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A Thousand Suns Trailer

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[♪solemn music playing♪] global oneness project films Here in Africa we've got a problem. Official Selection Mill Valley Film Festival There's not enough food available to the poor. People are losing their lives over that problem on a daily basis. We feel that this is an overdue priority. Hunger in Africa cannot continue. They know the solutions to their most pressing problems, especially of hunger and famine. But rather than be given opportunities to use their knowledge, quick fix solutions are being formulated out there like prescriptions in medicine and they are told, "Take this to deliver you." We're aware that there's skepticism over whether AGRA is simply trying to pave the way for American businesses AGRA - Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa or businesses from other parts of the world. AGRA is about profits; it's about making profits for those who are producing the chemical fertilizers, the chemical sprays, and the improved seeds. To just invest in more herbicides, pesticides, hybrid seeds, irrigation, and fertilizers clearly does not hold the full answer. Here people believe that they are part of the nature. They don't think that they are dominant and that they can exploit everything. [♪♪] It is not permitted among Gamos to take out whatever he likes from the ground. There is a limit. There is a limit. [♪♪] Some evangelical Christian organizations have moved in and really created a lot of turmoil in this region. We see that people are worshipping other things as a part of God, but they ignore us. Africa does not need another religion, another philosophy, to arrive on the continent. [♪♪] [crowd cheering] The world is changing, and what is most important at the moment is to come together and strike a balance between the new and the indigenous. I can't see any lands or any fields. There is nothing. These people just live on concrete surfaces. [traffic sounds] A Thousand Suns - food, ecology, and religion in the 21st century Global Oneness Project presents "A Thousands Suns"

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