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Inter-Galactic Live

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Welcome back to Inter-Galactic Live. Today we have a story of my visit to planet EAR-ith and the ungodly interaction with its odd creatures. First, I have a video to show of SKAIING an odd ritual they take part of on their freezing ground.

They begin by riding these weird chair things that bring them up the mountain The Chairs are quite high off the frozen tundra and move very slowly They are quite dangerous and are supported by towers The chairs sway and creak SPOOK-ily once at the top of the mountain, people purposefully "jump" off them then they proceed to SKAI down the side of the mountain While doing this the smile and laugh go over jumps risking their safety and fall, sometimes getting injured. They do this for hours at a time, as if they possessed What an odd thing to do! Creatures have died doing this. Yet they still smile and go about as usual

I interviewed one of the creatures and he spoke some odd language, this is what it said…

After my interaction with the creature, I was able to interact with MAX. The furry beast was impolite and ran away when I threw a BALL. As you all see in this embarrassing video.

The Furry beast is absolutely berserk.

While on EAR-ith, I was able to snatch away the BALL, although the beast tried to chase me back into space. This ball seems to control creatures; as the furry beast chased it and the creature yell gibberish at me. This ball tells four legged creatures to follow and retrieve and two legged things to yell and bark orders. What an odd way of life!

My visit to earth tells us one thing: NEVER TO RETURN. The people there speak gibberish, the creatures – although friendly – are very impolite and their way of life is odd It’s routine and has no enjoyment. Up Hill. Down Hill. Up Hill. Down Hill. Anyways, until next time, have safe travel and steer clear of EAR-ith, Good Bye.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 29 seconds
Year: 2015
Country: Canada
Language: English
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Genre: None
Producer: Katelyn Langlois
Director: Katelyn Langlois
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Posted by: katmat98 on Mar 19, 2015

This movie is a depiction of human behavior, through one ritual and artifact, from a third person point of view. In this video, an 'Alien' has visited earth and has run into a skier and his dog.

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