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End of Liberty

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The governments are very fearful of losing control you see with the tin clubs, you see with the protests you see with the anger out the streets If they could put the gps things under your car without a court order and follow you around. Yes Big Brother and they're there and they are watching you When they told us why 9/11 happened they said 'Oh, big was the hate hour freedom and liberty. like guesed their fixing men oriented No more freedom or liberty The United States is no longer the land of the free Americans live in a system with literally millions of unneccesary government regulations that have destroyed the free market and sent millions of well paying jobs over seas Americans today are constantly watching their speedometers and trying to conform to every rule Yet there are so many rules that it is impossible for even most honest and hard working Americans not to be breaking some type of law on a dayly basis We're slaves in a criminal monetary system with the federal reserve skills, from the middle class to inflation and transfers this well to the banker friends on Wall Street. We're forced to accept pieces of paper as money when the US constitution defined only gold and silver as legal tender NIA has already proven in our previous documantaries Meltub The Dollar Bubble Hyperinflation Nation that the US dollar soon become worthless and Americans will see the perchasing power of their savings and incomes destroy However the intending currency, fiscal and dead crisis is no longer NIA greatest consern We're now seeing countless signs on a dayly basis that the US has headed for a complete societal collaps that will end civilization as we know it forever. You're actually breaking the law if you try to capture rain falling onto your roof and pour on your flowerbed Obviously if you use the water upstream it won't be there for the person to use it downstream So what about the little guy watering with rain water at home Will anybody do anything about that violation of the law If she really does do that then she ought to have water right to do it The average American is reaching a boiling point There is no common sense left in America NIA has recieved hundreds of emails from members who are over 65 years old and are being carded to buy alcohol at major retailers like "Target" and "Walmart" One NIA member has a son in a 2nd grade who was suspended from school for one full year and tote away the threat assesment meeting for doodling a small rocket in his notes doing class Fifteen year old Alan Fernandas a high school freshman in Shawano, Wisconsin was recently arrested, handcuffed and booked on a charge of death after him friend let have his lunch Alan's friend was part of the school free lunch program but Alan wasn't so eating his friend's 2 dollar and 60 cent chiken nugget meal was steeling according school officials Alan said his sight of the story they did not believe him His friend Tekarry who gave him the chiken nuggets they did not believe him what they chose to do was to handcuff, arrest him at lunch in front of the school body and put him in jail Federal Agency has now put six year old girl on the no fly list as potential terrorists threats and even three year old girls are now being harassed for no reason by TSA agents at airports Six year old Alicia Thomas is like any little girl She loves her dolls and she's already excited about the 1st grade but according to the US government You should be worried about what she is up to Doctor Sentash Thomas was just made aware that the oldest daughter is on the list The terror watch list that impacts travelers who could be a threat to national security Here a TSA employee, we've decided not to show is padding down Mandy while my wife holds her first they try to handsel metal detector but Mandy was not in the mood and TSA employee well in my opinion did not know how to communicate her Americans can't even bring apple souce throgh security at the airport without getting arrested Superviser of the TSA inspects Nadeen Haze's blue eyes chest and find items such as yogurt, grapes, sliced cheese, milk, cottage cheese, applesauce and soda which were all essential food items for the hydration in health of the 93 year old invalid wheelchair bound mother Eleanor Superviser Atkins refuses to compromise and rudely stated "We're going to confiscate everything'' with this remark Nadeen reaches for the eyes chest with her mother's food Superviser Atkins gives up possesion to screen her tatter and a tug of war over the eys chest begins Nadeen is very upset that she will not have her 93 year old mother's food items but is stil going to try to make the impending flyght she then takes the now empty eys chest and gathers the rest of the belongings Superviser Atkins appeares to find that all rather humorous as seen by her broad smile to her college Malay is finely giving back her charge of Eleanor with no assistance forthcoming The TSA has abandoned an invalid 93 year old woman and her care giver Nadeen has been cuffed and has been put in an awating police car with no explanation as to why they're doing that to her Things are getting so bad at the airports that if your ticket says Brad but your ID says Bradley there's a chance that you won't be allowed to fly without getting strip search and interrogating by home land security Last year the state of Missouri issued a secret report entitled 'The modern milicia movement' designed to help police identify milicia movements or domestic terrorists The report labelled libertariens and more specifically supporters of 3rd party political candidated like Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin as potentially being domestic terrorists or members of the milicia Right after this report came out a Ron Paul supporter who was leaving a campaign for liberty fund raiser and same Louis was detained at the same Louis airport for having wrong Ron Paul bumper stickers on him 4700$ in cash which came from the sails of Ron Paul books and Tshirt at the fund raiser Let's listen to some of the shocking audio from his encouter with TSA agents I'm just trying to ask you questions to find what's all this is about so you get on your plane but you play smart @#^! and i'm not gonna play your @#$! game How much money is it? I don't know the exact amount, sir and the card says there're 4700$ 4700$? Yes, sir. Why do you have all this money? As my I'm asked to say if i'm required by law offence of the question, that's moment I'm just asking you why you have 4700$ I unders... that's my question I don't understand Do you want talk ?zebra? like a no pries They can tell you if i'm required answer the law question, I answer the question That's an assessment wouldn't...This is a simple question. This one of the why he have 4700$. That's not a usual thing. I care the mythic bucks with not to... He refuses answer any questions We're apt to take him down to the station allay lay d lay fbi You're suspicious to me use it for your answers that's what we want to say Am I being forced... You will be. You won't go out of this office. Yes you gonna to station you'll be forced, that's it I understand sir. - You'll be gonna to station Do we have to put your ankles or we'll have a problem with walking out of this terminal That's fine sir I don't understand alarm I'm not gonna go Americans' rights and personal liberties are being trampled on Earlier this year when the public expressed their concerns about airports's adding full body scanners that allow them to see your body fully naked The TSA stated, "And as an aditional precaution the image won't be stored transmitted or printed and deleted immediately once viewed" The TSA and other federal agencies flat out light to the public The US Marshal service has now admitted that over 35000 naked images of Americans from the full body scanner used at the federal court house in Orlando, Florida have been stored between the months of Febreary and July of this year alone NIA believes that these full body scanners are unconstitutional and violate fundumental human rights The mainstream media has worked tirelessly to come Americans' privacy fears by showing altered images from the scanners with blocked out genetals The truth is these scanners produce images that make human genetals fully visible at the simple computer technic of inverting the image produces the image that is in full life like colour One of the things i've learnt to hate the most it is travel on airplanes what a humiliating experience Everybody's guilty until proven innocent No, come on you think you can do the same airplane trick again How about calling this making a lot of money It's just another way to make money intimidate people and keeping in control Look! You go into any office building and you gotta go throgh this stupid routine of showing your identification, your license, getting the picture taker Come on! It not sounds like i just landed on the plane last year The rush to install naked body scanners in airports came right after the failed underwear bombing in Detroit which NIA believe was taken way out of proportion by the media in an effort to help their corporate friends make billions off of the American public What if God forbid there is another isolated terrorist attack in the US but this time in the shopping mall Will all shopping malls be forced to implement naked body scanners What about schools, rail stations, bus terminals and even high traffic city streets NIA believes that keeping Amiricans save at home should be the primary goal the US government but in no way should home land security used to violate Americans' privacy and constitutional rights NIA has just learnt that if you buy a new Toyota at a dealership in San Diego the sails transaction is now videotaped in order to satisfy a requirement of home land security which they claim is to prevent the laundering of drug or terrorist money If you're driving on a New York State highway and pay your tall with denomination over 20$ The New York State Thruway authority collector must collect your licence plate number and report you to the department of home land security These home land security measures are infringing our rights and making our country the slightest bit safer The US today is experiencing a merger of state and corporal power The average small business owner in America is being squeezed by government forcing Americans to rely on a select few corporations that have all the welth and power Business is booming at Bernard Hurstberger's farm "I'll show you" Customers are lining up in record numbers to get their hands on his raw milk illegal raw milk "We should have the right to choose what types of food and what of drinks we want to put into our bodies Wendsday state inspector raided the farm with the search warrant Well serving the warrant they not only put tags and tapes on the coolers inside the store they came in here where people actually get the raw milk out of the tank and they put there dye inside the tank A couple of months ago 20 agents raided "Ross and Foods" in Ventura county, California with the search warrant ordering workers to put down their buckets of mashed cocoa and cream and to step away from the nuts this was the 3rd time the same farm have been raided in 3 months Sheran Palmar owner of "Ross and Foods" thought she was on the way to resolving the problem over labelling never got cheese after the 1st two raids, but apparently not It's pretty shocking how the police in district Attorney, California have absolutely nothing better to do than harass honest, hard-working farmers for a growing and sharing natural, healthy, organic foods As part of the raid, Sheran's 12year old daughter Jasman had her computer taking and her homework lost Jasman still has not received her computer from the two previous raids All across the US small organic food coops are being raided by police with guns drawn Farmers are being treated no different thing cocain king pans and are being charged with such things as illegally selling raw milk These food coops are guilty of nothing other than sharing healthy food with people in local communities However they're obviously threat to the large agricultural corporations they pay off for elected representatives in Washington Americans need to speek out now to help protect small farmers from the FTA and other governmental agencies that have been hijacked by the greedy and distructive billion dollar agricultural giants. They are putting people out of business particularly at the time when people want more organic food they don't want ?? with farms, eggs comming from I like the names like "Sunny day farm" you know Helen Dale farms chicken coupe consentration camps People want a high quality and they know they're going to row the profit base of this large cooperations they work on very thin margins so they're pulling them out of business they make it more and more difficult for them to compete competitions will be dead and they and they keep killing it more and more Every private individual in America deserves have the basic human right to buy farmland and cows and share their production or food with others With the government to destroy small farmers because they're threat to the market share of major agricultural corporations It's a sure sign that US breakdown of society is eminent The government claims to be trying to protect our health but any American with common sense knows that natural food produced on these small farms is a lot more healthy than the food produced by the large corporations that are loaded with artificial preservatives and other unnatural ingridients The police obviously know that they're in the wrong if they have to show post such accesor force that is clearly unwarranted for the situation imagine if one of the workers at the farm

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