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Decoding Prehistoric Art through the White Shaman Mural

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Posted by: utexaspress on Mar 24, 2017

Carolyn Boyd and Jessica Lee, both of the Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center, describe the profound discoveries they’ve uncovered researching the ‘oldest known book in North America’, the White Shaman mural in Lower Pecos, Texas.

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In this fascinating discussion, we explore the significance of a massive, conceptually complex piece of rock art that was painted by hunter gatherers within a week to two week period between 400 BC and 400 AD. We cover the graphic vocabulary that depicts the creation of time and the birth of the sun, how certain revelations came to the research team, and the importance of preserving these endangered murals. As the oldest known artistic expression in North America that portrays core concepts later reinterpreted by the Aztecs, the White Shaman mural is an important work, key to understanding ourselves and where we came from.

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