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Proyecto Ser

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The Kabbalah Centre: Learn, Transform, Connect Project Ser At first I was blocked I could not believe that I was being charged with something Then came the stage of wanting to take revenge Where there is greater darkness also lies the greatest potential to reveal light - The Ari- It becomes something mental It becomes something like the idea, to cause pain to these people who are accusing you It is very valuable for me to have knowledge of the wonders of the Zohar... ...and the changes it can make in our lives . -Internal- I once saw a handwritten sign that said: Kabbalah classes in room 2 when I began to hear of the wisdom of the Kabbalah I started to reason better if you ask me... what would have happened if I had not been introduced to Kabbalah?...I do not know it would've been much more difficult being in here How can you be well inside a place where everyone is "bad" The darkest moment is just before dawn -Kareng Berg- To have the Pinchas is to know that you are protected It's like connecting directly with the creator To have that tool, it's as if the creator was telling you: "be calm" "I'm by your side, nothing's going to happen to you" "I take care of you, I protect you" The true triumph is not always winning, but never discouraged -anonymous- Break your barriers, dare to be Help us reach the goal and bring light to the places where there is greater darkness Our goal: 42 thousand Pinchas to be distributed in penitentiary and rehabilitation centers You can make your donation at the Bookstore, online or by calling the Kabbalah Centre Visit: The Kabbalah Centre: Learn, Transform, Connect

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