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The Zeitgeist Movement ZDAY 2013 (Intro)

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Welcome to the second annual 'Zeitgeist-Day'. I suppose this is really the first annual 'Zeitgeist-Day', actually. The first 'Zeitgeist-Day' last year really didn't have as much of a point as this one. I've made some interesting discoveries, as you seen probably in 'Zeitgeist: Addendum'. I assume most of you... oh, by the way: my name's Peter. I don't want to bore you all with long-winded introductions, 'cause there's so much I want to cover tonight. We have a four-hour program, essentially. It's going to be a lot of information and I want to take a nice pace with it. but, we have about 450 events happening worldwide tonight - which is amazing - in 70 countries. I'm just absolutely flabbergasted and inspired by the inspiration. I understand aside that there's at least ten countries represented that have come here just for this event. I want to make it worth their while. Today is worldwide 'Zeitgeist-Day'. Today people have gathered outside BBC to protest about why has 'Zeitgeist' not being shown on major TV. It was shown on the internet, on youtube, and has been viewed by over a 150 million people. - here're coming balloons - Hi Oliver! How're you doing? Nice to meet you. Yeah, basically, we are upset that none of the mainstream-channels would even consider showing this or any part of it. So we made a big effort to contact the BBC, because within the UK they are really the number one institution and nobody does even reply to any of our eMails or phonecalls. We had numerous people that have eMailed and called and nobody even replies, so we thought "Hey, why not on Z-Day come outside and just show everybody what's it all about?" Hi Seth! Can you talk about why you're here today? Oh, we thought we'd bring our blue balloons to the BBC, rather than pitchforks and banners, to say "Hey, why aren't you putting this 'Zeitgeist'-movie on TV?" Not just on the BBC but on every channel but I figure "Hey, you have to pay a TV-Licence to even own a TV in this country." So really, let's hit the guys at the top... in a nice polite blue ballon kind of way... I remember the beginning of the space-program somebody said "You wouldn't see a man on the moon for a thousand years!" A guy like that should say "I don't know enough about rocketry. I don't know anything about space-travel. Therefore I can't give you an answer." Learning how to say "I don't know." is the most difficult thing. Don't take my words for anything, just ask any congress-man "How will you stop automobiles from hitting each other?" "I don't know." "How can you increase the agricultural yield, so everyone can eat." "I don't know." Oh, what the hell do they know? Our problems today are not political. A hundred years ago politics was alright - not that good. Today our problems are technical. Everything that you have, your radio, your television, your airplanes, your transportation is all technical. If it wasn't technology, we'd be pulling boats along the Volga River. It's technology that moves things forward. Now, people say, well, the trouble with you, Jacque, is you want to give people things for nothing. I'm sure you've heard that. Let me tell you a little about "things for nothing". Just being born in any technical country today, you got the lights, the telephones, the washingmachine, air-transportation, you had nothing to do with that, you got it for nothing. For those of you who are new to The Zeitgeist Movement: we're an international movement now numbering about half a million worldwide. Stimme: Martin Lorenz / Z-Day Berlin Jacque Fresco and I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you today and present The Venus Project. If you want a world without war, without hunger, without poverty and deprivation, this is what you must do. If you fail to do this - nothing will happen. I have no power. Roxanne has no power. It depends on what you do when you leave here. We are all well aware of the shortcomings all over the world and the state of the problems that we have. I believe we are here today to try and find solutions to those problems. This is what has to be done: All the earth's resources must be declared as a common heritage of all the world's people. All the artificial boundaries that seperate people have to be eradicated. Everyone has to be taken care of on earth. We have to put an end to police, prisons and militarysystems as a method of solving problems. What is needed is a workable alternative to the way we conduct human affairs. Our problems can not be solved with political methods. It might have been good a hundred years ago but today politicians are not there to change things, no matter how many times they use that word, they are there to keep things as they are. Let me put it your way: If you took any politician in any country say "How would you stop automobiles from hitting each other?" "I don't know." "How would you make buildings completely fireproof?" "I don't know." They don't know how to make a higher yield per acre, they don't know how to make a better transportation, they don't know how to design new cities. "How would you bridge the difference between nations?" - they don't know. They are jackasses. They belong in the past. Some people say that the things I say are too far out, you'll never see that. Well certainly, if you do nothing, you'll never see that. And if we don't except responsibility for our own future, others will do our thinking for us. My name is Peter Joseph. I'm the founder of a social sustainability organization called the Zeitgeist Movement which, in form, has about 1000 chapeters accross 70 countries and basically we're all working together to try to bridge some differences about economic problems that are working its way accross the world social destabilization, unemployment, debt crisis, environmental destabilization... and this community is attempting to bring new sustainable ideas to the forefront, to revolutionize economy as we know it hence revolutionize "human values" as we know it so we can try to create a new way of life. It's a grassroots movement with that basic premise. This movement is essentially a social movement. It's not... It's easier to describe what it isn't, really. It's not a political movement. We don't really recognize politics as a viable option in addressing the issues that we talk about. It's a voluntary social movement. A grassroots social movement that centers on ACTUAL sustainability. We need a society that functions on a physical level that actually has advanced, intelligent, automated to the most degree you can... systems. to enable efficient transport, efficient energy usage, efficient land usage... Part of our understandings are that we need sustainable city systems very much like those spoken about in the Venus Project, or by Buckminster Fuller or many other futuristic city planners. So, that's sort of the first level. We understand that Earth is a finite resource. Earth is actually entirely A resource. We think about wave, and wind, and tidal... It's in fact, one thing. This is the resource we're on. This is the rock that we're on, that's hurtling through space and we need to live on it, we need to continue to live on it and as well as possible. >> Why do I like the Zeitgeist movement? Why do I advocate for the Zeitgeist Movement? It's very simple. I love this. >> What we currently refer to as Capitalism under various guises around the world and suggested in various doses and concoctions in the prescripted manuals and political philosophy and economic texts the monetary based price system is a means of coordinating and organizing so-called economic activity of consumers, producers, and owners of resources is ultimately unsustainable. The reason for this is that it's essentially predicated upon linear consumption and you cannot run a linear system on a finite planet. >> Join the Zeitgeist Movement, it is exciting the people that you meet are fantastic, they think like you and we're out to make a difference on something that really matters. >> was, whatever you needed to do to get money. and what's happened now with the value system disorder is that, since that's the persuit, that's the devine drive of the system... that's what status is defined by, that's what your success is defined by... that everyone can blindly look the other way with how much destruction is occuring in the world >> And when I look at our species, I just see one that's divided. We're SO in our infancy. We're having to learn the most basic lessons in the 21st century. The Zeitgeist Movement and the Resource Based Economy doesn't go like that. It advocates that the Earth is the common heritage of everyone to share. And not for us to all just dive in and take what we want but for us to intelligently manage the planet. >> The monetary system has come to an end. It was very useful for a while, I've not been anti-money in all of history. It's changed its usage in history. You can't be "blanket anti-money" and still understand the history of money. But we've obviously come to the end of that paradigm now because now it isn't serving us anymore and that was the goal to begin with. It was to ensure that there was enough labor, so there were enough resources, so that we have the system, so that people are ok. >> The Zeitgeist Movement, from my perspective it's all about equality, it's all about preserving our planet and it's all about thriving on human creativity and innovation. >> In fact, the truth is this entire sytem of cyclical consumption that we have in this country is the cause of all of our problems. >> Zeitgeist: Addendum was mind boggling. Dots began to connect. >> Now is that time, to move to that next level. >> I advocate the Zeitgeist Movement, the Venus Project and a Resource Based Economy because they represent the only viable alternatives to the corrupt and unsustainable system that we have today. >> People aren't following this because Jacque Fresco is their version of Jesus or because Peter Joseph is a good public speaker... They have looked at it, and decided that it makes sense to them. >> ...basically trying to get people from around the world to discuss why, in a very concise manner they advocate the Zeitgeist Movement, the Venus Project, and of course a Resource Based Economy. >> Today around the world, many people often say >> "I wish we could live like Americans." I know you've heard this before. Well, no. Conspicuous consumption patterns of the American culture should be despised by all other countries on this planet. We have 5% of the population and we consume 30% of the worlds resources. It's insane. In a resource based economy, where be base our production and distribution on physical references starting with the carrying capacity of the Earth... where we streamline our labor expression towards things that have a long-term social return... where we get rid of the cancer known as the financial system and start to share our resources in a diligent way working togther, avoiding the false values of materialism and consumption pushed upon our culture we find that we can provide a high quality of life for everyone on this planet while eliminating all of the central reasons for war, poverty, destitution, violence, criminal behavior, neurosis... It would be the dawn of a world we could actually label a civilization and if that isn't a goal worth working towards I don't know what is. >> The future rests in our hands. Yours and mine. It rests in the capacity, which we totally have as a species to make radical shifts when our survival is necessary. And maybe WE are the people who will emerge to create an alternative that enables our species to survive in peace on the planet otherwise we WILL NOT survive.

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A ZDAY 2013 Intro-Clip about the history and developement of The Zeitgeist Movement - this clip is currently under construction

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