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Good morning everyone, today we are here to present a tutorial on how to learn more about Amos the prophet. STEP 1: Know his background. Hi, I'm Bella Manzano and today i'll be sharing facts about Amos. So Amos is a sheepbreeder in the land of Judah. Jeroboam. So he lives in a village located about 90 meters south of Bethlehem in the land of Judah. Amos is a prophet of social justice, the God who defends the right of the people. Thank you... STEP 2: Find out how did he become a prophet Hi, my name is Ricci Madridejos and today I will be explaining how God called Amos. The priest of Bethel who is Amaziah, sent a word to Jeroboam, the king of Israel. The Lord took him from following the flaw and the Lord said to him to go prophesy to his people in Israel. STEP 3: Identify what lies beneath his prophetic messages. Hi, i'm Isabelle Villar and i'll be explaining what Amos is trying to project. Amos wants peace and justice as God ordered him. He wanted people to be devoted to the Lord. People can show that they are devoted by spreading the word of God determined to follow God's commands and by following him only STEP 4: Determine how Amos become a functioning intermediary. Goodmorning, I am Gianina Garcia and i'll be explaining how Amos functioned as an intermediary. Amos was set by God to function as an intermediary. He was the one who spoke on behalf of God. He proclaimed God's message and justice unto the land. And that is why people changed. Amos depended on God and had great image. That is why he was able to function as an intermediary and helping the people with their everyday lives. Thank you!! STEP 5: Distinguish how Amos delivered God's message. Goodmorning everyone, I am Thealexandria Cacayan, i'll be reading delivery of the message: Through what means is Amos's message delivered to the people? Amos delivered his message through dangerous visions. God shared Amos symbolic visions which spread throughout the people. These visions include the locust swarm, rain of fire, the plummet, the summer fruit, and the destruction of the sanctuary. Thank you. (also for watching!)

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