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Por un Ecuador en Potencia

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Due to its location Ecuador offers within its small territory a large geographic and biological diversity with high economic potential making it an interesting destination for investment, in addition to its natural wealth, Ecuador offers the following advantages for foreign investors: strategic location in the center of the continent on the Pacific Coast. Great potential in agribusiness fishing Aquaculture Forest Mining tourism and services legislation favorable to foreign investment Foreign investors have the same rights and treatment as national investors including the right to repatriate profits, preferential trade access to different markets. There is also a good supply of qualified management personnel and a skilled and semi-skilled workforce. Ecuadorian workers are generally regarded as productive people and coach. The educational level is constantly improved through a variety of training programs. Thanks to Ecuador’s natural diversity, this offer includes a large variety of products from crafts to renowned manufactures due to its quality standards. An additional advantage to foreign investors is that Ecuador is one of the countries in its region to have the U.S. dollar as its official currency. The attraction of financial investments to different sectors is one of the main objectives of the country. Ecuador’s investment flows have opened space for non-traditional sectors taking advantage of existing opportunities. Companies like Guinleber, Nestlé Telefónica Dole América Móvil Grünenthal among others have invested significant amounts that have contributed to social and economic development of Ecuador, for all these reasons we believe that Ecuador is a highly attractive partner for developing successful business relationships and investment in South America, Come and see it for yourself.

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Posted by: investecuador on Jun 23, 2010

Debido a su ubicación previlegiada Ecuador ofrece dentro de un pequeño territorio una extensa diversidad geografica y biologica con alto potencial económico que lo convierte en un interesante destino para su inversión

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