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QSC Power Amp Comparison RMX, PLX, GX, CMX - Reviews

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♪♫♪♫.............[Music playing] QSC has specialized in providing really high value amplifiers to the market. Their amplifiers have been extremely reliable. They carry a 6 year warranty. And they've got 4 or 5 different series so it's really, kind of difficult to tell which series you need to use for a particular application. So, in this video we're going to take a look at 4 of their series, tell you what each amplifier was developed for, a little bit about the differences, to help you make a selection.

So the first one we're going to look at is the RMX Series. The RMX Series have been used for years as a high-powered, uh, robust amplifier both for touring, for portable sound and in some installations. The RMX has a large toroidal transformer that's designed to deliver a lot of current. And the current, it is going to give you the ability run the uh load at 2 Ohms so you can take 2 or 4 speakers and combine them together and have a load of 2 ohms onto the amplifier or to bridge, if you need even more power so you can bridge 2 channels together. And the way that you bridge 2 channels together is to go ahead and put take 1 channel's hot and the other channel's hot and you run it off of that. So you've got both channels working for you.

On the RMX amplifier you can see it's very straightforward on the front panel. You've got external volume controls which some guys don't like for installation or permanent projects and I understand that. We try and, uh uh, either take the, uh, knob off or disable it in some way. And, if you really don't like that then you go to a different series we'll show you in just a bit. On the back panel you have either the Speakon connector or barrier strips. And a lot of jurisdictions don't like the barrier strips any more, uh for, uh permanent installations. So you go with the Neutrik type of a connection. You've got dip-switches, so you've got a clip limiter, 30 Hz filter, but the RMX Series, rugged, reliable 2 ohms, lots of current. It's very deep. And it's very very heavy. That toroidal transformer carries a lot of weight.

So now if you're looking for something that's a lot lighter, you want to take it on the road, then you're gonna look at the PLX2 Series. The PLX2 Series uses a digital switching power supply. The digital switching power supply reduces the weight. You don't have that big transformer in there. So I'll show you this amplfier. I can pick up. It's extremely lightweight. So, your racks don't need to be as heavyduty. You have the weight that you're carrying around with you is a lot less. The PLX2 is ideal for touring. You can see it's very very simple on the back. XLR or 1/4 inch inputs, all balanced and your Speakon connectors on the back. On the front, 2 volume controls. A straightforward amplifier. That's lightweight, digital switching. Again, 6 year warranty. And, you'd want to keep these loads in the 4 to 8 Ohm range, uh, because of the digital powering supply, but it will go to 2 Ohms. Not as much current as the RMX, it will go to 2 Ohms, I just tend to prefer to keep digital switching power supplies a little bit higher in terms of my loads.

K, now the GX Series. The GX Series was designed to be a super economical amplifier, running in to 4 and 8 Ohm loads. The typical "sound on a stick." I've got a couple of 2-way 12-inch or 2-way 15-inch speakers on a stick with a subwoofer perhaps. So these amplifiers are not designed to go down to 2 Ohms where you've got maybe 4 speakers, or 6 speakers combined on 1 circuit. They are lighter weight and they're shorter too. So you don't need as deep of a rack. On the back panel again, you've got Speakon, and uh that's what I tend to use and like. You've got the XLR and the 1/4 inch. On the front, again, very simple. You've got your control knobs. So if you need a very economical amplifier, you're running "sound on a stick," uh, 4 Ohms or 8 Ohms, then the GX Series is a great choice. Finally, to the CMX Series... And the CMX Series, it has 4 models so it's, it's designed primarily for the contractor. You've got these Euro-blocks which means you can run the speaker cables right in here. They meet all your UL installation requirements. You can use the Speakons if you want. You've got XLR inputs and barrier strip, again, designed for the contractor, and a recessed volume control So that you can have, you can conver this up. You can go ahead and put a plug in there and it will cover that volume control. So somebody, uh uh another user coming in to the rack won't be able to adjust that These have built-in protection again 6 year warranty. They will go down to 2 Ohms, so they have virtually the same technology, heavy-duty toroidal transformer and current delivery capability that the RMX series did.

Extremely high current, heavy-duty, robust, heavy amplifier designed for installations. So again, the CMX Series, great for installations... the GX Series, great for "sound on a stick" portable applications. The PLX2 - digital power supply, designed for light-weight touring, and the RMX, just a good all around heavy current amplifier, designed for portable applications or installations. That is 4 of the lines of the QSC amplifiers, and if you have any questions give us a call at CCI Solutions. We'll help walk you through the right choice for your application. ♪♫♪♫.......[Music playing]

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QSC specializes in providing high-value amplifiers that are very reliable, with a 6-year warranty. Join Ron Simonson, CEO of CCI Solutions as he reviews four of QSC's amplifer series. Learn what amplifiers series are best for what types of applications. He discusses the RMX Series, a robust amplifer for touring and portable sound, the PLX Series which is much lighter weight, ideal for touring, the GX Series, a super-economical amplifier for "sound on a stick" applications, and finally the GX Series, a robust amplifier designed for permanent sound installations.

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