see the style applied to this element here scroll down until you see the background color now you can not see background color because this style is not applied to currently selected element so you should look at its parent in this case container but no background color so we look at its parent again in this case navbar-inverse here we have background-color and border-color but if you scroll up you see they have been overriden by these styles here so you can see these styles are coming from my current bootstrap theme to change color, click this box here and change the color wheel so for every element we can inspect it, find the style change the color etc and as you are making changes, save them in a seperate CSS file do not change the original bootstrap because if in the future bootstrap-theme release a new bootstrap and you add that to your projects all your changes are gone so that's why I created bootstrap-theme.css which overwrites bootstrap.css for e.g you can see that I have changed text color, I add a little bit of margin below the heading and so on and of course as you might guess, I added this CSS in our bundle and if you don't know what color to choose your best source is here you can find some really interesting color pallets so here is the one I have used in Vidly so I came here find the color I like, find HEX code, copy back here and simply pasted that here and I use this green as a highlight color type ahead, let me show you one more time and I use this grey for a button

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