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Dalai Lama receives inaugural Living Peace Award at blessing of The Great Stupa. Shambhala

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(sound of helicopters) Out of the crystal blue sky came the helicopter bearing His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalia Lama for his historic blessing of the Great Stupa and the presentation of the Sakyong’s first living peace award. (sound of Tibetan horns) The Living Peace Award is given to individuals or groups who live peace in their lives and thus inspire others. The Great Stupa is the symbol of this award. It is a sacred monument dedicated to peace. Nestled in the Colorado Rockies, the stupa is also a symbol of the longing of countless Americans for peace, at home and abroad. Peace is not a choice for some; it is imperative for all. It is the only way forward for humanity and our planet. In these times of unrelenting conflict when America is so often associated in people's minds with aggressive acts, it must be seen and understood that there are many Americans who hold to the fundamental values of a nation proclaiming peace, liberty and justice for all. They share this aspiration with peoples of all countries and cultures. Aggression often seems the most direct and expedient way to solve a problem, but it is fundamentally unstable and will never last. Peace is fundamentally strong and long lasting. This peace award acknowledges those who not only wish for peace, but who are an embodiment of peace in themselves, living it daily. Through their determination, they have decided to follow the way of peace, not aggression. They are an inspiration to all of us: those of us who have suffered directly or indirectly as a result of war or aggression, as well as those who face any form of hardship or sacrifice. The first recipient of the Living Peace Award is His Holiness, Tendzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. Through his personal example in the face of overwhelming suffering; through his profound inner cultivation as one who travels the path to enlightenment; through the love he has awakened in the hearts of human beings the world over -- of all faiths and cultures -- and through his tireless efforts to bring humanity into harmony with itself and with our precious planet. His Holiness has become an indelible reminder to the entire world of what it truly means to live peace. (clapping) So it is with great pleasure that I offer His Holiness the Living Peace Award and to offer this on this day where the Stupa becomes a symbol of peace for America, and to encourage others, by the example of His Holiness, to live in accordance with peace and thus embodying what His Holiness has just mentioned about being active and engaging. It is with great privilege that I offer this and wishing His Holiness to accept it. Thank you. (clapping) ooh yeah. Thank you. Thank you. (laughter) (clapping) (inaudible) (laughter) Thank you. Thank you.

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Dalai Lama receives inaugural Living Peace Award at blessing of The Great Stupa. Shambhala . . .
Produced By Centre Productions, Creative personnel Jeff Carman, Katy Connor, James Hoagland, Andrew Johnson, Matt Mulder, Keri Mullin, Ethan Neville, Jennifer Pund, Richard Reoch and Nat Roman, Daniel Sandra. In September 2006 His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya at Shambhala Mountain Center to bless it and receive the first Living Peace Award, presented by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.
Living Peace DVD. This DVD is a full record of that historic occasion.

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