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RemoteAgainstCoronaVirus - Campaign Update 03

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Hello, and welcome to our weekly update from the campaign #RemoteAgainstCoronavirus Please use the hashtag if you haven't already We have had fantastic support for the initial article that we released about remote leadership and virtual leadership with so many people moving to remote working because of the coronavirus pandemic and at the end of last week we released our four stage strategy recommendation for organisations to move to remote working. That's right, and most organisations that we've spoken to are in now the second phase of that the 'implement' phase and that's very much reflected in the questions that we were sent in response to our video last week most of which were around a need for day to day support in kind of troubleshooting and the kind of day to day challenges that are unique to remote working rather than specific information which there's a lot of available at the moment across the internet so what we've decided to do is to create RemoteWorkmates which we have got a domain and RemoteWorkmates will be a place for seasoned remote workers to support those who are new to remote working and we have a few thoughts on how we can do that So, three things that we'll be doing we'll be buddying up experienced remote workers with new remote workers so please do sign up if you'd like to be either a buddy or be buddied secondly, we'll be rerunning the Hoxby Wellbeing Week but we'll be making that public that includes things like mindfulness, yoga, setting your own workstyle tips for working from home that sort of thing and thirdly, we will be opening up our World365Loop collective exercise challenge to anyone that wants to take part in it which is a great way to stay motivated and stay fit, whether it's inside your house or outside during these unusual times. Thank you very much for your continued support please continue to use #RemoteAgainstCoronavirus and also check out our if you'd like to take part in the initiative See you next week. Bye for now.

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Posted by: _kim_nguyen on Mar 17, 2020

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