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Anonymous - Avatar Notice - What Every Master Should Know

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Hello Avatar®. We are Anonymous. It has been brought to our attention that you - Harry Palmer - and your cronies label us as an intolerant hate group because we fight the human rights abuses of Scientology. We do not care In fact, even though you came from the loins of Scientology and became what you are because you lost a lawsuit for using Scientology trademarks and copyrights, we are not suprised. You continue with the same methods and manipulation. You didn't want to give up your cash cow, and so here you are now as Avatar®. Star's Edge, which is little more than you Harry Palmer, wishes Scientology well, in spite of all the broken families, labor camps, quack medicine, and other crimes under the cloak of claiming to be a religion. You cannot speak up because you know your own transgressions kept secret. You are in some ways just as bad, perhaps worse because your control is less obvious to your victims, who in turn are eager to hard sell a trademarked Enlightened Planetary Civilization. You have taken no responsibility for anything you have done, only credit for people's perceived gains, while expecting others to blame themselves when they so much as question or doubt the beloved Harry Palmer and Star's Edge. You are hereby put on notice. The Internet will not let you hide, Harry Palmer, Avra Honey-Smith, not even you trainers and masters who unknowingly con other well-meaning hopeful people by proxy. You will not dodge your responsibility to know the truth forever. Anyone can find out Harry you lied about your degrees more than once. You were never an educational psychologist and were asked to cease and desist by the board of health for claiming so for over ten years. The world knows about your sadistic and abusive control over your Scientology mission in Elmira, New York, where you and the tyrannical Avra ripped off hundreds of thousands of dollars from the people who slaved over you and trusted you. We know about all those who suffered breakdowns on your courses, some hospitalized, only for you to blame themselves or their family and friends, sometimes even alienating the ones they love because they will not be guilted into sharing support of your cult. We know of the thousands of people who went into debt and were promised not only special spiritual abilities but false cures for physical and mental problems. We know you harass anyone who dares criticize, and label critics as mentally ill sociopaths to redirect attention from their incriminating facts and accusations. Your lawsuits and threats are public record. Your confidential Wizard course is on the Internet, along with it's Scientology-like exorcism of alien spirits you call astral entities. The Internet remembers Harry Palmer's Galactic Confederacy Speech and other allusions to contact with aliens and special mystical knowledge. Information is free and available, so it is only a matter of time before every cult falls before the facts surrounding them. Avatar®, with your carefully hidden origins and agenda are no exception. Harry Palmer and Star's Edge™, you are frauds with no shame, no remorse, and even your lies to cover your lies have been exposed. Around the world, hundreds of Masters and Trainers either through disappointment from failed promises, or to clean their conscience, have left, some speaking out against the company that hides it's lack of ethics by preaching integrity to everyone else. You can talk forever about growth in leaps and bounds, but your numbers have decreased for years and will continue to do so. Less people have taken your so-called awareness courses in the last ten years than in the first ten, even using your own exaggerated numbers. If you are a Master or Trainer, you must ask yourself, are you willing to take the responsibility of knowing all the data that is available or only what you are told by Palmer's regime? Are you willing to accept the consequences of convincing people to go into debt to make a spiritual con artist more filthy rich? The reality you create for yourself is nothing more than self-justification. It does not matter to anyone else, especially those you harm, and you will be remembered for your actions, not your creations. Maybe your children and friends will forgive you, but not Anonymous. You are not our priority, and are a dying cult, but you are still a harm to many people, so we are watching you, and will act accordingly. We are everyone and no one. We are your masters and trainers who question. We are your avatars who have left. We are your so-called bashers, and the loved ones of those you have manipulated and harmed. We are precious humanity, but not to you. You will be held accountable. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are legion. Expect us.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 42 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: anonatar
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Posted by: alrick888 on Jun 14, 2009

Anonymous warns Harry Palmer and Avra Honey-Smith of the Scientology squirrel group Stars' Edge who sell the Avatar and Wizard Courses that they are aware of their activities and are holding them accountable for these activities.

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