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Problems That Air Purifier Companies Won't Talk About

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5 things air purifier companies DON'T ...want you to know The purpose of this video is to save you money by helping you find the right air purifier for your needs before I cover the 5 problems it's important to know that most air purification has been around about 40 years Most consumers report not knowing which air purifier tech meets their needs Most pay too much for the wrong air purifier The first air purifier problem is non replacement filter air purifiers don't work well The idea sounds great: ...... "You never have to change the filter" Just wash the filters. But it doesn't capture dust or pollen as well as HEPA Hepa filters simply work better since they capture and hold the pollen If you've ever seen a dirty HEPA you will know what I mean. Hepa is a must if you have allergies or asthma Air Purifiers without hepa just don't do a good job the remedy for this problem is simply find one with an affordable replacement hepa filter. Some companies charge too much which brings me to... #2 Replacement filters are usually overpriced. In japan people buy extra filters to get a better price and to be prepared for when they have to change the HEPA filter Americans don't think ahead and end up paying alot more for the HEPA filters Look for HEPA filters that are under $45 It's a lot like buying an ink jet printer... buy the printer for $100 and then the replacement cartridge costs $30 So overcharging for HEPA filters is common So check out the HEPA cost first You'll change it every 6-9 months Hint: Buy an extra one when you purchase The air purifier so they can ship it in the same box, or even offer a discount #3 Fanless air purifiers won't move air The Ionic and ionic breeze from TV was an example - no fan which saves electricity but doesn't clean that well So avoid the purely Ionic air purifiers They also produce ozone if there are too many plates (hint: Oreck XL is one) Make sure the fan motor is strong and yet quiet when you want to sleep with it on Brushless motors are the quietest ones Sometimes the air purifier will offer specs on volume - look for under 24 decibels for a quiet volume for sleep #4 It won't do the square footage on the box First - square footage is based on an empty room so it's usually less than what's on the box Changes per Hour - or CPH - is how many times it cleans all the air in a room each hour What you want is 3-4 times per hour - especially if you have asthma or allergies unfortunately on the box it doesn't say I called the leading TV infomercial air purifier company whose new tower says 1100 sq.ft. But it only does it once per hour. You have to ask There is some cool new Japanese air purifier sensors that detect pollen, odor, and dust. Saves electricity and helps get rid of allergies You can see them at It prevents allergy and asthma by detecting and removing the allergens #5 Avoid Infomercial Air Purifiers Having worked on infomercials I know that the Markup on infomercial products is very high which means they have to skimp on the filters they put into the machine They often leave out UV (Hunter, Oreck) Or leave out HEPA (Oreck) So the air purifiers aren't complete Look for 4-5 technologies starting with HEPA also get UV and negative ions A good prefilter, a quiet motor, and you can even get all this for less than the ones on TV The model has 9 Technologies and it's less than $300 - a great price plus it has the new sensors and covers over 800 square feet. Only sold online it saves you money It now has a 5 Year warranty - amazing Hepa, pre-filters and negative ions are great for allergies, asthma and some odors Carbon, and charcoal is good for absorbing odors, chemicals and protecting immunity UV, Tio2 and plasma or electrostatic is good for germs, viruses and immunity Fortunately you can now get ones with all all 9 technologies. The one I like is the AliveAir purifier which has hepa, UV, Tio2, Prefilter, Carbon Negative ions, electrostatic and also has the new pollen, odor and dust sensors

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Here are some of the problems that air purifier companies like oreck and otehrs won't talk about.

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