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The Glory of the LORD (Captioned)

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PROCLAIM THE GLORY OF THE LORD SERMON TEXT: ISAIAH 52:7-10 HE (the LORD) HAS REDEEMED JERUSALEM. THE LORD WILL LAY BARE HIS HOLY ARM IN THE SIGHT OF ALL THE NATIONS, AND ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH WILL SEE THE SALVATION OF OUR GOD. This is the Word of our Lord; Let us pray: Glorious and gracious God, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of each of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, our only source of hope and comfort. Amen. Pastor Dave motions and waits for the congregation to be seated comfortably before continuing with the sermon. Dear Followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Did any of you turn the news on this morning while you were getting ready for church? Maybe while you were eating breakfast. Did you ever notice anything about the news on Christmas Day? It's pretty worthless. I mean unless something really, truly major would happen, nothing seems to get reported. Everybody's off doing something ... we have great stories about people feeding the homeless; we have stories about the other services that were held, but there really isn't anything new! I mean we have a big blizzard going on back East ... So at least the weather channel has something exciting to hear this morning. CNN Headline News was playing their entertainment report from last night. But there is great ... news ... this morning! Great news that you and I have, that has come to us from God Himself ABOUT God Himself. That God has revealed His glory in His Son, Jesus Christ. That He has saved us. And the Prophet Isaiah reminds us this morning that WE are to be the ones to proclaim the glory of God. You and I are the ones who today and every day ... every day of our life are out there shouting to the people; reminding the believers your God reigns, Isaiah says. He has come. He has brought us joy. He has brought us salvation. We have SEEN His glory in Jesus Christ and how truly amazing that is. That God the Father, sent Jesus Christ, His Son into this world to be the radiance of His glory. So that people could hear His voice and see in Him the Truths of God. We know how tremendously special that is when we recall our Old Testament lesson. When Moses, that great leader of faith in the Old Testament on Mt. Sinai said to God: I want to see Your glory. Show me Your glory. And the LORD said to him: I will ... but realize you can't look at My face. You can't look at My face in your sinful state but I will reveal My Glory to you first and foremost in My Name ... the LORD ... the LORD. The One who's compassionate. The One who's gracious ... The One who is abounding in love and mercy. Who for years and years and years took His own people to prepare them to receive Me, their Messiah. The One who was going to deal with their sin. He was the Savior-God, the God of the Covenant that He had made with people. That God Himself was going to keep. He was going to show people, His love in a most beautiful and miraculous way. Even more so, when we hear Him passing before Moses When He takes Moses and He tucks him in to the side of that rock. And He says: I'm going to put My hand in front of you so that you can't see My face until I pass by, and then you can see My back. Then you will KNOW ... the Glory of the LORD. I think we hear those words and we're in AWE of what that scene must have been like as Moses was talking to that Rock. And the LORD passed by proclaiming His Name. Proclaiming that HE IS the Savior-God. The One who is going to deal with people's sins. The One who is going to show them His love and His abounding grace. And we saw that in our Gospel lesson ... How God, the Father, did not abandon His plan. But He carried it out. He prepared the world at that time to receive His Son through John the Baptist. There were people of God LOOKING for the Messiah. They were LONGING to see Him. They came up to John and they even went up to him thinking he was the One! He was the Christ! He was the Messiah of God! And John very clearly told them all: I am NOT the Light! I am NOT that One. The One who comes after me, I am not even worthy to untie the thongs of His sandals. And there we see that greater miracle of God that He ... gave His Son, into this world. The Son of God taking on our human flesh ... and blood. To be born into this world. To show people God's love. To teach them of God's forgiveness. To be active, in carrying out the will of God, the Father. Obeying each and every command that God had set and laid down, that human beings couldn't keep. And He lived that perfect life. He died that perfect death. And as the Letter to the Hebrews reminds us, we have seen that through the eyes of faith. That has been recorded for us what God did in taking care of our sins. In shattering our darkness. In breaking the yoke that restrained us, so we couldn't be free. But we NOW are free! We are free in the forgiveness of God's Son who sits in God's heaven at this very moment as His One and Only beloved Son. And we are to give glory to the Name that is above all names. The Name of our Savior. The One that has brought to us the forgiveness of sins; who is our King that we will fall before Him for all eternity, singing glory and praise for what He has done. As Isaiah reminds us, He is the One who came to the ruins of Jerusalem and restored them. He is the One who comes to us in our ruined state and restores us by the power of His working. By what He has done. And for that, we rejoice! That is the Good News of our lives! We are the watchman that Isaiah says and tells people to be quiet and listen for. We are the ones who have the Good News. We are the ones who have the salvation of our God. When Isaiah says, proclaim that Glory to God, that is yours who loves you. Revere His Name. Hold it sacred. Carry it with you and proclaim it in your life ... to a world that so needs to know that Jesus IS the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN. He is the Plan that God, the Father, set up and carried out and delivered out into this world. To deliver us OUT of this world into our heavenly home. That Name of Jesus is sweet in our hearing, And we honor it. And we respect it. And we praise it each and every day as we pray to Him for all of our needs to be met. With all of the thanks that we have from hearts that are filled with the knowledge that we ARE the children of God. Let us hold it sacred and let's share it with the world that is still in darkness. The world that John reminds us: God Himself made. Jesus was the Word that was present at creation. He came into this world to save it. And it saddens us to know that there are still people in this world who do not recognize Him, who do not see Him. Who do not have eternal life ... because nobody told them the Good News. No one has cried from the rooftops who the Lord of the universe is ... and who the Savior is. And WE HAVE THAT KNOWLEDGE. That Name that was written on our hearts at our baptism is ours by faith and we hold it SO dear. Today we remind ourselves of the joy that is ours. The joy that fills our hearts. That will be abundant in our life, as we go out and proclaim the Glory of the LORD. Amen. Let us rise. Now may the peace of God which goes beyond all of our understanding, keep your hearts and your minds and especially your lives in the one true faith unto life everlasting. Amen.

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