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Teach you Design of: Addiction, and why am i addicted?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Addiction - The Design of Addiction This is the design of addiction, communicating about addiction. Now addiction exists, as the synchronized relationship, of the mind consciousness system. With something, or someone that exists within and of 'this world'. Designed by other mind consciousness systems within and of the unified consciousness field. Now the example I am using is the.. addiction, to substances such as 'drugs'..and the abuse thereof. Now, drugs, connect to the 'emotional, charge nature' that exists within of you, as what you have 'defined', as who you are. In other words, if you are a very, 'emotionally charged' human being. Whether you're in extensive suppression, depression..inner conflict, constant turmoil..angry, sad, alone lonely, etc. Depending on the intensify nature, of those aspects of 'emotional experiences' within you. will depend on the extensive nature of your addiction to substances, such as drugs for instance. Drugs chemical construct as, 'literally', every chemical construct this is drugs.. Alcohol.. etc..even sex, interesting, the- sex induces a chemical construct, generation within, and of the human physical body Now, both alcohol drugs, and sex, have the 'exact same' chemical constructed, compound nature experience, that.. charges, within the mind consciousness system of human beings. and 'this addiction', is filled, with emotions, of the mind consciousness system which the human beings experienced, 'as themselves as who they are'. So human beings that be- that are 'prone to' addiction. Understand that 'that' which you are 'consuming', is, like a consum-mation. That what you are consuming for instance as drugs, alcohol and sex. What happens is, your 'mind consciousness system', creates a synchronized, relationship 'between'..the drugs, the alcohol, and the sex for instance, so in that synchronized relationship, Your mind formulates 'a picture'..within a hemisphere of your brain. Which will either be the alcohol, drugs, or the sex that can even be all three. So your mind's "primary a relationship", is to "in-formed" with drugs, alcohol, and sex. Understand, that addiction has many facets. Even your, 'normal' relationships actions addiction, addiction to sex. (laugh) Sex drugs and alcohol. Alright. So What happens is, that when you're consuming, sex, drugs, or alcohol, your 'mind' then manifest a relationship with the sex drugs and alcohol. Now this is the synchronized relationship your mind consciousness system has, with those replacement within of the unified consciousness field. and 'because' of a relationship was 'formed', 'your mind', consciousness system cannot! impossibly exists without it. Because you have 'defined', sex drugs and alcohol, 'as you as one as you'. Which then 'forms', the perception of 'an addiction', that is experienced but 'actually' it's not an addiction. Addiction, is 'actually' the mind consciousness system not being as 'you' - as what you perceived and believed yourself to be Not having the ability to 'exist', without the relationship that 'it formed', with the sex drugs and alcohol. That 'relationship formation' is called 'addiction'. That is the synchronized relationship, formation placement, of your mind, with the sex drug and alcohol, which is addiction. and your mind cannot exist without, either one or all three of them, existing in your world. Because that's how your mind consciousness system, generates as existence within and as your human physical body, constantly continuously As you participate sex drugs and alcohol, even all three..constantly continuously. You have to have more! you have to have more! You have to have it. It's, It like it like becomes the 'blood', of your human physical body, becomes 'the breathe' of your human physical body. it cannot exist without it. and that's what addiction is. That's the design of addiction within and as human physical body. Some human beings don't have sex drugs and alcohols. some have then, that, just their relationship placement of the being they're in relationship with But, the same thing occurs, it's an addiction how do you know it's an addiction? when.. 'the beings' who are in relationship 'breaks up', the being go through the 'withdrawal symptoms', of emotional break down. and, later on goes on to the 'rebounded', design. To now, replace the 'previous addiction' with another addiction. Human beings 'be very careful' if you're use, if you're earthing an addictions of a relationship your mind has formed, between for instance sex drug and alcohol, that you don't replace it with another addiction. In other words, 'make sure' that you as who you are, is not 'defined, or dependent', on anything that exists separated from you, within and of this world. Release yourself from everything! So that you stand 'alone' within yourself. Now understand addiction is quite an 'extensive process' - to walk through. and will take moment by moment, breathe by breathe, extensive self-discipline. but! and of course then the 'withdrawal symptoms' experiences. But human beings, this is imperative for you to do this, because 'it is not you'. It is a relationship formation as addiction of 'the mind'. Because the mind always need something to exist, 'with and as in relationship'. Otherwise it cannot impossibly exist. Thank you very much. this is the design of addiction. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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