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Notre Dame Students, Sunyani

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My name is Pamela. I'm the head girl at Notre Dame Senior Secondary School. It's like a prefect. I take of administrative cases. [dust in eyes} I carry messages between the students and the administration Hi, I'm grace. I'm the Entertainment Prefect. I know you might not have an Entertainment Prefect at your school My work is to entertain the students. We have entertainment every week. And you know Africans, especially Ghanaians, we like dancing so we always dance. ...sometimes watch movies and just have fun. I'm Philomena and I am the head of the French club I help the students organize French programs and how to improve their speaking of French I'm Anastasia. I basically help with the entertainment. What I do is basically, OK... Danielle help me. shae takes news from the net and --all about stars -- and back in our school I go for interschool news programs. I look for students who misbehave or do other things and campus reports. So that's what I do. Ok, its very far from here. I don't know. I can't quantify it but I know its very far. cause you go from one region to another. I'm in Ashanti region and I come to Brong Ahafo region It's sometimes sad, but it's also nice being away from home. and not being sent all the time to do chores and all that. It's nice being around your friends ...but sometimes it's lonely not having mommy and daddy and the siblings around. Oh, the classes are OK and the teachers are very good, but what I don't really like is that when you get to your final year we don't have physical education we don't have...sometimes we have ITT and sometimes we don't because we have to learn very hard for our exams It's very difficult. You really have to spend much time. So we don't get enough sleep. We have to kill ourselves! to get very good grades We take eight. We study eight subjects. That's economics, history. We have four electives and four core subjects. and we study very hard to make it Yeah. You have to study very hard to make it into university. If you don't do well, you will never make it into university. OK, I'm an only child and with both parents still staying Since I'm an only child it's not fun But with the use of, like television and the browsing on the net and stuff you are able to connect with other people and even with your friends in school. We are all Facebook friends. It's fun. I too am the only child. I'm the oldest girl but not the oldest child. There are six. I'm the second born. OH! I'm part of the cadets. We went for an exchange program. I qualified for an exchange program to the United Kingdom. I had a lot of fun. I say I killed two birds with one stone. cause we traveled to Scotland, another country. and we came back to London. And we went to Portsmouth I hadn't lived on a ship before. We lived on a ship, the HMS victory. You met other kids, other cadets. We had students from South Korea, Singapore, America South Africa, Ghana, Bermuda Yeah, we went to the Olympics We went to, I think, Egypt vs Belarus. And Egypt won. Yeah...Three..nil. Ghana beat Egypt. Actually, I'm not a fan of football.

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Country: Ghana
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Posted by: kschmittgens on Mar 1, 2013

This is a short interview with students at Notre Dame Senior Secondary in Sunyani Ghana

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