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Now, There are some mathematical miracles of the Holy Quran Trap all the Quran .. If you count some specific words, you will come across to very meaningful results I would like to give you some examples.. For instance: If you count the word "Punishment" in the Holy Quran. Trap all the Quran it is repeated some hundreds and seventeen times whereas the word forgive is repeated some two hundreds and thirty four times beside the whole Quran two hundreds and thirty four .. If you multiply hundreds and seventeen by two you gonna have twenty and thirty four it is very meaningful ..why?? because Allah recommend Allah orders believers.. Allah orders muslims to forgive rather than punishing. It is very meaningful.. Moreover Allah orders to his prophet "Say" it is repeated some 332 times and a response " They said" it is again equally repeated some 332 times The words "World" and "Hereafter", there are repeated 115 times equally "Devils" and "Angels".. Those two words are equally repeated some 88 times Now.. "Heaven" and "Hell".. Those two words are equally repeated some 77 times "Zakah" Zakah is an arabic word .its translation is "Donation". financial donation that Muslims supposed to give to poors and it is repeated 32 times and the "Barakah"the"Blessing"that comes out of giving a donations to is repeated 32 times it is equally repeated. it is very meaningful again Now.. "Summer..Hot and Winter..Cold" .. those words are equally repeated 5 times and richness and poverty.. those two words.. it is very interesting .. richness is repeated 26 times whereas poverty is half of 26 which is 13 and 'Women" and ""Man".. those are repeated equally 23 times..well.. Do you know any idea what those numbers represents?? Let me remind you if you remember from the chromosome numbers of the human being from the previous slides. A human body contain 46 different chromosomes.. that come.. the half of the 46 which is 23 comes from the father And the other half which is 23 comes from the mother.. whereas you got the same repetition number 4 women and man 23 and 23 If you add 23 to 23 you gonna have 46 which will give you the chromosome numbers of the human being Now.. Finally, I'd like to give you the meaning of the "land" and "Sea".. land is repeated 13 times whereas the word "sea" repeated 32 times. while the first cite does not seem to be very meaningful.However, if you do simple math you gonna have 45 as for the results And the percentages, if you divide 13 to 45 you gonna have 28,88 percent and 32 to 45 as for the word sea you gonna have 71.11 percent. Now.. Do you have any idea what those percentages represents?? well..I tell you those numbers will give you >>> All the lands ..all of the world on the earth occupies 28.88 of the whole earth And all the seas, oceans,rivers.. all the water occupies 71.11 percent of the whole earth. Now, again these repetition numbers are very meaningful and clearly represent us and gives us scientific evidences That the Holy Quran is word of can not be,, definately, can't be a scriptures of a man... this is not possible! So, for more information I would highly recommend you To visit and in harunyahya you will see all of the information about the mircales of the Quran Of course..since we had limited of time we could just put here like 23 of them However, if you visit and read the miracles of the Quran.. the book "miracles of the Quran from harunyahya you will see that more than 120 or 130 different scientific evidences for the miracles of the Quran And all these information are free. Free to download .. free to duplicate.. free to distribute.. And for your use for the cause of Islam Thank you very much for your listening

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Posted by: abadi on Sep 7, 2011

Amazing information!!!

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