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Mother Ganga is not only a river But a sign of faith of complete Indian Culture and Heritage The river afloats from the cradle of himalayan mountains is not only sacred but a lifeline too It's water contains medicinal properties as well as an inhabitant to many rare species amphibians and birds The densely populated Ganga Basin is inhabited by 37% of India's population The entire Ganga basin system efffectively drains 8 states of India About 47% of the total irrigated area in india is located in the Ganga basin alone It has been a major source of navigation and communication since the ancient times The Indo-Ganegetic Plain has witnessed the blossoming of India's creative talent Over-Population and Industrialization have changed the river's water The graph shows the faecal coliform levels from Ganga to Diamond Harbour As in this graph Human contamination in the river is rising in 5 orders of magnunitude and this shows the urgent need to clean the river Main sources of Pollution Domestic and Industrial Wastes Solid Garbage Harmful Pesticides and Fertilizers Half and Unburnt human corpse thrown into the river Defecation on the banks by low income people Mass bathing and ritualistic practices This table shows that the ratio of untreated sewage to sewage generation has remained constant to a 55.5% which is understandable as the general approach to clean the river has been to install more and more water treatment plans maybe at the end of each sewage pipe Ganga Action Plan was initiated in 1985 in which 462 crore rupees were sanctioned to clean 25 cities It's objective was to prevent pollution load from reaching to the river Later Ganga Action Plan II was initiated in 2001 in which 2285 crore rupees were sanctioned to clean 95 cities and 441 projects It's objective is to server as a model to demonstrate technology for improving water quality of polluted rivers NMCG is the implementation wing of National Ganga River Basin Authority and has so far sanctioned 83 projects in 49 towns costing Rs.5918 crores Observing the plight of the river Prime Minister Narendra Modi JI has initiated the cleanliness and awareness movement very recently A new technique to clean the to clean the water of open drains thorugh Eco Bio-Block system which can play an important role in the Ganga cleanliness dirve This technique is being used in many cities of the world and it has shown very promising results especially in sewage treatment Eco Bio-Blocks can be used to clean the water of open drains, ponds,lakes sewage treatment and effluent treatment systems etc., Cleaning Ganga is not our work It's our duty Just Do IT!!!!

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