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Melissa's Factory Interview

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Hi, my name is Melissa Rosado, I'm from Manta, Ecuador, I'm 15 years old, and I'm the owner of a small business called Melissa's Factory. Where I mainly focus on cookies and brownies of many flavours, and I've been running it for about 2 years now. Matty: So, you're saying you started when you were about 13? Ye Alright. So I have some questions on how you exactly run this business cos I think it's something really interesting, and will be quite useful, particularly for the class in which I'm in right now. So I'll start with the question-- how do you exactly manage competition? First off I always make sure I'm constantly updating my menu, coming up with new products, cos otherwise my customers will just grow tired of my products and get their cookies elsewhere. So always changing things up a bit, I'd say that helps me a lot. Mhm. Alright! So, how do you exactly manage any sort of comments or feedback your customers give you, if they say something about your cookies or whatnot? I always, always accept whatever they have to say, I thank them for their comments/criticisms, and I encourage them to keep making these comments cos it makes them feel like they're with someone who they can trust, and I think that's very important. To always accept what they have to say, and try to apply it the best way possible. And on that same note, have you ever received any not so good comments, harsher criticisms, How do you handle this? Sincerely, yes, I have received some harsher comments in the past, even from people I know and I think it's always good to try to understand them, put yourself in their shoes, but ultimately use that criticism to your own benefit-- so you should definitely take it into account as well. Do you bake all your cookies by yourself? Do you have any future plans for say, helpers or anything of that sort? I would like to get some helpers actually, about every month now I've been getting new distributors on my tail so that definitely would be much easier with the help of other people, but for now I think I'm fine. How do you make sure that the actual cookie making process is consistent to a specific standard? I always have to put full focus onto every single step, otherwise I'll mess up and will have to throw the whole batch away, because once you mess up it's just unacceptable to go on I think, so it's full commitment from my part. And you're in high school still and awful young I mean, don't you get tired doing all of this alone? Yeah, I do, and it's also quite costly, but I try to keep everything in order, finishing my homework ahead of time So that if I get swamped with orders I'll actually have time to put into them How do you promote your business? In my eyes it's all happening in social media-- that's the one medium where you'll be able to really reach out to everyone, so through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all these websites, I try to make sure I have a strong presence on there so I make myself known to people Question-- how do you make sure your distributors are always doing the right job and, how do you even get these people? Actually in most cases they'll come after me, restaurants for example-- they'll call me, tell me that they need sweets and desserts on their menu, and if I can sell it to them. For stores, I usually visit them and I show them my products, make an offer, set a price, see how it goes, and it's usually quite satisfactory. And.....the other question? How do you make sure they're always doing a good job? I always go check at the stores/restaurants to see how they're doing, I ask my friends to do some checking as well, and they'll tell me if they're not displayed properly, that always helps me, I try to get some people to check as well. Would you consider a long-term expansion plan like, to the rest of Ecuador and furthermore, outside the country? Um, outside of could be but that wouldn't happen for quite some time, however in other cities like Guayaquil, Quito I have actually been starting to look into how I'd run my business over there as well. Last question: what would you like to say to any other aspiring young entrepreneurs like yourself who would like the world of sales in the way you have? I think that it's very important that everyone at least gives it a shot. It's a really good way of treating yourself like an responsible individual, an adult, sort of have a taste of what it's like to run these kind of things in the future-- in terms of handling money, knowing how to use it properly, it will teach you so much about that, invaluable things that will help you in the long run. Alright! And one last thing Melissa, once more just to close off-- tell us a small thing about you. About me? Yeah, like, as a closer Well, my name's Melissa Rosado, my business is named Melissa's Factory, I sell cookies and other types of desserts I love cooking, I'm a dancer, and most of all I enjoy listening to music. Thank you.

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