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Power of Common Sense: Science of Freedom

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What 'affect', to our Lifes have on this world, on this physical reality that remains when we die? when we live our Life within a consideration of only our own comfort desires fears beliefs thoughts and feelings, within self-interest standing apart from each other, from the rest standing apart from the 'whole', in separation, from the one reality the one 'body', we all share in separation, of our actual equality and oneness within an alternated reality - mind bubble in this, giving permission for everyone else, to continue existing in self-interest in separation, and thus supporting inequality disharmony conflict neglect and abuse, to exist in this world in the name of 'free will' we are doing 'nothing' to prepare the way, for those to come into this world this reveals that, we are not actually 'living' that we do not actually 'care about' sustainability, equality we do not care about Life, or this world we find ourselves in and we are not taking responsibility, for 'who we are' and how we exist within considering: What supports Life? in equality and oneness as ourselves and we'd only supports who we are as self-interest and separation, within an alternate reality - mind bubble that only consider, what is best for 'me' in separation, within only this one Life our self-interest and separation is reflected, in the nature of the current money system where the value we give money, is equal to that which supports, our own comfort our own desires and feelings, our own 'fears', our own 'personal reality' but within our starting point of, the pursuit of happiness of generating money to be able to maintain in the circumstances of comfort in which we feel, we are able to 'choose' how to live we are blinded, by our fear of losing the Life we've built, and our desire to live more our desire for more 'choice' our desire for a greater feeling, of security and safety, and comfort our desire for 'control' over our Lifes, and success in the system we did not see that we are actually being completely controlled, by money money dictates if we can live, dictates if we have food, if we have a home if we have an education, if we have access to 'entertainment', and information Why 'accept' such enslavement? we the people are the ones, who support such a system of money enslavement of enslavement, to the fight of survival through our acceptances of the system through the way we have defined Life, as that which must be 'bought' through the way we have defined 'freedom', according to what this system shows us freedom as wealth, freedom as the ability to buy the Life that we choose but how can freedom exists in this world? 'if all' are not allowed in 'equal quality of Life' how can freedom exists in this world? if 'money' dictates who eats and who starves how can freedom exists in this world? if we 'fear', to be like those who have nothing and desire, to be like those who have more It doesn't have to be like "this" it is only like this because we 'agree' it should be we are the ones who make the rules and all it takes is common sense and self-honesty, to see that we can 'change' the rules but we have to be willing, to look beyond the desires and fears that keep us 'bound', to the preservation of 'who we are' as self-interest which ensures that we only 'consider', that which supports us, to remain comfortable for the rest of this 'one Life' while disregarding the rest we've "learned", to exist in separation, in "self-interest" in alternate reality mind bubbles we've been "programmed", to exist this way through being brought into this world, and 'shown' how to 'be' what to consider, and how to participate, by those who went before us we are thus, simply copies of the past we can stop ourselves, as copies of the past as self-preservation, as desire for more, and fear of losing we can 'clear' our vision, and 'clear' our starting point we can see with common sense that if we 'agree' on a solution, that allows all - in equal quality of Life where money no longer dictates who lives, but Life, dictates how money is used we can 'end' the fight for survival end the suffering, of those who now starve, and exist in desperation we can end our 'limited' experience of Life and learn to live, in equality and oneness with each other, and with the world we are in and 'all', are equally free, then we our-self are free, that's common sense 'change' is not something that will just, 'happen' we 'agree' with this world should be, through what we agree 'we should be' the question to ask is: Do I agree on self-interest? or Do I agree on equality, and freedom - for all Life? For discussion visit: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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