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FINAL Jolene's FemCity Denver Promo Video

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It’s business for the soul, but with friends – all a burst of positivity. And so, if you think about it being authentic networking and not really networking at all. When I go to events or when I even lead board meetings for our FemCity Board of Advisors, really, it’s just getting together with a bunch of trusted friends and advisors, that I would love to do business with or that I would trust their insights on how I can do business. I have made several invaluable business connections while being a member of FemCity, and I’m looking forward to continue building my own business as well helping build the business of others while being a member of FemCity. Why would I recommend FemCity to others? because we are an authentic group of individuals that come together as a community. So, when you come to events, whether it being for the first time or for the 400th time, you're welcomed by a community, and hopefully you feel right at home and that this is your tribe. It’s business for the soul, authentic leadership, authentic connections, and being able to hang out with your friends. So, while it’s business, sometimes it doesn’t feel like that and it’s nice for others. If I were to sum up FemCity in one word, the first thing, honestly, that comes to mind is ‘Yes’, but the second thing that comes to mind is ‘Friends with Businefits’ – that’s just a word that I made up. My name is Jolene Clark and I’m the founder and principal consultant of Redhead Momentum. What we do is build and sustain high-performing teams while building and sustaining high-performing leaders at the same time. I am honored to be the President of FemCity Denver, and all of the ladies in our chapter really do feel…

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