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So (Hebrew) they, they, they lift the realm and they receive directly because of the forty nine days. They receive directly the light and therefore there was no room for death. By the golden calf, they restored it again, it was restored. But actually on Mount Sinai at the time of the exit it was Bila Hamavet Lanetzach. If he was eternally erased one might ask. How did it come back again? If they already did the job on Mount Sinai so then the next forty days at the end of the next forty days they did the golden calf. Because they didn't do the golden calf they fell back to the realm of illusion. The realm of the terrestrial realm where death lurks. Where, thats the habitat of death. Death cannot. Or the... The evil force cannot make connection directly with light. He can only get it, again, via satellite. How do you do that? Why is it called (Hebrew)? When a person sins it's called (Hebrew). Why's it called (Hebrew)? From the Hebrew word, transfer. (Hebrew) When a person sins he draws that energy but since he has, he has sinned. He stole so he is now not in a position to be the recipient of that light. It's like a bulb. It get's an infusion of the electricity, burns out and then there are a few sparks. From that condition of burning out a few sparks spread to the side. By my doing (Hebrew) I have transferred a little of that energy. Because the only one who can draw energy in this world is man. Therefore when he dies (Hebrew), meaning he, he is not a prepared vessel for the constant flow of energy. Then he is (Hebrew), he passes it on to the death star fleet. So on Mount Sinai he left the death star fleet behind. There was no connection because the death star fleet only has a connection in the world of Malchut. Not in Zeir Anpin. When they are in Mount Sinai with (Hebrew). There was no more death in the world. Had they not made the golden calf it would have been all over. We would have been receiving directly.

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