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I come back AfterLife/Death: Agar 1, Missing Child killed by Dad

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Desteni Presents: Vlogs from AfterLife/Death - Agar 1, of 2 My name is, Agar. I am here to, Share with you my, experience in this world. From, when I was six years old, and when I was 'beaten to death' by, my father. So one afternoon, I was 'in our home', my mother was of at work, and, I was, Sitting with my, hand, on my cheek, and I had a blue piece of paper, on the floor. On the carpet, which I remember it was soft and sometimes it made my legs itch. But it was nice and soft to lie on. and the kitchen was right there in front of me. and, our front door was, to my right and our TV room was 'at the back'. and I was, on the carpet, and I had my 'cheek' and my blue paper and I was, lying on my stomach and I was drawing, and, I was busy drawing a sun. (smile) Because it was, sunny outside and, it was nice and warm. and then to my left was, this sliding door, outside to our home- 'to our garden' and, I was just drawing. My father was a very angry man, always but but not (sigh) he was 'angry always' but he wouldn't 'show it', for instance, like he sometimes punch walls, and things like that. when he get angry or he bang on the table (frighten) and, you know then my mother and I would just go like that but, he never hurt us. and then one, and then that afternoon, when, I was just by myself and enjoying me drawing a sun on a blue piece of paper because that was the only paper I could find in the house. My father, came into the door came in through the front door, and He had this, suitcase and, he had his, jacket over his left arm, and he walked in. And his hair was all, scrambled up and his tie was loose, because he had gone 'for a very long time' without work, and he was looking for work. and it was from that time he was looking for work, that he became, so angry. In himself, he wasn't always like that. he just, 'changed', and he came in and, I could feel something was wrong because (sigh) His eyes were all drippy, and, he was slouching. But yet he was, his fists were clinched, and he just threw everything down. And he was just standing there with his (sigh) Head up, his eyes closed, and then he just took his hands! and he went ~ Haaaaah! and, he screamed, and he yelled, he was Haaaaah! Haaah! like that and he was just pulling his hair and he was just (mad breath) That frighten me 'so much' that I froze 'completely', I just - I froze. I just froze. I dropped, my coloring in pencil. and, I just laid there because, I hope he might not see me because, It - I didn't know what to expect. and then he just looked at me, and he just went (pointing) and he, walked to the kitchen, and there was 'an empty beer bottle', there by the kitchen and he 'grabbed' the beer bottle, and he 'walked' to me, and he 'just started hitting me'. All over. he just hit, and he hit and he hit, and he hit me right where all my bones were. So that was so 'painful', when he started hitting me, All over. he just hit, and he hit and he hit, and he hit me right where all my bones were. So that was so 'painful', when he started hitting me, over and over and over again! he hit and he hit and he hit, and, it was, so painful and the shock was so great, inside my body that I couldn't, even, scream. I couldn't even 'cry'. The crying came, but the screaming was first, but then it got the pain it got so bad and the pain got so much, inside my body inside me. and the shock was so great, that I couldn't scream anymore. There was 'no time' to scream, it was just constant continuous shock! pain! shock! pain! Shooting, through out my body, and I was just crying and crying and, I couldn't even scream him to stop! but he just kept hitting! and he just kept hitting! and he just kept hitting. and he said: It's your fault that my Life is such a mess. It's your fault that my Life is what it is. It's your fault that I don't have a job. You 'fucked up' my Life! Your are! the problem! You are the problem! and he just kept hitting and hitting and hitting and he hit my 'head'. and my 'face' and, my legs my knees, my arms and I 'tried to' crawl up into feto-position, but then he just hit my back and he hit my neck and he just kept hitting, and then he hit me here, by my neck, over here and, that's when the bottle broke, because he hit, just (fully) like that, and he hit me, right there and the bottle broke, and the glass shattered into my neck, and, blood just, spread-ed it out. and I just started, feeling, choking on my own blood inside my throat. and, my body was so painful, and I just, wish in that moment I, I still wanted to be alive but, I knew that in this body right now I couldn't possibly still 'live in this body anymore'. Because it was, it was just too painful I had to go, and the blood was coming through here, and I could feel it even coming through my eyes. Blood, water, I couldn't see. I could feel my neck was opened, and, my father just stood next to me, and he felt down on his knees he just started crying, and he had, the glass in his hands and his hands are bleeding and he was just standing there and he cried. While I was dying right there in front of him. And it took me awhile to die, I was lying there for quite awhile. Until I eventually bled to death. and, then everything stopped and I think I moved out of the body because the pain was just too much, I just I couldn't, handle it, I couldn't take it anymore, it was So, bad 'unimaginable pain'. and, so I moved out of my body, and I stood there. and I could see my body, and I could see my father, and he took my body, outside and he buried it. Outside, in the corner of the garden deep inside. Right in the corner, way back. where no one would be able to see. or find, my body. He cleaned the carpet. and then phoned my mother. I will continue in my next interview. More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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