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Sabbath Breakers turned to Monkeys & Pigs

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Hello! Salam alaikum! Hi! Back again. This is just a quick video, I hope. Somebody asked the question: “Does it say in the Qur'an that the Jews were turned into monkeys and pigs?” It says in three places that some Jews were turned into monkeys and pigs, because they broke the Sabbath. I will just quickly tell you the story. Basically, there were some Jews that lived by the sea. They were not allowed to work on the Sabbath. Or to hunt or to fish or whatever. But God decided to test them by sending all the fish on the Sabbath, but not sending them on every other day. So the fish were plentiful on the Sabbath, they were all massing nearly. [By] the coast; and poking their heads up the water and everything, easy to catch. But on every other single day they disappeared, they couldn't see them anywhere. So a group of those Jews who lived by the sea, decided to go and catch them. God was very angry and punished them, by turning them into monkeys and pigs. Now, it says that they were changed into monkeys and pigs. And that's the usual tafseer, you can read them in all the tafseers. I'm not going to go through all of them again, but I'll just read a couple. Just to show you that they were actually changed into monkeys and pigs; bodily! But there's also another tafseer and it's quite popular, nowadays. That it wasn't supposed to be literal, it was metaphorical and that they were just made lowly and base and mean. But that has always been the weaker explanation by far, you know, 99% of the tafseers. Traditional tafseers always talk about it being a physical transformation. That they were actually physically turned into monkeys and pigs. And that's what the majority believe. I'll just read one tafseer. This is Ibn Kathir, of course. He says: [Arabic quotation] So Allah changed them to the picture, the shape, the form of monkeys. And ‘shaql’, you know, the shape. And their bodies and so on. It goes on and on about that. This is Sabooni who gives the summary of all the tafseers that exist. [Arabic quotation] “We said” that's God, “We said to them, become monkeys!” [Arabic quotation] “We changed them.” [Arabic quotation] “We changed them into monkeys after they had been humans.” Ibn Kathir and many of the other tafseers also explain that these Jews who were changed into the bodies of monkeys and pigs, into the form of monkeys and pigs, didn't live for very long as monkeys and pigs. They lived for three days. Ibn Kathir mentions quite a few narrations about that. That they lived as monkeys and pigs for three days and they didn't have any children. So there was no offspring. There's lots of things that I have a problem with, with that story. Obviously, I don't see why God should be bothered about whether we work on a Sunday. Or not - I'm sorry, Saturday for the Jews and Sunday for the Christians. What's the big deal about that? I'm sorry, I can't believe that God cares less what day we work or what day we don't work. The fact that the Qur'an confirms this myth. Whether it says in Judaism – I couldn't care less, 'cause I don't believe in Judaism, I don't believe in Christianity, I don't believe in any of the religions. But Islam obviously confirms that this is right, and not only that, but the punishment of turning them into monkeys and pigs, I mean, a bit OTT [over the top], don't you think? And again, this kind of entrapment that the fish were sent to them on a Sunday but were'nt sent on any other day. I mean, is God playing a game? I mean, it's just ridiculous. It's not something I could believe in, but if you can believe in that, fine. If you can justify that and defend that, fine. Good luck to you! Take care, bye bye!

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Posted by: alaziz on Mar 31, 2009

Sabbath Breakers turned to Monkeys & Pigs

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