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Mid-November Brochure 2018 (English)

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[MUSIC] Hey, ya'll, it's me, Cheryl! And are you ready to see your brand new, mid-November brochure? You know what, ya'll? I love this. It is your Holiday Helpers and it says, no-hassle holiday shopping solutions inside. That's right, ya'll, your customers are gonna be able to shop from their seat, not from their feet, when they're attending at Tupperware party, so let's take a look at the inside of your brochure, where first of all, y'all, your host gift special, your jewel tone, it continues, y'all, you got one more month to offer this amazing set, to your hostesses, but starting off with their dating gift guides, and remember, they're getting the little idea bowls, and these are a fan favorite and remember guys, when you walk through the front door or they hold on the original date, they get one bowl. Ten or more guests, you can add a second bowl. When they have $100 or more in paid outside orders, you can add another bowl. And then, when they have a dating waiting, or a blind date, as we say, you can add another bowl, so your host has the opportunity to have all 4 bowls in her kitchen. Plus, y'all, the mixing bowls, oh my gosh, I love these, y'all, and the good news is these bowls are are texturized on the inside, which means all of them, the fix-n-mix bowl and the 3-piece mixing bowl set they're all beater-safe--yay! And, we're not done, because we also have your coordinating measuring cups and measuring spoons, and then not one, but 4 of your mini canisters, and they're see-through, guys, so this is the perfect gift for one of those friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, whatever, filled with holiday treats, and don't forget, we have candy recipes online for y'all, which you can be doing at all of your Tupperware parties, and to round out this amazing hostess special, right here, guys, our large snack-n-store, you know this is a fan favorite, too, for all of those cookies, those brownies, or those goodies that you're gonna be serving during the holidays, so this hostess special, it continues in your mid-November brochure. So now, let's see what we have inside your brochure for all of your customers. OK, y'all, so now are you ready to see what you have to offer your customers at your parties? Well, we're gonna start with everything they're gonna need to prep those holiday meals, starting with our non-stick roasting pan and it comes with the non-stick roasting rack. How awesome is that, y'all? It makes clean-up [snaps fingers] a breeze, and it's on sale and it is...exclusive! So we also have, just in time for the holidays, our silicone basting brush. It's back, y'all! It's exclusive, it's on sale, and don't forget to tell all your customers that after they've washed it, they can actually close it as they're putting it away to protect the silicone bristles. And we also have, guys, a callback to the catalog, and it is your potato masher, because everybody's having mashed potatoes this time of the year, and we also have some recipes to support your mashed potatoes, your sweet potatoes, online. Who doesn't want a maple sweet potato casserole, y'all? You can find this on your my.tupperware website, y'all. And you know what, we have some more exclusives! And it is our flavor saver! Now it's gonna come in this color with your bottom, but the seal is going to be in your vineyard color, which coordinates with all of your takers in your fall holiday catalog. And the cool thing about this, y'all, is it has a rack on the inside so when you're pulling up your roasting hen or you're pulling up your ham, you can pull it up on this rack and not have to use your fingers to pull it out of the container-- how great is that? And you can also use this, guys, if you want to store large quantities in the refrigerator for a couple of days. It's the flavor saver, it is back, and it's on sale. OK y'all, and your savings continue in your brochure, because they are back at the right time of the year, and is our stuffable sets! And you know what, guys? Everybody has those planovers, yes, I did say planovers, because when you have food that is left after you've eaten dinner or lunch, you wanna plan on using it again, and your stuffables are the favorite and the best way to store those planover foods. Your customers are gonna love this set, guys, you're gonna get not one but two of our 1-cup, two of our 2-cup and two of our 3-cups, OK, and then they're gonna get not one, but two of our 4-cup, 6-cup, and 8-cup stuffables and the great thing about the stuffables, guys, is the seal expands! It's kinda like when you wear a pair of pants with elastic in it on Thanksgiving or Christmas day so it expands! The stuffables do the same thing, let me show you. So as y'all can see, my seal colors are not the seal colors that you have and that you'll be showing at your Tupperware parties, guys. So I have right product, wrong seal colors. But the functionality all works the same. Now remember, ya'll, I told you those seals expand? Here's a really great demo that you can do at your Tupperware parties with your stuffables. Take the bowl, take it out, take some kind of a soup can or a bean can or whatever. You want it about that height. Take the seal, and I would say, You know guys, this is how it expands, and there's so many times when you're gone, and you put something in a bowl, and you're like, shoot, doggy, it's too more, it's too much, and the bowl's to small, you dump it out and you go to the next bowl, and you're like, shoot, doggy, that's too big, right, then you dump it out and find the bowl that's just right. Your stuffable is the bowl that's just right, and if you have a little bit too much--no worries! Because, watch, y'all. The seal expands, OK? And, voila! I mean, seriously, y'all, Tupperware thinks of everything! Another thing that you wanna make sure that you're sharing at your Tupperware parties, guys, is the bottom, the bowl, is reheatable, the seal is not. And make sure you tell your customers it is reheatable at 50–70% power, y'all. And another thing you wanna share at all your Tupperware parties is the space savings that these bowls are. Let me show you this, guys. You can take your bowls and you can tear them down. And then just like with our hostess special that we offered in last month, our fresh-n-cool, you always wanna go from the smallest to the next size, to the next size, to the next size, guys. Right? And then, voila, that's all the space it's taking. And your large work the exact same way. Now, we have this entire set, guys, that your customers can take advantage of, but we also have, when they purchase this entire set, it then gives them the eligibility to purchase not one, but two of our seal organizers. And look, y'all, the perfect seal organizers for all of your extra seals, because remember, you wanna tell your customers that you'd never, ever, ever, store your Tupperware bowls with the seal completely on. Your Tupperware bowls need to breath. So, you wanna make sure that you're upselling when they purchase this set, that they're gonna be able to take advantage of the seal organizer. And you also want to upsell at your Tupperware parties because, when they come to the party and they spend some money, they get a deal. I call it the attendance spend, and they can add two more of our 1-cup stuffables to this entire set. So you know what y'all have? You have this amazing set, that you can have one set for yourself, and then you can gift a set to somebody else for the holidays. And who wouldn't want this for a set? Because you know what we always say... Tupperware is the gift that keeps on giving. And you know what, speaking about gifts, we also have an amazing say yes offer, and for the next two weeks you can also tell all your customers that when they say yes to the Tupperware opportunity, they're gonna be able to have this pressure cooker in their kitchen. And you know what, y'all? Do you ever have the pressure of trying to make a meal instead of driving through the drive-thru, so as Stephanie Garber says, ditch the drive-thru! Put the pressure cooker in your kitchen. By saying yes to the pressure cooker opportunity, you could make your meals in less than 30 minutes in our pressure cooker and then store any of those planovers in our stuffables, guys. Tupperware has the solution fo all of your customers' needs this holiday season. OK, guys, and I also wanna talk to y'all about your safety features on your pressure cooker. You wanna share these at all of your Tupperware parties. Our pressure cooker comes with five safety features. First of all, y'all have your indicator valve. Remember: when the indicator valve is all the way down, that means it's safe to open up your pressure cooker. Second one that we have is your regulator valve, right here, guys, OK? If there's any extra pressure that builds inside the pressure cooker, it's going to release the pressure right in here. Third thing that will happen if there's too much pressure is on the inside, right, we have this silicone ring. This silicone ring will actually collapse inside the base of your pressure cooker. The fourth safety feature that we have is you locking handle. Now when you're putting this on, there's an arrow on the handle and there's an arrow on your cover. So you wanna put it arrow to arrow, see how easy that was, y'all? And then you just wanna slide it shut, OK? So now you've got handle to handle. And then you wanna take your locking mechanism, this is a locking handle, you do not pick this up using the handle. This is to lock it in place, did you hear the little click? OK, it's not gonna lock in place if you don't have the cover on right. And then, that's your fourth. And then your fifth is inside the handle there is, and on the cover there's a little tiny pinhole right here. If there's too much pressure on the inside, and all four of the other safety features should happen to fail, this will be the last one that will release the pressure out of your pressure cooker. You know what, y'all? I've used my pressure cooker lots and lots and I've never had a problem, so make sure you're offering the opportunity because it's a great way to help people take the pressure off of their holiday bills using the Tupperware opportun-- with the Tupperware opportunity. And then one more little tip, when you're at your Tupperware parties, guys when you take your seals, when you go to put them on and you're stacking your bowls up on the kitchen counter or on the table, just put your seal, and before you lock it down, just push down and then put it on. And you'll see this little indentation, and that makes it easier for your bowls to stack on top of each other and they won't kinda wiggle around. So, just another little tip for all of y'all. So now, let's see what else we have on sale. Alright y'all, and your wishlist wonders continue, because we have gifts under 40 in the US, under 50 in Canada, starting with... our set of our magic makers! Right guys, it is your pasta maker and your rice maker. And you know what, guys, I have to tell you, my daughter loves the rice maker and your customers will too! A little tip that you always wanna share at all of your parties is, when you're demonstrating the rice maker and you're talking about putting the water and the rice in here, guys, make sure that you remind your customers that when they're putting the insert in, the little peaks, I call them little mountains or cliffs, they must be facing up. If they're not facing up, your rice maker is not gonna work! And then you're just gonna put the seal on, guys, OK. And then you just lock it down, click it shut, put it in the microwave. Now, with your pasta maker, y'all, when you're doing your pasta maker, you wanna make sure that you're telling your customers, you wanna align the holes with the holes on the cover, guys. Because this right here is how you pour out all of your excess water. Another really cool thing about our pasta maker is your customers can decide how much pasta do they wanna make and we actually have pasta lines right inside here that show you how much water and how much pasta that you can make using our pasta maker. Now the cool thing, guys, is if you want just a bit of pasta, you can make a little, if you want a lot, you can make a lot. And, you can also take this, what we do, in our home, is once we drain off the water out of the pasta, guys, you can take your Alfredo sauce, or your homemade spaghetti sauce, and you can put it right inside here, toss it up, put your cover back on, and then take this to the table and serve it right out of here. This cover keeps everything nice and warm as you're serving it from the table. So, there is your microwave magic giftset under 40, under 50. OK, y'all, I'm pretty excited because your baking buddies gift set, it is back and it is exclusive! Starting with our Tupperware pastry sheet, oh my gosh, you guys, it's another! Because look how big it is, y'all, everybody needs to have this. And ours also features both your grams and your ounces, and you know what else, y'all, it has? It also has your conversion charts here on the bottom. So how cool is that? A little tip that you'll wanna give all of your guests when you're using your pastry sheet at home, guys, if you just put a little bit of water on the back of it, and then put it down, it keeps your pastry sheet in place, guys. So it doesn't go sliding over the counter.O OK y'all, but guess what else that we have, and it's back, but it's exclusive to this brochure, it's our sift-n-store! And why do we call it a sift-n-store? Because you can sift, using just one hand, how cool is that? But if you know you're gonna be doing a lot of baking, guys, you can go ahead, put your flour inside here, put the bottom on, it's got a seal to it, guys, click it on, and now you can store it, so you're not having to take it out and refill it, who else does it? Tupperware! But this is also great, guys, after you get done with the baking, clean this, and then put your powdered sugar in here, because you guys know, everything goes better during the holidays with a little bit of powdered sugar on it! So, and you know what guys? This is also kids friendly, so let the kids get in the kitchen and help you this holiday season. But we also have our rolling pin, guys, and once again, I love this because it has multiple uses. So... Did you all know that you can take our rolling pin, and you can unscrew it, and you can actually fill this with water. Now if you're going to be rolling out something with a yeast dough, you wanna fill this with warm water, if you're rolling something out with a flour dough, you wanna fill this up with cold water. A little tip, too, guys if you do a lot of popcorn and you do it on the stove, so my mom and my grandma and probably my great grandma, if they had this, they used to put their popcorn inside here because frozen popcorn, all of the kernels will pop, so you can fill this up with popcorn, plus if you're rolling something out and you weight this down, it makes it roll out a thinner pie crust, guys, Ok. So mom put popcorn in here, and she would just store it in the freezer and dad would just literally pour out the popcorn and then seal it back up and back in the freezer it went. But all of the kernels popped, guys. So, anyway guys, multiple uses, everybody needs a rolling pin. So this is your baker's buddy set, it's on sale, it is exclusive. OK, y'all, but we also have our click series peelers, they're exclusive, and they're on sale. And we have the peeler for everything, y'all, and the cool thing about this is, A: it has a home, that will fit inside your drawers, guys, and it has the handle and three different peeler sizes. So all you do is take the handle out, lock it in, click, OK, click it, Cheryl. And then voila, you've got your peeler. So now you've got a nice large peeler, and then you take it out, guys, you clean it, put it back inside here and pull of the handle. If you just want a regular peeler, voila! And the cool thing about this one, guys, it has the little eyeball remover, OK, to take the eyes out of the potatoes. And a lot of times people like to peel and they like to do the sideway one, and this also has your little eyeball remover to take out the eyeballs on your potatoes, OK, guys? So all of this... clicks inside and you have a home for all of your peelers. Now let me demonstrate how great these are and what different fruits and vegetables would you use when you're peeling, so hang on a second. OK, so, y'all, I have our large peeler and I have a mango. I have to promise you this is the, right? So watch, guys, you just take it, and then look how easy it is, look how great that is, OK, so I'm just gonna peel this. And you know the nice thing about having the bigger one, guys, is you're getting more of the peel, and sometimes mangos can be a pain in the drain to peel, guys. Look how easy this is to peel this, and look how quickly I can get that done. Now if you wanted to--Oh [smelling mango] Smells so good, y'all, OK? Now, if you wanted to use the smaller one, then you could just simply take this--take the handle off, click this in, OK, and then you can do your zucchini. Now, a little tip, guys, that I learned. If you're gonna-- did y'all know, is a zucchini a vegetable? Or is it a fruit? Hm. Next time we get together I'll tell you, but let me show you how great this is, guys. OK, so you're gonna put this in-- boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I mean seriously, easy peasy. OK y'all, and you know what? Some people prefer the side peeler, so the cool thing about it is you the little eyeball getter outter so if you wanna clean out your eyes, right, so you just take this and go inside and voila, it comes all the way out. So, I'm gonna take the eyeballs out, OK? And it comes out, guys, and I just them off. And then to use the side, you're gonna peel towards you, OK. So, so just boom, boom, boom. How easy is that guys, OK? So whether they like to peel with the straight, or they like to peel with the side, Tupperware has the solution. OK y'all, and we also have our tear-off and I'm pretty excited about this tear-off because it's got some great offers for you customers, or you know what guys, you can tell everyone, do you wanna give a gift, or do you wanna get a gift? Because we have the answers, starting with... our canister set, look how pretty this, y'all, it's just in time for the holidays. And this could make a great Christmas gift, or a Hanukkah gift just by itself, or you can have four gifts in one, but we also have the giant canister, y'all. This one, it'll hold a ton of cookies! Now you can take this and you can put it together as a complete set, so now you have five different gifts, guys. And you know how the drill goes. If you like them just a little bit, if you like them a little bit more. You know what, you probably love this one a little bit but this person you love a whole lot more, and this one is just for you! I know! So you know what, guys, Tupperware has all the solutions and all the answers as you're out holiday shopping this season. So guys, this is a great set, whether you're using it as a set of 4, or you're putting it all together. Now my colors are not the correct colors, but they are all of the right sizes! So your customers are gonna love them, y'all. But we also have, on your tear-off, our little kids party set! It's back! And they're gonna get the little pitcher, the little glasses, the little serving plates, and how cute is this little cake slicer? And they're gonna get the little cake taker! But you know what else y'all can do with this? And I sell a ton of these during the holidays, this is the perfect size for those holiday cheese balls! And the next time we get together, I'll teach y'all how to make a cheese ball from scratch, homemade, that is to die for, y'all. So that this makes the perfect cheese ball taker to all of those holiday parties. But we also also have our eco ho ho ho and we have our Santa bottles, now this is the Santa bottle that your customers are gonna be purchasing, it will be all red. And I'm gonna give you all lots of different ideas on how you can showcase these at your Tupperware parties for the last three weeks of the November sales month, starting with: inside this one right here, guys, we've got some, guess what? You know what it is? That's right, M&Ms! So you can fill it up with some holiday M&Ms, you could fill it up and put a little bow with some holiday Skittles on here, but you know what, guys? You could also actually tie a gift card onto the top of this little eco water bottle, and use this as a gift, guys, and this is actually the packaging. So now they're gonna get their gift card, and they're gonna have the eco water bottle to go with it. A great teacher's gift, a bus driver gift, guys. Would be awesome. A crossing guard, this would be a great gift for that, guys. You can also take it, and maybe you wanna use it as a stocking stuffer, so inside here, there is a lot of change, right? Quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies. So you can fill this up with some change, you can use this as a stocking stuffer, for one of the kids, the grandkids, your niece or nephew, and a great way to start their savings account, guys. Or whether you wanna use this as gifts for kids in the neighborhood or kids in the class, guys. Tupperware has the solution for you. OK y'all, and make sure that you're sharing your iStory at all of your Tupperware parties, and you can use Beth Rosa from Melody Mates to help share her story at your parties. Beth was a single mom of twins and Tupperware walked into her life and changed her life. Share her story, share your story, share the Tupperware opportunity during this holiday season, because Tupperware is a gift that keeps on giving. So until I see you next time, think big, start small, but make sure you go out and party now, y'all! Bye. [MUSIC]

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Mid-November Brochure 2018 (English)

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