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Candidate Free Air Time 2008: David Koon--Incumbent

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For the pass few years, Monroe County families have counted on me to reject typical Albany way, and not let politics stand in the way of doing what's right. I'm proud of my record as an independent voice in Albany. Challenging the status quo, fighting for lower taxes, a stronger economy, and an end it government dysfunction. I look forward to going back to Albany to continue the job I've started. Improving on programs such as STAR and crafting a plan that will cut taxes for property owners. Continue fixing the Upstate economy with more reform similar to those we instituted in the Empire Zone Program and Workers' Compensation. To continue to work with Governor Paterson to break the log jam to cut government spending, and build a new foundation of fiscal responsibility in order to reduce the burdens on our state government, local governments and most important, our citizens and my constituents. I have always been willing to speak my mind, stand up for what I believe in, reach across party lines, disagree with my party and its leaders, and shake up things when necessary, all in the interest in doing the right thing and doing what's best for my district and putting you, my constituents, first. From the first day I swore an oath as an elected representative, I have lived by the motto: "People before Politics." And I promise you, as long as I represent and serve you, this will continue. I thank you for placing your trust in me for these past years. It has been an honor to serve on your behalf. And so today, I ask again for your support on Election Day Tuesday, November 4th. Thank you.

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Posted by: wxxi on Oct 27, 2008

Candidate Free Air Time is WXXI Public Broadcasting Council program. David Koon is the Democrat running in the 135th Assembly District.

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