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Think Like a Man (2012)

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[sport whistle] James. You're losing the games for us. You're not even using the pits. You shot 1 for 27. I'm not the one that's backing off the pits. Y'all done here? We want to play some full court. Oh yeah, we're good. No we're not! Y'all want the court? You play for the court.That's what real men do. So y'all want ta play for it? Am I stuttering? You're not going to punk us. You're not serious. I am serious! People come here and they think they got us. They don't have nothin'. (narrator) This spring... Babe, I got us lattes. I'll be right back. I'll be right here. [kissing sound] (woman's voice) Oh, you were an animal last night. So babe, I was thinking we could go on our first real date? Yeah, babe, we should do that. Alan? No he didn't. He take my coffee? Happy Valentines Day, sweetie. And you too, Mom. I'm just going to leave you two alone. I'll call you? (woman) Or not. Sully's slammed. Go park some cars. ♪ So sweet to the eye, she walked right by with her nose in the sky ♪ That's my car! ♪ She don't even know who I am ♪ Okay. Where's the window? [horn honking, car alarm] Hi. The Dark Knight strikes again. (narrator)...but women have had enough. (woman) What is the problem with men of this generation? (Steve Harvey) Ladies. Till you understand the mindset of a man, you are never gonna win in the game of love. Act like a lady. But think like a man. (narrator) Now one book is changing the game. (woman's voice) What are your short term goals? What are your long term goals? What are your views on relationships? Who are you, Oprah? I could use a nightcap. She has this 5 date rule before I can get invited up. We like friends without benefits. She thinks I'm a chef on the rise. She's going to run when I tell her the truth. [glass shattering] I'm totally screwed. Mom, what is this? It's the new read for my book club. Damn you Steve Harvey, doing somethin' to bust like that? This man is a traitor. He knew all of our maneuvers. This is war, gentlemen. We'll use his words to get what we want. Hey. Mike. How old is your mom? What? I'm not sayin' it like that. I am. I am. It's like that. Miss Loretta? I'm ready for the rest of the tour. (narrator) Now, when the truth comes out... (woman 1) He's a part time waiter. (woman 2) There's no such thing as a perfect man. (narrator) ...the game is on. Only women I want to talk to tonight are dancing naked down at the Butt Factory-y-y. I need to be held. I need you to rub my back. Put me in my onesie - whatever you need to do, baby, I'm yours. ♪ Yes I can, doubt that I leave, I'm running with this plan ♪ ♪ Pull me, grab me, crabs in the bucket can't have me ♪ I have to show her I'm a guy with potential. Sweet. Where to - Damn! Look how small your skirt is! Woo! Like us! Follow us! Because I said so! [Captions by]

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