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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~20:46:04 - 21:00:59

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It's scary. - Scary, scary, definitely scary.

I thought, "well, why'd they think of that? Putting it in the back."

The back's quite diagonal so water can drain out, yeah. - Yeah, it is, it is.

When that drops, if there was a wheelchair on the track that wouldn't be very funny...


The track's about this wide, so... - I guess it's pretty big, yeah.

Speaking of AIDCA, I've been on a rollercoaster once, and it was like...

And, y'know that one that whooshes to the top, yeah? When I went on that,

it was embarrassing how my voice... - What you talkin' about? Idiot.

I should've gone to Expoland.

Shoulda gone to Expoland.

But like, these two said they wouldn't go to Disney Land together. - Really?

I love it there. - They got like a new 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride.

Ah yeah, it's new. - If we...

If we went on it together yeah, it probably wouldn't be that great.

But the 'Pirates' ride, it's the first part, yeah, when you fall. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That's just scary. - You're, like, restrained, yeah.

So, you don't like it 'cause it goes fast, right?

like, err, my heart was going to explode...

Okay, I'll sit next to you and hold you like this all the way through, like 'whoa!'

I went on a merry-go-round in my wheelchair, last summer.

Fun? Not fun?

My brake slipped off, so... - Ah, I see. - I was like 'aaagh!'

That would be fun...

You not eatin' any more? You done?

I'm really full.

You're full? - You should eat. - Should I?

Sorry, yeah.

Probably 'cause the family and kids are around, I've been gettin' hungry recently.

You just ate!

Did I eat curry for lunch?

Nah, nah, you said you ate some kind of burger earlier, yeah?

After that, I had one of those famous 100yen burgers downtown.

You're eating lots. - I'm hungry...


Right, when you next go to Disney Land,

you can bring a Disney enthusiast with you, like me.

Actually, I'm a Disney enthusiast, too.

Nah, I'm crazy.

'Cause, I love Disney, love it so much that I just had to go work there.

Whaaat? Working... - I had the Disney Sea and Disney Land season pass,

and in one year I went 100 times, just to see the parade.

I wanna go!

I was a university... college student, in the rehabilitation group.

School finished, and I went to Chiba,

and if the parade was at 5pm, I'd say, "right, let's do it."

That's so cute. - Every three days...

With Disneyland, you should just go there and not think too much, just be like "ah, it's Mickey! Donald!" - Yeah, yeah.


Disney Land, yeah, when Disney Land Japan first hit Japan, I heard all the workers were women. That true?

No idea... - It's true... right?

So that when you put your arms around them...

Err... there wouldn't be a problem...


Err... Right after Disney Land was built,

I hung out with the director of the Disney Land Stage Show, who was a friend of mine...

And, then... errr...

They wanted the dancers to enjoy Japan,

so they asked if I could take them to the sea, so I went to the sea with them.

When we went, 4 or 5 guys came and

the girls were young, all nice girls. We went a lot, yeah...

Right, Mickey's friend was an old dude that... - But, but, that...

I don't know if that was because Disney had just started or if it was just the dancers.

They wouldn't tell me.

Well... - Like, if Mickey arrived and was surrounded by old guys... - Gross...

Err, but, do you mind if I boast? Err, yeah,

Disney Land's management company, yeah? The Oriental Land's company's food is awesome.

Just wanted to say...

You don't need that kind of trivia, right.

The company's food's good.

Anyway, I was talking about this before, but err...

When I left school the first job I had was at Disney Land

err... as an errand boy. - Oh, yeah.

Then... That's why I went to the first ambassador's induction ceremony. - Ah.

Also, right before it opened,

these... the facilities were all complete and the staff were all there.

The only people not there were customers. The staff faced into an empty space

and said "Thank you everyone! Was it fun?" with all their energy

over and over again.

Nowadays, it's more or less like a town, but then it had absolutely nothing.

It was basically like "Mad Max"... like...

people battling in the middle of a wilderness. Like there was a great big tower thing...

So, there...

there almost every week...

And once it'd opened, I went just once with my girlfriend at the time,

but I thought "That's it for me!"

I see...

But, but unfortunately everyone in my family loves it.

Oh, erm, the other day you said you were going to go at the end of the year sometime.

When you said Disney Land ambassador, all I could think of was that "Ambasa" drink.

Not that! Not that. Not that!

Err, "Calpis", like a thin Calpis. - Not that! - They got 'em at the convenience store, ones like 'em.

I drink it a lot. - Ambasa.

I drink it a lot.

Do you often go to Disney Land?

Maihama, right?

There was a "Let's get Nagatani on Space Mountain" party.

But, yeah, err... Disney have signs that say things like "Don't give up your seats to other people".

What? Really? - Yeah, like warning signs.

I'm often offered those seats.

They say, "Are you okay?" I refuse them.

Also, yeah, when I get on, for example, it's okay to be lifted up

from my wheelchair onto the ride,

but in an emergency,

I have to walk myself,

or a carer has to carry me.

If I can't use the escape route they won't let me on.

I told them that I can walk so they let me on,

but that walking distance was ridiculous.

Like, err, it's like a labrynth you walk through,

so around 3 kilometres... - That'll stop. - No, it won't stop.

They check you before you go in.

They said if it stops in an emergency, you'll probably have to walk by yourself for 3 kilometres.

And you have to go up a ladder.

They say that lots. - I heard that.

One Disney enthusiast guy said it was to do with cost.

That's probably a lie. When I said I could walk it,

they said it'd be okay.

Nah, they said they'd take me.

Like, if my helper puts me on their shoulders and...

does everything, that's fine. - Err...

I talked about this before, but it used to be "Barrier Free" yeah?

Not at all, not at all. - I think It should be.

It's tiring, if you go in your wheelchair.

How about Space Mountain? Rollercoasters are all like that, right.

Yeah, yeah. Those too.

Normal... what do you call them...? Steps... They have loads at Disney Sea.

There are lots of steps so they have lots of slopes that go around them...

You get tired just hearing your own voice.

And there's no discount. - Yeah.

No discount? - Nope.

When I asked 'em why there isn't a discount, they said "because you can watch the parade."

They've got their excuses, those guys.

Yes, that's fine. - This dish, too. - Okay.

Well, you get no discounts at any amusement parks, do you?

Mmm, I never hear of any.

That a cigarette?

Medicine you take after meals? - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Erm!

Wai... wai... wait a little... - Oh, it's fine, it's fine.

Nah, just wait a second, please. - No, not just after meals... You can take it during, too. - Oh, yeah?

It's fine. - You want this drink? - Huh? - You want this drink?

Barley tea. Sparkling.

Damn, it's late. - Yeah, I know.

What's this?

This tastes good. I keep saying I'll make it at home, but I haven't tried it yet. - It'd probably be difficult.

Is that not awesome?

I'll get you some chikuwa on the way home.

Sorry the sea urchin wasn't on time, yeah.

No, it's fine. Sorry for just asking suddenly...

This last week the fisherman's been complaining he hasn't been able to get fish.

Well, soon... err...

At the Nagatani house they've been saying they'll have some bowls of white rice.

Right then, perhaps I should go there with my chopsticks.

Just eat.



Anyway, in Australia, when there were lots of fish to catch, I caught a sea urchin with my hands.


It had a really polka-dot-like pattern, this sea urchin...

If you threw one of those it'd hurt. - Yeah, it would.

It hurts. I've done it, and it hurt.

I dived, caught it, then cut it and ate it there and then.

When I finished eating, I thought, at least this was an edible one. - Yeah!

I've done that once, in Japan.

I went to the sea... - Yeah, the sea. Was it Kanasawa?

Maybe Kanasawa. I went into the sea, because there are lots of sea urchins.

I got some and everyone said, "Great! But if we open it up and eat it..."

"Are we going to be okay tomorrow?" Everyone said.

Well, you sometimes hear people saying, "if we eat this we'll die."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Like... I'm not really exaggerating this but,

have you heard of the echinococcus parasite?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It lives inside the Hokkaido fox and those sorts of animals.

Like, when it gets inside a human and incubates there,

I heard it becomes huge.

After m...many years, many decades, if the body

infects the skin, it can kill you, I heard.

Your eyes are... - No way, no way. I go to Hokkaido a lot.

Nah, in short if you touch or are bitten by a wild animal, just take care. - Yeah.

Erm, about 10 years ago, when I went to Hokkaido on my motorbike,


I got a tent in this camping place, and after that, I went downtown for some food.

I loaded up on food, and went back to the camping place again.

I was on my own. I went on my own.

And before you entered the camp, you had to turn right.

Like this. As I waited for the oncoming traffic to pass,

in front of me, three foxes

darted out. Just as I thought "Ah! You idiots! You'll get hit!",

the last one, the littlest one,

looked like it was about to get hit by a car.

Like it was going to get hit by a car, and it got hit.

Yeah. - Right in front of me.

I was like, "Damn!", then when I looked,

the fox was on the floor. Occasionally it tried real hard to stand up. - Oh, right, yeah, yeah.

I thought, "Ah! It's alive!" Then when I looked round,

from the distance, a single car came whizzin' down, down. I was like, "Damn!"

Without thinking, I drove my bike in front of the fox to stop the car,

Screeeech! I couldn't see anything.

The car hit me... - What? Really?

Really. - No way!

I got knocked onto my side and loads of people ran over and started talking saying, "What happened?" and...

Here you are! - Wow!

Here you are. Sorry to keep you waiting. - Whoa!

What the...? - Okay! Congratulations!

Thank you so much! Thank you!

That was a surprise.

Wow! It's so pretty! What the...? I'm gonna take a picture! - Sure.

I'm gonna take a picture.

You like sweet food? You guys?

I can't even look at it. - Oh, you hate it?

Well, who cares.

Well, who cares. - So pretty! - I'm not gonna let you have any.

You should take three pictures.


Sorry, it's messy.

Is that for your boyfriend?

Oh, sorry! - Oh, it's fine, it's fine.

Huh? So, a call to your boyfriend... - No, don't! No don't! Don't do that...

Don't object. - Don't.

Okay, let's say it's for your blog.

I'm not really blogging much

at the moment.

Wow, isn't this fantastic?

You're being very careful.. Huh? Are you taking a photo now?

No. I'm saving the one I took.

I made that.

Wow. Great. - He worked hard.

Wow! - This... You can eat this by yourself, yeah?

No! No chance!

I've been full for a while, like "uuugh"...

You have another stomach, right?

They say women have another stomach, don't they?

It's so pretty!

You can take it home. - Okay, I'll do that.

Really? Can I take it home?

No, let's eat it together.

Excuse me, could you box it? Then they put it in like bam!

INo way! No way! Don't!


Huh? Isn't your boyfriend in Tokyo? - No, he's not.

Err, Aichi-ken. - Chiba... - In Nagoya.

It's not that far... Yeah, yeah, yeah...

It's not close.

He stayed behind...


Well, it's not right just looking at it. - Wow!

I'm okay. You can eat both.

How about a cookie?

Err, ba... basil or...

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